P7A Review of the Week 19.11.21

P7A have had quite a creative week this week.  We collaborated on an image for the Whole School story about Harry the Hedgehog and are really pleased with how it turned out.  Each individual part of this image was created on our own iPads using Sketches School and then we used Instant Alpha in keynote to remove the background so the images could be layered on top of each other to create one big picture.

We also made some fabulous mixed media artwork of rainforest macaws.  We used glue spreaders instead of brushes to add texture to the feathers and then added detail with coloured pencils, oil pastels or felt pens.

1) Name one thing you have found challenging this week.  What did you do or what do you still need to help you tackle it?

2) Name one thing you have worked hard on this week.  Why are you proud of it?


23 thoughts on “P7A Review of the Week 19.11.21”

  1. 1. The Writing and the Sumdog some of the maths where tricky and thinking of How to put it in paragraphs
    2. Spelling because some of the words where hard

  2. 1 Maths with Sumdog question keep practicing my maths

    2 Iam. Proud of my parrot picture because I struggle to keep my pencil in straight lines

  3. Doing the parrot 🦜 drawings


    And harry the hedgehog editing

    I liked all of it because it was really nice challengeing and fun

  4. 1. I found the Sumdog diagnostic quite hard because there was a lot of maths questions that I didn’t know what they meant.

    2. I think I have worked hard on my writing piece this week.

  5. 1. I found my art challenging because it was tricky to get the right shape.

    2. I am proud of my macaw art because I was resilient and didn’t give up

  6. 1. I found the food survey problem solving hard. I need to work on finding percentages of a number and then converting that onto a fraction
    2. The macaw painting it was hard to make the feather like texture on the drawing

  7. I found my parrot challenging I did not like my branch but Mrs little showed me how to fix it.

    I worked hard on my writing finally once I was done I was so proud because I done so much writing.

  8. 1. My Sumdog diagnostic was challenging but in the end I did alright and now I know what I need to work on from the test.
    2. My parrot even though I didn’t get to finish it I thought that the technique we used was fun and effective and in the end it looked like it was feathers.

  9. 1. I found finding information on giant scolopendras habitat hard.
    2. I’ve worked hard on drawing and painting my parrot as I wanted to look good.

  10. 1: I found maths division most challenging I need to take more time on the questions.

    2:I am most proud of my art work because I spent allot of time on it.

  11. I found the art work challenging because of the new technique we tried but after I started doing it it was much easier.

    I worked hard on my Sumdog test and it payed off.

  12. 1. My Sumdog sums for getting me up at the write level.
    2. Prefect duties in infant. Because I feel like I made them happy.

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