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Idea: It would be useful to have a counter tool that can identify how many visitors you’ve had to your blog.

Better would be if data, such as geographical location or glow usernames could be analysed.

It could be useful to know who has downloaded any resources from your own blog. This could allow dialogue between professionals about how to better the resource.

Benefits of this idea. Why?: This could benefit teachers as they could see who has been using the blog as a revision tool.

This data could be used to further measure results in terms of how digital learning has impacted on candidates’ results.

It could also allow conclusions to be drawn about Closing the Attainment Gap (access to technology & internet.)


There is currently a plugin ‘Glow Analytics’ which give a view of the data available through Google Analytics.

There is some information on the help blog:

Google analytics data | Glow Blog Help

It sounds like you would like more detailed information?

Google does not collect usernames and I suspect that holding onto that sort of data might give us problems with data protection rules.

This page
How sampling works – Analytics Help.

Explains some of the limitations of the Google Analytics API we are using to provide Analytics.

It may be we can get more information about visitors and we will certainly look into this.

As a workaround you could activate the ‘WP-PostRatings’ plugin on your site and add a rating to your posts. Ask the pupils to give a tick or thumbs up if they use a page.

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