Pine cone

A squirrel has nibbled this pine cone.

It is quite Spiky the Squirrel nibbles it cause it want the seeds so it does not get hungry.

It is very hard so the squirrels must have very very strong teeth.


Fungi facts

Fungi facts

Yesterday there was a lot of different species of mushrooms the mushroom species I liked the most was the puff ball because of it’s feeling.


Mushrooms are a type of fungi. fungi usually grows on trees but mushrooms grow on trees or the ground. Some mushrooms are poisonous. I know that toad stool mushrooms are very poisonous. There are hundreds of different types of mushrooms.

I took the pictures on this post


Hazel nuts

We found the Hazel nuts under  an oak tree.  They were cracked open not nibbled. So we thought that squirrels had done this.

Squirrels open the nut  and find another one  and crack it and do it again and store them for winter and sleep until summer and take them out of the ground some times they plant them instead of eating them. If they do not find them a new tree might grow.

Hazel nuts have a cover over it and squirrels take the nut out the cover and eat the nut in side of it.



An elderberry is a little purple berry that grows on bushes in a big bunch. The birds like to eat the elderberry but when you eat an elderberry a little seed pops out so when the bird eat an elderberry the little seed is pooped out.  Poop is really good  fertiliser for seeds.  That is the cycle fo the elderberry.



Beech mast facts


I am writing about  beech mast. It has two seeds in the middle. It is soft inside we. We found a egg shell under the tree and pigeon feathers. Pigeons eat beech mast. There was big beech trees and small trees. We measured round the tree, it was two children’s arm spans round. We thought it was about 200 years old.

Knapweed by Rhea

Some people thing that knapweed is the national but is not the national plant because it is not spiky so it is not a thistle.
How you can tell the difference between knapweed and a thistle is that a thistle is spiky and a knapweed is not spiky
The colours of the knapweed are purple and green.

by Rhea

Jessica’s Water Cycle

The Water Cycle

The water cycle happens to all water, it has happened with the water coming from your tap and even the water in your toilets.

We stopped bye a river to talk about where all the water comes from and what the water cycle is. And we found out that all the water starts in the clouds and when it rains the water travels to the nearest river. It travels from one river to the next and repeats this process multiple times, it does this in till it makes its way to the Ocean. Once it gets to the ocean the sun evaporates it back up into the sky to repeat this process all over again.


Sycamore seeds

Sycamore seeds are like helicopters. I learned that  helicopter seeds can travel from place to place. They sometimes bury them self and plant more and more trees. People like to peel them and put on their noses.


Fox poo

Fox poo in Dow’s wood

Fox poo is twisty and hairy.

Foxes eat mice, squirrels and rabbits and that’s why it’s hairy.

Fox boo is black and has green on the twist.



Shield bug

A shield bug look like it carrying a shield on it back and

The shield bug is a really small bug.

Shield bug life in grass and in the woods

And they eat plants and they eat other insects.

You can see more shield bug in May to November

the usually lengths is 1.3cm

They really common to see.

By caelan

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