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Forms in the Block Editor

We have just added a lot more blocks to use in the Block Editor.

Unfortunately the Forms are not working properly. The Developers are working on a fix.


In the meantime the Jetpack Contact form still word as expected in the classic editor. If you switch to the classic editor for a post or page you can create a form there.  Contact forms can be used for gathering information of all sorts, not just contacts. More information on the Jetpack Contact form in Glow Blogs.

Add Users & Bulk Create blog problem

There is currently a problem with the system for adding users from a curriculum group from seemis.

27 Sep 2023 Add Users, Add Curriculum Groups is now fixed and working as expected.  A fix is under way for Bulk Create Blogs and we expect it to be live in October.

This stops the Bulk Creation of blogs working.

Users can still be added to blogs using the Add Users Screen, not the Add Curricular Groups. Details: Add Users.

A fix has been developed and is in the process of being tested before deployment. We hope the fix for the Add Users screen will be out before the end of the month and the Bulk Create Blogs in October.

Twitter Widget on Glow Blogs Change

Update 2023

Due to updated to Twitter’s API you can no longer use the twitter widget to embed your timeline. This is due to changed made by Twitter (now X)

You can still embed individual tweets by pasting in the url to a tweet.

This Widget is provided by the Jetpack Plugin.

You can see the results of leaving a timeline widget  on the left side of this page.

Twitter has changed their API and no longer allow you to embed a twitter search on a webpage.

This means the option to use a twitter search via a Widget ID in a blog widget will not work any more. The option to embed a profile will still work.

There may be some blogs that used the Widget ID to embed a profile as before a previous change  the Widget ID was the way to embed a profile too. These sites will need to be updated to use the profile option.