Week 5: Day 23


Today I was in the nursery again and I brought a new song for the classes to learn today. I taught the classes a song to do with the days of the week so that they could learn the order of the days in English.

I firstly went over the days of the week in French and translated them into English form each one, In each class they had the days of the week in French on the walls so I used this to point to when saying the English days of the week to help the children understand and follow. After I went over the French translation I went through the days only in English. I repeated this 3 or 4 times, starting by speaking slowly and building up to a normal rate.

I then sang the children the song and they listened. I did the chorus part of the lyrics and then they copied and then we moved onto the different versus and they copied. They lyrics repeat themselves but each time you change the volume of your voice or add an action. This was good as the children were just repeating the same lyrics, which meant they would memorise it better. The first time round we sang it all normally, the second time was with a whisper, the third time was speaking loudly, the fourth was with a clap and the fifth was with a stomp.



“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,

7 days are in a week”

Verse 1:

“We like to sing it quietly”

Verse 2:

“We like to sing it loud”

Verse 3:

“We like to sing with a clap”

Verse 4:

“We like to sing with a stomp”

Verse 5:

“We like to sing it proud”


They found this song quite difficult so the teachers told me that they will practice and when I come in next week again we will practice this song again until they are better at it.

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