Highlights of the Week 14 May 2021

Featured Sports Day

Another busy one! We have Miss Mowitt in class helping us a the moment, she has brought some fun ideas.

The Primary Lego group made some progress, we now have our competition  playing field finished and set up. This week the group tested an example challenge:


The Primary sixes had a deal of fun making a robot avoid crashing:


Miss Mowitt, worked on some data handling and we had some good looking results.



We have been learning about Ramadan and the class made some fanoos lanterns.


The Highlight of the week should have been sports day on Wednesday, but it was too wet. We wrote some poems instead.

Two of my favourites were Ben’s:


A universe that never ends
The water is strong
Like an army going to war
It over takes any obstacle

and Lara’s:


The bright sun beaming through in my window,
just like to look out to see the birds flying past my window,
bird after bird.

But everyone has some good ideas and words. Quite a few were a bit longer.

on Thursday the weather was much drier, and a lot colder, so we went out for

Sports Day

Although we missed the audience we had a great sports day. The children were brilliant at taking part, playing fairy and encouraging others. Lots of enthusiasm

There will be some more pictures of the sport’s day on the main Banton site soon.

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