P7A Review of the Week 10.12.21

What a busy week – it seems to have flown past!  We’ve had a festive theme to many of our tasks this week but are very much still learning!

What have been your highlights this week?

What have you learned to do that you didn’t know how to do before?

23 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week 10.12.21”

  1. Jack
    1:My highlight of the week for my was making my gif.

    2: I did not now how to make a video on AR maker.

    I liked doing the Memoji thing because it was fun to make my avatar.
    I learned how to make one and put it into AR maker.

  2. 1. Making the Memojis as it was fun and I got to work on my old one.
    2. Probably learning how to make an animated gif on keynote.

  3. 1.My highlights this week was coming second place in sports hall and planting trees with the p1s
    2.I learnt to plant a tree by using slit planting and I had never known how to do that before.

  4. My highlights this week is the painting the glue onto the clay models to make them shiny and fix them if they had fallen apart a bit.
    I learnt how to use ARmaker.

  5. My highlight this week was coming second in sports hall and finding out we are going to Gala in January.

    I learned how to put my Memoji into AR Maker

  6. 1. Planting the trees because it was nice to see some extra nature in the playground that pupils (P3-6s especially) will see when they walk past that way.
    2. How to edit my Memoji into a winter character.

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