Monthly Archives: January 2017

Semester 1 Reflection

In my first semester of university I developed professionalism to enable me to continue my journey to becoming a teacher.

One particular and the most important moment for my professional development was when my working together group went to interview our agency. I felt that we were independently going out to find out information for our assignment. It was all up to us to get the information we needed and we had to plan and make the most of our time and their resources.

I learned that we needed to relate our interviewing questions to the assignment criteria if we wanted to preform well in our results. We had to be committed to our group and present ourselves professionally to represent the university.

Another important moment for my professional development was the reading I did in order to do my written assignment for values. Reading up about teaching values gave me a better understanding on what teachers are expected to look up to and follow.

I learned that they are important guidelines for teachers that help the stay professional to their profession. Without them teachers wouldn’t know what is right and wrong to do in the profession and could give off a bad representation to pupils and teachers.

The process of reflection is beginning to communicate to me that it is important to reflect on everything you do as a teacher, whether that’s with pupils, other teachers or parents. From reflecting you can get a deeper understanding on why things happened the way they did, whether that’s a positive or negative thing. Then from reflecting you can decide on what the change or make better for the next time you are in a similar situation. Eventually reflection on how to make yourself a teacher that follows the 4 values of teaching more and more with each action you do.imagesou9mwmnu