P7B Novel Study

It has been a busy week in P7B and the children have been working hard and have been enjoying the sunshine.

A key focus has been on our Novel Study – Divided City by Theresa Breslin. We have explored a range of themes including prejudice, religion and poverty. We have completed a number of tasks based on the text.

Thinking about the week as a whole, comment below with your thoughts on the week:

1. What was your highlight of the week and why?

2. What are you most proud of?

3. What did you find challenging? How did you overcome these challenges?

11 thoughts on “P7B Novel Study”

  1. I liked the drawing contest because it raised awareness and was really fun. I was proud of our city scaping it was hard at first but we got the hang of it. The math was quite hard but we did bunk bed sum and rounding the numbers

  2. This week I enjoyed reading our novel it was very interesting because we learned a lot about the different religions. I also liked drawing the characters houses because we got to be creative on were we think they would live.

  3. This week we did PE it was good fun because we did a game of hockey it was good fun but also it was very rushed. We did a Maths assessment witch was alright i did not love it. We did our art folders with I liked because it because i like using different pens and colouring in, we also did some house pictures of who we think there house would like.

  4. My highlight of the week was designing our art folders, I did mine based on the Japanese wave art but it is taking really long. It’s based on the reference I have on my iPad so I just had to copy it but bigger😆🌊.

    I am most proud of my Glasgow city scape so far because it takes really long and I am trying really hard to make it look good, I’m not finished it yet but it looks good so far😁🏙.

    I found some of the maths tricky but I managed to get through it after a while 😁.


  5. My highlight of the week was drawing on our art folders. I drew lots of things I liked. I drew the Cookie Monster, a Christmas tree, a black Labrador, a snowman and some musical notes. I enjoyed it because you could just draw and not have to do anything else. The thing I am most proud of is my climate change poster. I feel like it is the best thing I have ever drawn. The thing I found most challenging was mattes but then I asked for help and now I get it.

  6. 1. Drawing city scapes
    2. Drawing Graham’s house
    3. Writing with my left arm so I typed and now people can understand my writing

    From Lochain and Lewis (he’s new )

  7. 1. I really liked drawing the characters houses from the novel “divided city.” I drew kyoul’s house, he’s a asylum seeker so I thought “old” house could look run down and trashy. I had a feeling that he could’ve lived in a county of war.

    2. Iam very proud of my house drawing, it really got me thinking about the character.

    3. I had a hard struggle with math. “How?” You ask. Well it’s the writing and the problem solving in it. It confuses me a lot and I got a whole page wrong because of it. So I should ask for help when ever iam stuck.😎

  8. I enjoyed the cityscape drawing it was fun and I fought it was going to be hard but it really wasn’t I want to do it again 😅

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