Hello December from P7B!

We have been wrapped up warm this week in P7B and we have been enjoying our turn in the MUGA.

In maths we have been continuing to practise our division skills and have had a look at word problems. We had the opportunity to create our own surveys in data handling and worked with a partner to collect and collate information. Some of the topics we surveyed included favourite breakfast options, favourite pizza topping and height. Then we had to create our own graphs and charts using the data that we gathered.

We also revisited co-ordinates and completed some Christmas co-ordinate challenges.

In writing, we wrote our final Information Report on Amazonian tribes and focused on the long i sound in spelling. We continued to read non-fiction texts and developed our group work skills as worked with others to share our learning. We have been creating our own pages of the book and creating questions for our group members to answer.

During our Prefect Break last week, a few children from P7A and P7B very kindly made us an Advent Calendar. There is a Christmas activity hidden under each door and we have also been enjoying a Christmas story each day.


Everyone has been busy creating new decorations to be hung around the school and in our classroom. They look beautiful!

Consider the questions below and post your response:

1. What was your favourite activity this week? What did you enjoy about it?

2. What did you find most challenging? How did you overcome this difficulty?

3. What activity are you most looking forward to in December ? Is there anything in particular you would like to do in school?

26 thoughts on “Hello December from P7B!”

  1. 1. My favourite activity was the Christmas bobbles because it was fun to decorate.

    2 I found my writing about the kayopo tribe hard because I didn’t have anough facts but then the teacher let me get more facts and I liked my Peice of writing .

    3 I’m going to be looking forward to the Christmas party we might have because I love party .

  2. 1. I enjoyed doing the writing because I enjoyed learning about all the different tribes .

    2. I didn’t really find anything hard this week

    3. I’m looking forward most to the Xmas show because I’m excited for Xmas.

  3. I liked doing the Christmas art this week because it was fun and we didn’t need to learn anything.

    I found the practical maths really challenging and I still haven’t overcome it.

    I’m looking forward to Christmas activities in December.

  4. 1: My favourite thing we did this week was ART,I enjoyed doing the bobbles.
    2: I found maths most challenging,when we did problem solving.
    3:I look forward to the Christmas Party.

  5. This week enjoyed maths and Art this week maths was quite easy and very quick and I picked art because that in PE we were doing dancing I I really don’t like it at all

  6. I liked the Christmas art doing the Christmas bobbles I found the snowflakes the most hardest and and it took ages in school for Christmas I would like just to do Christmas stuff

  7. This week I went to England to see my family. Me and my mum stayed at my nanas house for 3 days. I played a lot of video games and completed a bunch of things but I had to use my mums data on her phone because there was no WiFi. On the way home we went and visited my auntie and my cousin to give them Christmas gifts because we don’t know when we will be down see them again. :/

  8. I really enjoyed making the Christmas art because I liked cutting out the patterns.I found the math hard but when it got hard I skipped to the next question and went back to finish it.in school I would like to sell stuff at the Christmas fair at school.

  9. My favourite thing this week was our maths when we measured everyone in the class for our practical maths

    I found the snowflake difficult and mine just turned out to be a weird square shape I made them into snowflake bling bling monsters

    I’m looking forward to Christmas activity’s in December

  10. 1. I really enjoyed playing in the ice covered muga.
    2. At first I had a hard time making paper snowflakes but I got some help and made some really nice ones.
    3. Writing fiction Christmas stories.

  11. 1The icy mugga because we were playing football on ice
    2long division I asked the person next to me and then I got it
    3 writing and I’m looking forward to the Christmas lunch 👍

  12. I liked making the bobbles for the class. I found the writing hard but I just had a brake and kept on going. I’m excited for the Christmas art.

  13. This week I enjoyed making our Christmas bobbles for the class out of gold and silver. I found making the snowflakes the most challenging because I forgot how to make one and the cutting was hard but with the help from Aimee I managed to do it. I am looking forward to the Christmas show because I am excited for Christmas

  14. My favourite activity this week was doing the Christmas bobbles art. The most challenging thing this week was getting the writing on the awa tribe done in time because I had to redo all of my research. I am looking forward to doing more Christmas activities and I am so excited for xmas.

  15. I enjoyed making bobbles because of the patterns

    Maths was tricky but I got through it

    I’m excited for Christmas activities

  16. This week I enjoyed doing the Christmas art because i liked decorating the things for Christmas.

    2. I didn’t really find anything hard this week .

    3.I’m looking forward for the Christmas show because in exited for Christmas.

  17. 1.My favourite activity was making bobbles
    2.Division in maths
    3.I look forward to more Christmas things and Christmas writing x

  18. 1. I enjoyed the Icy MUGA and liked making Christmas decorations.

    2. The most challenging thing this week was social dancing.

    3. The thing I would like to do in December is to sing our song.

  19. 1: I enjoyed playing football in the icy MUGA because everyone was slipping around and it was just so enjoyable!⚽️

    2: I found division hard and I overcame this difficulty by asking for help.➗

    3: I want more snow!❄️

  20. I really enjoyed having the MUGA for the four days it was fun. The social dancing because I didn’t hear what the teacher was saying . I’m looking forward to the Christmas party I think it’ll be fun

  21. I loved the MUGA as it was sooo slippy it was like a ice rink.
    I remember when I went for the ball and it slipped out of my hand😂
    I found the writing hard as it was my last piece of that particular writing style but once it was done it was done.
    In December I look forward to snow as I love snow.
    I also look forward to the next prefect break

  22. My favourite activity this week was creating our Christmas bobbles because I thought it was really fun.
    The thing I found most challenging this week was the writing because I wanted to make a really good job of it.
    The thing I am most looking forward to in December is the dalguise fundraising. In school I would like to do lots of Christmasy activities.

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