Robin Facts by Aaliyah & Emily

Robins life span is about 13 months in captivity.

Juvenile Robins (Baby Robins) have a brown rather than a red breast. They grow red feathers after their first molt.

Until the early years of the 20th century the Robin was usually known as the Redbreast.

The Robin Is a member of the thrush family so is related to the black bird and the nightingale. Both male and female Robins hold their own territories in the Winter so both male and female sing the same Winter song.
The Robin was declared Britain’s National Bird on December 15th, 1960. Ringing recoveries of British ringed Robins have been shown that the most frequent cause of death is being killed by a cat.

The Robin can lay up 5-6 eggs some will die in the egg other will not. Most pairs of Robins will try and raise as many as three broods of chicks a year but some manage as many as five. Robins breed throughout the British Isles and occur on almost all of our offshore island.

Each Robin has a unique breast pattern and can be recognised individually. Robins are omnivorous eating everything from Fruit to spiders. Given a choice of any food most robins like mealworms

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