THE SNAPCURE by the world famous botanists Dr Thomson Dr Cormack Dr Clarkson


Today when in the Amazonian rainforest we discovered the SNAPCURE.

About it.

It has nectar on its chin so when the prey goes on to its  jaw it  snaps the creature and then the creature dies and when it dies it releases a horrible smell and then after 3 days . It goes back to its normal again.

Where is it.

The SNAPCURE lives in every layer but the forest floor.

It faces some challenges including having to eat an insect at least once a week. It also has to face predators  like the panther and jaguar. Sometimes the bug or insects bite back to survive but if the creature does bite back it can stop it by using a toxic gas that comes from the leaves.


Its teeth are red.

It looks like a normal plant.

It is very colourful to attract its prey.
Its leaves are curly pink.