Week 4: Day 18


It’s Wednesday so I am in the Nursery. Today I was going to teach each of the four classes a song to help them remember the colours in English.

When I arrived I did some puzzles with my first class, I think this is a good activity for the children to do when they first come in as it is stimulating for the brain and engages problem-solving skills.

I then got all the children and gather in the corner to start my lesson. I taught the children the rainbow song;

“Red and yellow and pink and green,

Orange and purple and blue,

Now I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too”.

To aid the children in learning the colours I used coloured pens to help the children identify the colours.

I started off my putting the pens in rainbow colour order and telling them what each colour was in English, pronouncing the words slowly and repeating the word a couple of times. I then mixed up the colours so they were not in the usual order to test if they memorised the colours individually or if they memorised a pattern. I did this a few times to make sure they were learning each individual colour.

I noticed that they were confident with the colour blue, most likely as the word is similar in French but they found green and yellow hard to pronounce and remember.

We then sang the song, line-by-line and then all together a few times so that they learnt it. As we sang the song I held up each coloured pen as the colour was said.

At the end of each lesson I held up a coloured pen and asked the children if any of them were wearing this colour. This also tested their memory of the colour names in English.


After my lesson on colours the children asked me if we could sing the songs I had taught previously. They were very enthusiastic about this. We sang the other songs and I could tell they had remembered them well; this gave me a sense of achievement.

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