Support for Tablet Apps

Idea: Enable support for WordPress supported apps – especially easy to use ones like ClassDroid to enable all children to blog simply and easily through tablet devices. Time and ease of use are a big barrier to use.

Benefits: Children even at Early Level will be able to blog and post their ideas and see their impact online. This could be easily done with class logins more easily than individual ones – with the younger pupils it is a real barrier for them to get on a laptop, log in, find the blog etc…

Notes: This has been a frequent request. Unfortunately when this has been discussed with the data protection team in the Scottish  Government they consider the use of 3rd party apps risky. As Glow Blogs use RM unify for authentication you cannot just enable 3rd part apps as these work with the standard WordPress authentication.  We will certainly discuss the idea again and see if anything has changed or there is anything that can be done.

Class logins to glow are not regarded as secure.

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