Primary 2 16.6.20

Good morning Primary 2!

How are you all this morning? Are you enjoying the new Learning Grids? Remember choose two activities to complete daily. Keep all your work together to make it into a mini project.

Have you started the Sports Day activities? Do what you can to earn house points for your house- you could do one activity a day to spread out your activities. Take photos and put them up onto Learning Journals.


Article 3- Non Discrimination

The Convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background. Here are some activities you can do to explore this article:

  • Imagine that you are treated differently and not allowed to go to school, have friends and play because of the colour of your hair. … How would this feel? What would you say and do? Discuss this with the grown ups at home.
  • Being happy and proud about who we are as people is important. Have you read ‘The Flamingo Who Didn’t Want To Be Pink’? Watch the story made by children at William Tyndale School. Try to get all your family and friends to tell you the best things they like about being themselves and the best things about you.
  • Think of somewhere that you know well. It might be a library, a park or a swimming pool. Does it welcome everyone? Can all children take part there equally? Talk to your friends or family about what could make this place better for everyone.


Travel Tokoyo

We know that P2 are so active and we can see that in some of your uploads in Learning Journals. Can you all remember to log your activity under our school? You can also log your sports day activities.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 1 15.06.20

Bonjour Primary 1s,

We hope you had a lovely weekend. What did you get up to?

We are almost at the end of the term already, we can’t quite believe it. We just want to remind you that you have been doing a wonderful job over the past 12 weeks. All of us Primary 1 teachers are so proud and you always bring a smile to our faces. We have two more weeks to go!

In this blog we have attached all of the grids and resources for this week.

Here are the literacy resources:




Here are the maths resources:

maths week 11

Pictogram template

Pictogram example

Number Talks (the video with the answers to these number talks patterns will be posted in the learning journal message)

The venn diagram video:

Sweet sorting activity

Here are the IDL resources:

IDL Week 11

Fairtrade powerpoint with audio

We hope you enjoy your day! We can’t wait to see your posts on your learning journals.

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun

Primary 2 – Monday 8 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How was your weekend? Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it has been but we hope you still managed to have fun! Comment below and let us know what you got up to.

We have attached this week’s Learning Grids and any resources you may need to complete them. We were really impressed with last week’s work, particularly the work on Rainforests. There were some amazing drawings of the different layers of a Rainforest.

Today is National Best Friends Day! We are sure you are missing your friends from school and it is hard being apart. Have you managed to keep in touch at all? Why not write a recipe for a good best friend. If you could make your very own best friend what values would you include? Is trust and honesty important to you? Or fun and respect? Or maybe all four and more! We would love to see your ‘recipes’.

As the roads are becoming busier again it may be worthwhile considering road safety and what we can do to keep ourselves safe if we are out and about. Click on the link below and discuss with an adult the safe and unsafe places to cross.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Across the curric 08.06.20

01.06.20 – Onomatopeia Matching

Rex and Mufasa – 08.06.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba – 08.06.20

Primary 2 2.6.20

Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Tuesday! We hope you all managed to access the new Learning Grids which are for the next two weeks. Remember just do what you can and if you need extra activities we post some on the blog or you can access lessons on BBC Bitesize.

Tuesday would be a day where we would do some exercise. You can of course do Joe Wick Live at 9am or Mrs Ferguson our PE teacher has put this activity together for you to try.

Joe Wicks:

Mrs Ferguson: Right Way Wrong Way

Article 19- Protection from violence, abuse and neglect

Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them. Here are some activities you could do to explore this week’s Article:

  • Draw or list some of the people whose job it is to help you stay safe and protected.
  • Can you think of places or situations that have special rules about safety, such as a swimming pool or train station. Choose one and design a safety poster.
  • Article 19 means that no child should be hurt, hit or treated badly. Find out about the punishments for children in schools in Victorian times. Imagine you lived then and wanted to end physical punishment in school. Write a letter to Queen Victoria explaining why you think things should change.
  • Think about the feelings we have when we know we are  safe and cared for. Write a poem or song to describe how this feels. Use good metaphors and similes to describe the emotions.

Art- Ms Fox

Over the past couple of blogs we have shared an art video that Ms Fox made to help you draw Mount Everest. Click on part 3 to find out what to do next.

Keep up the good work, you are all doing so well! Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 27.5.20

Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Wednesday! I think today is going to be a hot one so get outside as much as you can. Remember to wear sun cream and hat. We need to protect ourselves!

Let’s start our day right with a little bit of exercise!

Joe Wicks:

Cosmic Kids yoga:

Complete an activity in your garden with a skipping rope/ a ball/ make races/ obstacle course etc.

Article 15- Freedom of Association

Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. Once you complete an activity linked to the Article (These can be found on blog post dated 25.5.20) remember to post your pictures in Learning Journals.

Bird Feeder

As the days get longer you might find yourself in the garden enjoying the good weather. Why don’t you attract birds to your garden by making your very own bird feeder? You can follow the instructions below.

How to make a bird feeder

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize always have super lessons online. Why don’t you get some of them a go:


Keep up the good work, you are all doing so well! Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe and enjoy the weather,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 25.5.20

Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Let’s start our day right with a little bit of exercise!

Joe Wicks:

Cosmic Kids yoga:

Just dance:

Brain Gym:


Article 15- Freedom of Association

Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

Here are some activities for you to try:

  • Working with somebody at home, or by yourself, see if you can come up with a catchy phrase to remind people that all children have this particular right. Pass on your phrase to at least 5 people you know.
  • Make a list of all of the organisations and groups that you belong to. Can you group them in different ways? Are they school groups? Clubs? Religious groups? Sport or special interest groups?
  • Think of the story ‘Cinderella’ How was her right to associate with others restricted? How would this have made her feel? Can you think of any other characters from books or stories that could not easily enjoy Article 15?
  • Watch this short video. What can you learn from this? How does it link to Article 15?

Remember to post pictures on the Learning Journals which we can use as evidence for our award.

Oxford Owl- remember to keep accessing online books through Oxford owl. Choose a book appropriate to your age and stage. You could use one of them to complete your book review from your learning grid. If you need help at choosing a level please ask your teacher.

Username: Miss Rafferty

Password: Carmondeanp2

Elmer Day

Did anyone celebrate Elmer day at the weekend? If so remember to post your pictures of any of the activities you did on Learning Journals.

Learning Grids

Here are copies of the Learning Grids for Literacy/Numeracy and Learning across the Curriculum.

P2 Across the curric 25.5.20

Rex and Mufasa beginning 25.5.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba Week Beginning 25.5.20

time duration day out

Here is the Powerpoint needed for learning about Digital Time Duration:

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 1 25.5.20

Good morning everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and are excited about the week ahead. All 3 primary 1 teachers enjoyed their weekends. Miss Cunningham and Miss Christy were busy in the kitchen. Miss Christy made delicious cookies and Miss Cunningham made sweet potato and carrot and coconut soup. Miss Daun went on a beautiful walk along the canal.


For maths this week we have some more learning on time and number. There is a chilli challenge again so we hope you have fun choosing your own challenge. Here are the maths resources:

maths week 8

Missing number addition

Addition and Subtraction chilli challenge


For literacy we are learning a new sound and three new common words. There is also a chilli challenge for the blending activity again. Here are the literacy resources:

Literacy 25.5.20

Chilli challenge blending

For learning across the curriculum we have some learning on farming, religion, health and P.E. Here are the learning across the curriculum resources:



Animal movements (1)

We hope you all have a marvellous Monday! Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun.

Primary 1 Home Learning 19.05.20

Good morning Primary 1!

We hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed getting some fresh air. The Primary 1 teachers have been very busy. Miss Cunningham went out for some walks and spotted a few ducks and Miss Daun went out for a cycle to the reservoir. Miss Christy went for a walk in the Pentlands with her dog and she spotted some of the zebras from Edinburgh Zoo on her walk up Corstorphine hill! Here are some pictures of what we were up to:


We are all missing you all very much and it has been lovely to see how well you are all getting on at home. We are all proud of how hard you are working and thank you again for all of your lovely feedback on the Learning Journals.

This week in literacy we are having a consolidation week. This means that we will be revisiting some of the sounds we have learned already to make sure they are fully understood. We will be looking at the ee, oo and ck sounds this week and you will find the blending activity attached below. For reading we decided to create a little non-fiction book for you about farming. The comprehension questions will be attached in the messages section of the Learning Journals. Here are the literacy resources:


blending (1)

lifeonthefarm2 (1)

This week in maths we will be focusing on learning half past on a digital clock. Miss Christy has also created a fun video for you to learn all about odd and even numbers. Please find the maths resources for this week below:

Maths home learning grid 19.5.20 (2)

Half past digital clock worksheet

We are also beginning a new topic of interdisciplinary learning. We are going to start looking at farming (the different types of farms, the job of a farmer, products we get from farm animals and crops, and how farms in Scotland are different from farms in other countries etc). Please find the interdisciplinary home learning grid below:

IDL Week 7 (2)

Thank you again for continuing to share all of your hard work with us! It brings a huge big smile to our faces when we get to see your work at home!

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2 13.5.20

Good morning Primary 2!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember just do what you can! We hope the weather will improve through the week which means you can get outside for your exercise and walks with your family.

Art- Wednesday

Ms Fox would normally take you for your weekly art lesson. We hope you have been still practising your art/drawing skills through our topic tasks however Ms Fox has put some lesson ideas for you to try. Click on the link below to see if you would like to try one of them!

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Sheet for Art

RRSA-Article 14

How have you been getting on with learning about Article 14- Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents to guide their child as they grow up.

Here are a couple of activities you could do this week to learn more about the right to think and believe what they choose:

  • List as many religions as you can think of. Do you know what symbols are linked with these religions? Have a go at drawing them if you can.
  • Why do you think religious buildings are important? Think of and draw a building that is important to you or make a sculpture of one of these buildings using things you can find around the house (old cereal boxes, empty toilet roll etc.). This could be a religious building like a church or a temple, or even a school or a library. Write a sentence or two about why this building is important to you.


Have a good day Primary 2 and if you have any questions about the work that has been set today or on the learning grids please get in touch on the blog or through Learning Journals. Continue to post what you can on the Learning Journals as we enjoy seeing you all busy at home.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

Primary 1 6.5.20

Welcome back Primary 1s!

We hope you had a lovely long weekend. The sun has certainly been out. What did you get up to? It was my birthday yesterday so I went on a lovely evening walk and saw a squirrel run across the path in front of me. It was very cute! Miss Christy went on her daily walks and she has done lots of sewing projects too. She sewed different coloured material together to create baskets to help organise her baking cupboard. Miss Daun also went on local walks, played board games and did some yoga. Have you tried any yoga at home yet?

Can you believe it is May already? You are all doing so well with your learning from home. We have an exciting week ahead of us. I have attached the grids and resources for this week. We hope you enjoy doing the tasks if you are able to and we can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun.


Can You Find Poster

Poster Instructions

maths week 5

digital o’clock worksheet


Primary 2 28.4.20

Bonjour la classe!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember you must try to complete one literacy task, one numeracy task and an across the curriculum task.

This week’s RRS article is Article 12: Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

Are you able to complete some of the activities on the slide? If so make sure you keep what ever you have made or take a picture and post it on Learning Journals.

Some of the activities we think you could do is:

  • Write a creative story, a poem, a short play script or a piece of art using the title ‘Head My Voice’.
  • Have you ever thanked people at home who are good at listening to you? Design a card or picture, or write a letter to thank them for hearing your voice.
  • Design a poster for display about the importance of Article 12.

BBC Bitesize have been posting 3 lessons a day. Yesterday they did one on letter formations and alliteration. Why don’t you give it a go!

You can check this website every day to see if there is a lesson you would like to complete. They are brilliant and well resourced.

Also on your Across the Curricular grid, we said we would post a recipe for you to use to make EID biscuits. If you manage to make them please let us know how you get on.


We hope you have a lovely day and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 1 20.4.20

Welcome back to our new term Primary 1s! We hope everyone is well and you have all had a fantastic Easter.

Please find this week’s home learning grids and resources attached. There is a grid for maths, literacy and interdisciplinary. Remember these are suggested activities so that you can fit them around your week.

Sending all our best wishes.

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun



Resource 1 for Maths: addition and subtraction

Resource 2 for Maths: symmetry


Resource 1 for Literacy: The Enormous Turnip Vegetable Soup Recipe

Resource 2 for Literacy: Blank vegetable soup recipe sheet

Resource 3 for Literacy: ee worksheet