Visitor to P6a

This morning we welcomed Kirsty’s mum who came in to tell us about her job. Kirsty’s mum told us about being a doctor- her favourite part of the job and some of the hard bits about her job. We also talked about our body systems helped by a very good model Billy!! She answered lots of difficult questions and we learnt a lot.

Kirsty’s mum loves her job and says how lucky she feels to be able to do what she loves to do

Thank you Mrs Collier  for coming in to speak to us

more careers week…

This afternoon we welcomed in Aarons mum Leanne to talk to us about being a hairdresser.


She show us different types if scissors she had in her hairdressing bag,  and some other items such as a hairdryer and hair wax.

WE also talked about how to keep safe with scissors and what we do with the scissors in nursery – cut paper only!

A few of the boys and girls get there hair cut by Leanne at her house!

Thanks for coming in Leanne.





An Amazing Architect

This morning we had a really interesting visit from a real architect.

Here are some of the things we learned.

Elise – there are lots of different types of architect

Adam – we learned you had to be good at maths, science and english – not just art

Lauren- a lot of an architect’s job is talking to people

Angus – he had to really focus on the structure of buildings

Cristina – it takes 7 years to train to be an architect

Rose – the client is the most important part of the team

Elise and Adam – he designs buildings and houses. He has designed pubs and an amazing office building in London near Kingscross Station

In pairs we took on the role of the architect and and client and had a go at designing a building to the brief of the client.

Roman Artefacts

We had a great time yesterday exploring lots of Roman artefacts.  We got to handle wax writing tablets  with stylus.   We looked at leather fragments of shoes.  We tried on a Roman sword belt and pictish bangle.

There were little oil lamps, cooking pots and containers.

A collection of Roman coins with heads of different emperors.

A mortaria which was a grinding bowl,  There were pieces of grit pressed into the bowl and this helped to grind corn or seeds.

Tara found it cool that Roman people wrote on bees wax tablets but found the smell weird.    Aimee liked this as well as she really wanted to feel what it was like.   Rana I liked the stylus because it looked like gold.