Primary 7B Highlights of the Week

This week we have been continuing with our descriptive writing, revising place value and addition and some of us attended an online meeting about Dalguise.

For PE we have been focusing on hockey this term and enjoyed a few games in the MUGA.

We have been learning about forces and were inspired by P7A’s zip lines so thought we would have a go ourselves. After the challenge , we discussed what the children found most difficult. Some said sharing the resources, others said adapting their designs and plans if they didn’t work. We saw some great team work and innovative ideas. Well done everyone!



We were excited to learn that we will be taking part in a global challenge at part of COP26 and have been partnered up with a school in Nepal. The children had to take part in a number of activities to help introduce ourselves to the pupils in Nepal. One of our tasks was to take photos of different parts of the school. Have a look at some of the fantastic photos taken by the children below.

Consider the questions below and post your responses:

1. One important thing I have learned this week was…

2. What was most difficult this week? How did you overcome this difficulty?

3. Can you think of a time where someone in the class has gone above and beyond to help someone else? What did they do?

4. Which tools from Skipper’s toolkit have you used this week?

18 thoughts on “Primary 7B Highlights of the Week”

  1. 1-an important thing I learned this week was we learned how to work together as a team
    2-I found building our zip lines pretty diffucult cause we spilt water all over it and had to build it all over again
    3-I haven’t really seen anyone but I helped some people with there maths when I was done
    4-I have used be active in the playground by doing gymnastics

  2. I learned when making a zipline. You should never give up.

    Trying to keep up in maths when I’m quite behind.

    I saw some one help clean up somebody’s mess without being asked..

    I used resilience in maths

  3. One important thing I learned this week was to work as a team in our zip lines .

    The most difficult thing this week was I was a bit down but I put on a positive mindset and kept carrying on.

    Someone got my jotters for me so I wouldn’t need to go to the other side of the class to get them.

    Talk things over and get active.

  4. 1 I have learned about 90 degree angles
    2 my most difficult thing was the zip line because it kept coming apart but I over came it.
    3 vinny came over to help us a bit to show us how to make my zip line better .
    4 I have used get fit in running club

  5. I have learned about the way younger children play while I was on duty ( it’s crazy )

    The zip lines were hard but I got help from Adam 😎

    Lochain helped Lewis get rid of his attitude in our conversations 😡😤 and now 😄😇

    Be resilient when we were making our zip lines

  6. This week I have learned about different angles. This week I found it hard because when we were making zip lines we split water all over are one so we basically had to start again but we managed to clean it up and fix what was wet. I think this week I have used have a go from skippers tool kit because when I was finding it hard in maths I ask the teacher and we figured it out together.

  7. One important thing I learned this week was I have to follow all the school rules to be a good prefect. This week I found writing a bit difficult but with the help from Isla I knew what to do.This week Isla saw a girl outside the bathroom and looked upset and asked if she was ok. From skippers tool kit I used get active.

  8. The most important thing I learned is math angles they are important to learn because you might be working on something and you would need the angels to find out which one it is. The most difficult thing was the zip line because it was hard to tie string and get it to work but then me and Aidan got it.everyone was helping each other with zip lines some people helped with giving items..when me and Aidan were building the zip line it didn’t work but we keep try and looking on the bright side of life and we got it working.

  9. I have been off all week but on Friday I learnt about angles.When Eliana spilt the water by accident liberty helped clean up.I used skippers toolkit box when I came back on Friday because i used the tool have a go.

  10. I learnt about angles on Friday the different angles like a right angle, straight angle, reflex angle , acute and obtuse angle.

    Designing and making our zip lines. Sometimes the rope got tangled up.

    John tried to help Vinny with his zip line.
    I have respected people when they were talking .


  11. It is sometimes better to work with someone else.

    Making the zip lines was really hard but we managed

    If I forget my iPad some people help by letting me use theirs

    I used take a moment and get active

  12. This week I have learned I have to work very hard to get my prefect badge. This week I found getting my writing done in time was a bit difficult but I just put my head down and got it done. On Wednesday when we were walking down the hill Ruby say that someone was looking a bit upset and asked if they were ok. This week I chose take a moment when I was feeling a bit upset.

  13. I have learned angles in maths this week and I’m not really that good at angles but I try it was hard to earn the prefect badges but every one got one of the prefect badge one of my friends help me in maths I used resilience.

  14. 1.the important thing I’ve learn this week is angles.

    2.the most difficult thing this week was making the zip lines.

    3.Eliana spilled water over her zip line and persevered and taught me a lesson.

    4.have a go,I tried tricking maths assessment and think i did good.

  15. One important thing I have learned this week is to keep on trying even when it gets tough.

    I found maths tricky this week but I asked for help and now I understand it.

    I used give it a go this week.

  16. 1. Building a zip line needed gravitational logic in your head.
    2.the most difficult thing this week was planning and building a zipline
    3.yes becoming a prefect to help the teachers
    4. Take a moment

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