Valentine’s Day STEM Challenge

Click here to code your own Valentine’s Google logo. If you have a Scratch account you can log in and upload your finished animation to the online gallery!

Want a real challenge? Grab a micro:bit and code your own Rate Your Mates game to spread some love this Valentine’s Day! You will need the project instructable from your teacher to complete this challenge.

We will also be making some Valentine bracelets and cards to take home, complete with a coded message created using the binary alphabet.

Afternoon tea

A great team effort for our final week of cooking.  We have just had a lovely afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches (beef, cheese and tomato, egg mayo), plain and fruit scones and iced cup cakes. Everyone worked really hard to get the food ready and then had a fantastic time eating it all! Well done everyone!

Outdoor area

Look at some of our new things in our outdoor area!


Mrs Harrison kindly donated some logs to our ELC and we have been busy making a new sand pit, and seating area.  Thank you Mrs and Mr Harrison.

Mr Harrison also cut some  “log slices” which we have been using for plates in our kitchen and for playdough.


Muddy Monday fun!

We have carried on our Outdoor learning this year with Muddy Mondays.

The children have been experiencing  the different types of cold weather!

In our Wood area in the school grounds we have been taking different types of mark making equipment and seeing what the children choose to do with it.


We have enjoyed having our story and snack outside too.


Please support us by ensuring your child is warmly and appropriately dressed for the weather!


Sweet dreams

In P2 we have been thinking about how important sleep is to keep us healthy.

We have started to make dream catchers to help us to sleep well.

Many of us enjoyed making the web part of the dream catcher and drawing the pictures.


We are learning to share things into sets.

It is fun and challenging us at the same time.

We are looking forward to finding out more about division next week…………….

Scottish Parliament workshop

Image result for scottish parliament

Yesterday Ian who works for Scottish parliament came in to talk to us about parliament and debates. We had a mini election that the computer party won with 11 votes the animal welfare party came second with 8 votes and all the other parties drew with 2 votes.  Then we had a debate about if it should be a crime to use wild animals in the circus which Will was the presiding officer . The result was the motion got passed with 81 % .                 

   He gave us all clickapads to answer questions and to vote with. At the end he found out who had got the most questions correct. Hamish got the most correct with 5 right then Jake and Kelvin both got 4 but Kelvin answered faster so he came 2nd and Jake was 3rd.

Thank you for reading !

by Hamish and Callum