BPS P6_7 Home Learning 11- 12 February

Feb interest week

After our half term holiday we have a two day week! We are going to use these days to explore 4 different topics.

Click on the images to get more information on each topic.

We will be trying to evaluate our own learning. In each topic there are one two learning tasks for each one you need to record the amount of time you spend on the task, your effort and the quality of your work. You could set it out in a table like this. Add this to your e-Portfolio.

In addition you should continue to do 20 minutes Sumdog and a Read Theory Quiz every day.

We will have 2 short meetings on Thursday at 11:30am and Friday at 11:30am to discus the topics further.

Before the first meeting make sure to look over the 4 topics. Bring any questions along.


Author: John Johnston

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