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Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. We are going to find out a little about how to think about information we find online. We wil discuss this in our Teams meet on Friday.

There are two tasks, play Reality River and add your ideas to the #AnInternetWeTrust poster.

Reality River

Play Reality River to find out more.
Reality River Link

Here are some ideas for how to spot Fake News:


You are going to use the Safer Internet Template to show your ideas for creating #AnInternetWeTrust.

Download the image and add your ideas. There are some things to think about after the Picture.

Questions to ask when you are looking at information online, for example: Who wrote this? Why was it written?

Words or questions we can ask to help us spot if something is reliable online.

Illustrations of what a better, more trustworthy internet could look like. Or images of online clues that may make something seem less reliable or trustworthy.

Pledges of what you will do to help create a more trustworthy internet, such as, “I will only share things I have checked are true” or “I will support my friends if fake news upsets them.”

You can fill in the #AnInternetWeTrust hashtag template in any way you like!

More  Fake News activities  the NLC Digital Classroom.

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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