Week 2: Day 6


In the morning I with Laura Bellout in CE2/CM1. As you’ve read in my day 5 blog one of the classes were learning about the film “Katia et le Crocodile”, so today we went to the local cinema to watch the whole film with 3 other classes. This was an exciting experience as I was getting the opportunity to go to a real original French cinema. We walked to the tram and took the tram to the centre of Orléans where the cinema was.

Cinéma Les Carmes, Orléans.

During the journey I was responsible for the children in making sure everyone was accounted for, especially when getting on and off the tram. The film felt very ‘French’, it was in black and white and had classic film music along with it. The film was about animals including a crocodile being set loose in a town and there’s a big upheaval about the situation. I really enjoyed the experience as it showed how they were linking their learning with an engaging experience with deepened the children’s knowledge. This helped me develop my goal in improving my responsibility. I used my knowledge on the French language to figure out what was going on in the film


After lunch I was in CM2 with Christine Aué. They were learning about ‘My Fair Lady’. The teacher explained to the class what happens in the musical. I was able to understand what she was saying in French and help her translate words into English. For example, the ‘cockney’ accent. We listened to some songs off of the English soundtrack and I was able to translate to the class what was being said. This was a good experience as they were learning about an English musical and I was able to help them understand and translate what is going on in the songs, which the children enjoyed hearing. The helped me develop the children’s English whilst learning about the musical.

We then looked at the setting of where ‘My Fair Lady’ was set. It was set in London, England so I know all the places where it was set. I was able to explain what the different buildings/setting were like. I was then invited to come see the show on the following Thursday night, which made me feel a sense of accomplishment, as I was able to finish of my work with the lesson by getting to see the real show in Orléans.

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