Archive Old Posts

Idea: The ability to archive old posts including photos. I am not sure how this would work technically, or if it is even possible, but it is a question I have been asked a lot. Some schools need to delete posts/photos because their blog is reaching its storage capacity and just now there is no way to do this that I am aware of.

Benefits: This would allow blog users to free up some space on their blog without having to request to increase the space and also without losing old posts/photos.

Notes: Something around this is certainly under consideration.

The problem is that any limits set  are due to cost, archived photos and other media would take up space and therefore contribute to the cost.

We do hope to make guidance around space a bit clearer and the proces simpler and will take this suggestion into account.

You can request more space via your Local authority who will pass it on to the help desk? At the moment you should get more space almost straight away until you get to 3GB. After that it is riun past the technical architect.

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