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Hi Biggies,
I hope you are all well.

Please take your time reading this. Go over it with an adult if you can. Listen to the audio version if that helps. Take your time there is a lot to take in.

We have been away from school for four weeks now. I am going to try and give you ideas for about two hours learning every day.

This week the focus should be getting into a routine. Discuss with your parents and carers how you are going to fit in some learning every day.

I would like you to post two or three things to your e-portfolio each week. This will help you build up a record of your learning over time. There are suggestions of things to post below. You can post about anything else too. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the posts so far.

You can contact me by e-mail, I’ll be in Teams every day. You can get Help with Glow

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Everyone: Read and write every day.


Make a reading record for the week. Each day spend some time reading, note the book and pages you read. Try to read a book rather than the internet if you can.
Each day choose one interesting word from your reading. Do one of the following:

  • Write a sentence using the word in a completely different way from the book.
  • Make a mind map about the word.
  • Write the meaning of the word as if you were making a dictionary, remember to explain what kind of word it is, noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word.

If you can get online do a ReadTheory quiz every day.

You can read Epic! as well. Let me know if you have forgotten your login details. We may be using Epic so make sure your logon works.


This week we are going to complete two pieces of writing. Work on them for a couple of days each.

On Friday choose the one you like best, check it over, and put it on your e-Portfolio.

  1. Write a diary of how you spent one day.
  2. Look out of your window write about what you see, hear, feel and think. This could be a poem if you like.


Each group has a list of the week, you can use the games on Spelling City for the list, or do some fun spelling tasks, diacritical marking for phonics, or think up strategies for common words. Do something with your list word every day and try and get someone to test you on Friday.



On Monday choose a table. Time how long it takes to say it out loud. The whole table, not just stations. Everyday practise, chant it, write it out, get someone to pass you random questions or use  the different pages on ibanton.surge.sh if you like. On Friday time yourself again. We will do this for a different table every week. You can post your best time to Teams on Fridays.

Chilli challenge

Number Talks Chilli Challenge this week subtraction. Do the three questions everyday. One day write down an explanation of how you did it in the same way we do in class.  You can put that explanation on your e-Portfolio.


Practise, adding, subtraction, multiplication and division every day. Just do a little. 10 minutes. Use Gimme some sums or get someone to make some random numbers up for you. Use the formal method for addition and subtraction don’t use your mental skills, keep them for the chilli challenge.


find 10 things in your house less than a metre long. measure them to the nearest centimetre. Arrange them in order of size. Either take a photo of them with labels beside them with the sizes marked or write a list of the sizes. Remember to put in the units of measurement, cm
You could put this on your e-Portfolio.

Maths Group Work: BBC Bitesized

Here are some great learning resources on BBC Bitesized, I suggest you look at these ones this week:


Create a picture of a butterfly either draw an imaginary symmetrical one or draw a realistic one.
You can add this to your e-portfolio.
How To Draw a Butterfly – YouTube might help.


Check your scratch logon works.

Can you use scratch to tell a joke. Here is my example:

You can look inside to see how it was done.

The trick is have all the code run from the start (the green flag) and use waits to make the different sprites talks at different times.

You can add your finished project to your e-portfolio. Here is how.


This week I’d like to you think about the word Democracy. Find out what it means, write some notes, brainstorm or make a mind-map. We will be doing some topic work on democracy in Scotland this term.

 You could add your notes or mind-map to your e-Portfolio.


Joe Wicks’ Daily PE Lesson – YouTube

Or anything else. It might be good to keep a record of what you are doing to keep fit. Jonah said he was managing 30 press ups! Do you think you can catch him up? This might be a good time to try and improve a particular exercise.

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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