Phoneme ow

This page will help you pronounce the words and find out what they mean.

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  • Monday: Go to the ow Wordmaker  Say, Make. Break, Blend, Read & Write
  • Tuesday: Read Through Word List.  Find out meaning of any you do not know. You can ask me in teams if you like.
  • Wednesday: Elkonin_Box
  • Thursday: diacritical marking of words in list, see the video below.
  • Friday: Fun Spelling


  • show
  • snow
  • arrow
  • below
  • blow
  • borrow
  • bungalow
  • elbow
  • flow
  • follow
  • narrow
  • pillow
  • shadow
  • throw


Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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