P7A Review of the week 14.1.22

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

This week we have been:

  • revising 4 operations calculations in Numeracy
  • learning about Perimeter in Maths
  • exploring Scottish poetry in order to recite some later in the term
  • learning about the story of Tam o Shanter by decoding the poem and watching an illustrated film of it.
  • Talking a lot about behaviour and attitude to learning as we prepare for our final two terms of P7


  1. What is your favourite part of Tam o Shanter?
  2. What can you do to make Kingsland a better place this term?

One thought on “P7A Review of the week 14.1.22”

  1. Chloe G
    1 When Kate was mad at Tam for keep going to the pub.
    2 The leadership and help younger ones with games.

    1. All of it
    2. Stay out of things

    1. When the horse gets its tail pulled off
    2. Help younger kids

    1. The ending as it rounds it off.
    2. Be the best I can possibly be.

    Ben M
    1. When Megs tail gets yanked off.
    2. Get all my work done.

    1: when he was riding away from the witches
    2: be more interactive with the kids and play games with them more when I’m on prefect duty

    1:I liked the bit of tam O Shanter when he runs away from the witches.
    2:I would like to have longer lunches

    1. The bit where he had too much to drink.
    2. To help more people on prefect duty.

    1. When he was riding away from the ghosts
    2. To help more of the kids when we are on prefect duties

    1. When all the ghosts chase him
    2. I could help keep this school an eco school

    1. The part at the end when it says “ remember Tam O Shanter’s mare”.
    2. Help younger kids.

    My favourite part of Tam O Shanter is when the devil plays the bagpipes or when the witch pulls of the horses tail.
    I can work hard and listen to instructions to make Kingsland a better place.

    My favourite part of the poem is when he talks about the devil.
    I can listen and work had to make Kingsland a better place

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