Litter pick in Dow’s woods

Today we Went to Dows woods. We went because we were going to do a community litter pick.

So in the morning we set off we collected our bags and put on our gloves and of course picked up our litter pickers. When we went into Dow’s wood we went searching for litter at the start we got a couple of bits. We were all in partners and we took shots each of holding the litter picker and the bags.

When we went further in the woods we found some more litter we found a couple of green plastic things that was laying about so we took them to the path and decided we would collect them on the way back since they were big.

So we ventured on until we reached one of our favourite bits of the woods which is where the rocks are then we took a photo of all of the rubbish we found. Some of the rubbish we found was a chicken feeder plastic tubes which we took of off the trees that had grown to big for them and some containers from sweets. It was really great going to Dow’s woods and I think we all hope we will ventures there again.

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