Review of week 18.9.20

Here are some highlights of this week:

We used the Descriptive Writing Structure and worked together to create a text about Hay Lodge Park.   We made an Imovie using our photographs from our walk and then added our Descriptive Writing.  Here is an example made by Annabelle.

Whilst creating the Imovie, Adam enjoyed listening to the different Soundtracks and choosing an appropriate one.   Isla liked using the Voice Over feature while creating the movie.

We are learning about The Senses and this week we studied the structure of and how the ear works.  We recorded sounds at home and the class had to guess what the sounds were.

It was Week 3 (and our final week) of our mouldy food experiment  – the look of the cheese and the strawberry made Jamie feel sick – and others in the class.  The cheese was blue and the strawberry had fermented and was all mushy.  Niamh felt that all of the foods were disgusting.

In literacy, last week we looked at similes and this week we look at changing similes into metaphors.

The fire was as bright as the sun.

The fire was a bright sun.

In numeracy we have worked on the vertical written standard method of addition and also mentally adding several numbers together looking at what numbers went well together to make ‘tens’.


In the comments add a simile and change it to a metaphor.

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