The Mango Paralyser by world famous botanists Professor Griffiths, Istephan and Reed.

Today in the Rainforest us botanists discovered a new species of plant , the Mango paralyser or as it is know in scientific forms the Zabanthia Coration, discovered in the canopy layer, there has also been sightings in the emergent layer.

Although it can kill and paralyse insects and small animals it is threatened by larger animals that can resist the poison that the plant gives off so it can damage or even kill the paralyser although very strong.

Its strong nectar has a scent that smells a bit like mangoes which helps attract the following, bees butterflies, flies and even small rodents. When its prey touches the surfaces of the plant it is instantly paralyzed by the extremely strong poison that the plant holds.Then its body starts to disintegrate thanks to the dissolving liquids the plant has.

It was first sited in the Colombian Rainforest  on the 14 of November 2016.