Logging threats

Logging is when you chop down trees to get more land, and to use the trees for wood. They make roads that destroy the rainforest. They take it to build houses ,furniture ,flooring .Many rainforest animals cannot survive in the changed environment.



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Logging The Rainforest-will we ever save it?

the-sandwitchthe rain forest is in danger. Every minute 20 football pitches of the jungle IS GONE. 1970-2016 600,000 square kilometres have been cut down for furniture, paper and other things purely for money. animals will be extinct and that will break the Eco system and then more species will be extinct and the rain forest will be destroyed. It will not be easy to save.    jaguar

Rainforest Poaching :(

Poaching is when humankind illegally capture animals to sell their fur and teeth or to sell them as pets. In Rainforests around 100,000,000 animals are killed per year . Animals will struggle to survive and may face extinction. There are only around 600 wild black jaguars and around 3200 tigers because of poachers. Our wildlife is getting ruined by these poachers and if this keeps increasing then our wildlife will be endangered.

By Sam G and Camie G.hqdefault


dams    Damming is when you build a big dam to stop water flowing. Damming is happing in the rainforest and we need to help it. Animals can starve because the fish can’t get through the dams. Dams are used for electricity most of the time. By Martina and Chelsea!!!

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who came to parents night and bought refreshments from our stall. We managed to raise a grand total of £177.14. We would also like to thank Costa Coffee in Peebles who donated cups and lids for us to use. We are going to donate the money raised to a fair trade charity to help people have a better life and a better future.


By Sean

Andrew’s homework- Tribes people in the rainforest – By Andrew

People that live in the rainforest are in tribes there are a lot of tribes names and the Yanomami is the most common in the Amazonian rainforest. If your in a tribe you will get a machete when your 4  and sharper knifes as you get older . Kids go out and cut food for lunch and tea . When kids get bored they might play a classic game of hide and seek and if you think about it there’s a lot of trees and bushes to hide in . For special events they will spend a long time collecting bird feathers that are found on the floor . Once they have collected enough feathers they will make masks with them. They’ll use crushed up fruit but mostly berries as face paint . All the men will have a competition to see which one looks the nicest and the nicest  might get a girlfriend but in other countries you can marry more than 1 person . Out in the rainforest health and safety is not around they climb trees have sharp knifes and there’s dangerous animals , plants and food . They don’t learn how to read and write like us they learn about what’s dangerous and what’s safe. Also they might play 1 game that you like and its called football they might not have a football that you use they might use animal body parts . They probably play with skipping ropes like you . For hunting they would use blow pipes and nowadays trained people will use shotguns . They shoot down monkeys an that’s what they eat . To find poison for darts they don’t get it of animals they get it from trees. 2 or 3 people will go out and cut a little hole in a tree and poisonous sap comes out they will collect it in a jug . Then they will take it back and put it on the point of the dart and let it dry and go out to use them . People that live in the rainforest are friendly with the rainforest becomes its there home . They build houses in 1 part of the forest and then in a couple of years they will move somewhere else and let the old bit grow again and then they will keep doing that for a long time . The rainforest is getting cut down very fast and if we do nothing about it  in 50 odd years there might not be any rainforest left and all the animals , plants and people that live there will be no more so help save the rainforest by donating to charity , recycle and lots lots more SO HELP SAVE THE RAINFOREST TODAY !!!!!!!!!!

Our rainforest topic by Mrs Harrison



Primary 6 a- I have read all of your reviews of our rainforest topic and I have so enjoyed reading them. I loved teaching this topic and I am so glad that you all enjoyed it too. Most of all I am proud that you all feel so passionate about what is happening to the rainforest. I am glad that you have enjoyed doing your homework and I have so loved your enthusiasm- homework has never been so much fun for me too!!!!  Show your mums,dads, grans and grandads and it would be great if they could leave a comment.

Well done everyone. I hope we have as much fun next term!!


Questions on the poison dart frog by josh-homework

.Josh created these questions on the poison dart frog- if you read his last piece of homework you may be able to answer them,

Well done Josh.

H ow long can they grow.

.How many men can they poison.
.How did it earn its name.
.Some carry what on their back.
.Why are blue poison dart frog endangered.
.What are unsure how poisoniss they are.
.Why are they colourful.
.Where does it live.
.What do they prey on.
.Why are they at risk.

The rainforest-what have we learned by Josh

I have learned a lot im going to tell about the rainforest.
The size of a football pitch is cut down every second every day we lose the land size of new York every day. This is for money meat and paper so recycle your paper, bottles and don’t use palm oil because that is from the trees .What amazed me the most is really cool the giant African rainforest snail because its the size of a human hand. Something I like a lot is how the tribes dance and hunt some of them have guns and clothing like ours. I really really really hate that people cut down the trees and fill the waters with chemicals. You could donate to WWF or rainforest concern.

what i have learnt about the rainforest lewis and Eleanor

We have have learnt about tribal people,rain forest animals and deforestation.  The animals of the rain forest are weird and wonderful. Some lizards can fly and some plants can eat living creatures but what amazed me most was that 20 football pitches of rain forest are cut down every minute by slashing and burning. did you know some dolphin live in the amazon river. The slash and burn Technique is were you slash down the trees and burn whats left.  The rain forest river dolphin is a dolphin is that lives in a river.

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