Primary 3 27.9.21

We had another great week in Primary 3 last week, all be it just a short week! We learned how to round to the nearest 10 using the rule of 5 in numeracy and learned 3 new sounds in phonics – u_e, a_e and ea. We also had a lovely lesson making acrostic poems using the word ‘weather’.

This week is maths week so we will be doing lots of maths based activities. For example, making carroll diagrams using objects from nature and creating rangoli patterns using our knowledge of 2D shape.

We will be collecting in the current reading books today (Monday 27th) and giving out new books which the children should read at least three times at home. There is also a new homework grid on seesaw for this week. Well done to the children who completed some of the activities on last week’s homework grid, there was some fantastic work!

Last week we started a new piece of writing, still within the genre of recount, which we will finish this week with Mrs Smith. We are writing all about what we got up to during the long weekend.

Our topic focus for this week is extreme weathers, so we will be looking at the causes of these kinds of weathers with a focus on climate change and the effects that they can have.

Just another reminder that you can follow us both on twitter at @MissBonar_ and @MissRafferty for more regular updates and snapshots of what we have been doing throughout the week.

Miss Bonar and Miss Rafferty

Primary 3 wb 6/9/21

Primary 3 have been very busy! We hope you all enjoyed our meet the teacher video which went live on Seesaw at the end of last week. It gave you an insight to what our classrooms look like, how they are run and what might be happening in the beginning of this academic year. Homework has also been posted on Seesaw today giving you and your children to complete tasks in Literacy, Numeracy, French and Interdisciplinary (Weather).

In Numeracy we have been practising skip counting forwards and backwards in 2s,5s and 10s. In Maths we have revising our 2D and 3D shape names and properties. The children have demonstrated a good understanding of their shapes!

In Literacy the children have been working on their reading aloud skills such as decoding and fluency. We have also been making predictions about what might happen in a book and why. Mrs Smith has been in supporting our writing. Our focus this term is recount which the children have been working very hard on. We have been using our core and genre targets to help!

In our topic of the weather the children have been identifying the different types of weather, what they look like and sound like. We have also been looking at the weather symbols and determining what they mean. We are looking forward to creating our very own weather forecasts this week.

Remember our P.E days are Monday and Thursday- kits must be worn to school.

You can keep updated on our class activities on Twitter @MissRafferty4 and @MissBonar_

Miss Rafferty and Miss Bonar

Primary 2 – 07.06.21

Good morning everyone,

We had a busy week in P2 last week and have been working very hard. We made the most of the nice weather and enjoyed our PE outside where we have been learning cricket skills. Our P2 sports day is on Thursday 10 June so please come to school wearing PE clothes and your house colours if possible. We can provide coloured bibs if you do not have anything so please do not buy anything new. Unfortunately parents/carers are not able to attend but we will make sure we take lots of photos and upload these to SeeSaw.

We have looked at Deserts as part of our social studies and have been researching Desert animals and plants. We are going to progress on to looking at other hot countries such as Australia.

In numeracy we are revising what we have learnt over the course of the year. This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction.

In Phonics we are looking at the ss/ll phonemes this week.

Last week we had great fun making up our own similies in Literacy. This week we are progressing on to explore metaphors.

Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 1

What another fantastic week in Primary 1! We learned how to read, write and recognise the sounds ‘s’ and ‘I’ and explored this through our Jolly Phonics programme. We had the opportunity to think of words and animals that begin with the letter sounds and practised our ‘i’ on our igloos.  We were introduced to more characters in our ORT reading books and looked at the picture clues in our book to help us comprehend the text. During writing we learned to write about a time we felt excited and used our picture plan to help us with our writing. We are now beginning to use some of the sounds we have learned so far in our writing. We have also been learning the common words; I, in and it.

In maths we were consolidating the numbers 1-5 and practised forming them correctly and making sets of these numbers. We loved using playdough in the class to make these numbers too!

In health we focused on being responsible and included. We explored this through circle time and we even made our own paper chains! We created a class ‘kindness’ box and made pictures of kind things that we are going to do this week. We will keep this going in our classroom every day to encourage kindness across Primary 1!

Thank you for all of your continued support at home,

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2 7.920

Primary 2 had a super week last week. We learned about the Artist Picasso. We looked closely at his paintings and style of painting. We discussed how the pictures made us feel and to see if they could see anything in the paintings, because his style is very abstract. Our current topic is Superhero’s and we have learned that they sometimes wear masks to hide their identity. When Picasso painted faces, they often looked like they were wearing masks. The children drew and coloured their own faces with an abstract style. They look fantastic and are going to be displayed in our corridor for the other boys and girls to see! Super work Primary 2!!

We have been continuing to do reading in class and reading aloud in small groups. Primary 2 have been practising sounding out the letters and then blending them together to say the word. They are also following the story and contributing to our group discussions about the text.

We have been sequencing and ordering our numbers within 50, with the help of number lines and 100 squares. We will continue to work on our numbers up to 100.

In science we are working our way through our senses. So far we have learned about our sense of sight and hearing. This week we will be learning about our sense of smell. We have come to realise that superheros rely quite a lot on their senses to save others and to be successful!

P.E is on a Wednesday and Thursday. Well done to all the boys and girls for wearing their kits to school.

We have also provided every child with a resource pack that will stay in school. These will be used when completing jobs/tasks in class.


Miss Rafferty, Mrs Harris & Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Did you have a nice long weekend? Miss Pringle managed out some long walks with her dog and Miss Rafferty kept up her running and virtual keep fit classes. Did you do any exercise you could add to our Travel to Tokyo challenge? The instructions are attached below if you did – every little helps!

Travel to Tokyo Challenge

This week the Rights Respecting School Article we are focusing on is Article 28 – the right to education. This Article states that:

  • Every child has the right to an education.
  • Primary education must be free and different forms of secondary education must be available to every child.
  • Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity and their rights.
  • Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

What do you think makes a good teacher? This video might give you some ideas! Draw an outline of your ideal teacher and surround it with words that describe what that teacher is like. Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle would love to see these and we look forward to seeing photos on your Learning Journal. The full powerpoint with activity ideas is attached below.

Article 28

Please find below the Learning Grids for the next fortnight. As a Primary 2 stage we have tried to increase our ICT skills (!) and have recorded some audio powerpoints to support your learning. We would love to hear your feedback about if these are worthwhile or not.

Comment below and let us know how you are. Please continue to upload your photos to your Learning Journal too – it is so lovely to see you all.

Have a great day,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

18.05.20 Learning Across the Curriculum

P2 desert animals 18.05.20

Rex and Mufasa fortnight beginning 18.5.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba Fortnight Beginning 18.5.20


Primary 1 11.5.20

Good morning boys and girls and welcome to a new week!
We hope that you all had a nice weekend and managed to spend some time with your family having fun. What was the favourite thing that you did? All 3 teachers had a busy weekend in their kitchens! Miss Daun tried a new recipe from her cook book, and both Miss Cunningham and Miss Christy made cookies!

This week we will be revising a sound we have looked at before… ck. It is always helpful to go back to sounds we have learned previously to make sure we fully understand them. As in previous weeks, your reading book and associated activities will be sent in a separate email. Here are the literacy activities for this week:

Literacy Week 6

Blending using ck

Roll and read

Writing – story template

In maths, we are continuing our work on time. This week we will begin to tell half past times. You might want to get out your home made clock again to help you practise? Here are the maths activities:

maths week 6



We have given a list of activities from a variety of areas of the curriculum this week including drama, RME and PE. Here is the learning grid:

IDL Week 6

Food Diary

Please try to complete as many of these activities as possible throughout the week, but don’t worry if you can’t get them all done!
We hope that you are all keeping well
The Primary 1 teachers.

Primary 1 27.4.20

Good morning!
We hope that you had a fantastic weekend with your family. What did you get up to? We hope that you managed to spend some time outside. Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham are all missing you so thank you so much to everyone who has posted on the Learning Journals to show us all your hard work. Every time we see a photo it makes us smile!

This week we are continuing our learning through the learning grid format.

Here are the literacy activities for the week:

Literacy Week 4

The maths activities:

Maths week 4

And some activities from other areas of the curriculum:

IDL Week 4

These learning grids will also be sent out through the Learning Journal messages where you can download them onto your computer, tablet or phone. This week we have trialed using a short video to teach new concepts in maths. Please let us know if this is helpful for the children. We are hoping to use this format more in the next few weeks and hope that it eases some of the teaching pressure at home. The video will be sent through a dropbox link in the Learning Journal messages. We will also be sending out a message with your child’s reading homework.
Thank you for all your support in this time. We really appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to maintaining some sort of normal at this time for the children.
Please let us know how we can support you.
The Primary 1 teachers.

Primary 1 Home Learning 21.04.20

Good morning Primary 1,

We hope that you’ve all been enjoying this lovely sunshine and are still managing to find some time to exercise and play outside! It was lovely to see some of you enjoying spending time outdoors with your family during the Easter holidays on the Learning Journals. Thank you for continuing to share your home learning experiences with us.

We would like to suggest that you choose one or two activities from the home learning grids to complete today if you are able. You can access the links to the literacy, numeracy and interdisciplinary learning grids and resources on the school blog and in the messages section on your Learning Journals. Please make sure that you still make time for playing, exercising and helping out around the house too!

This week we are focusing on the fairy tale ‘The Enormous Turnip’. You can access the link to the audio clip on BBC School Radio here: The Enormous Turnip is a great fairy tale at this time as it symbolises the importance of team work and people coming together. Ask your child to close their eyes and listen to the story. Imagine what happens in the story at the beginning, middle and end of the story and think about how they all manage to pull the enormous turnip out of the ground. After listening to the story, retell the events in your own words to an adult. During your story you could try acting out some of the events, role playing some of the characters or you could even use some props. If you have time, you could ask an adult to film you retelling the story and share it with us on the Learning Journals. We would love to see how you get on with this at home!

You could even learn and include this fun song about Farmer Ben ploughing his field (try singing it to the theme of The Grand Old Duke of York):

‘Oh, I have a field to plough!’
Said busy Farmer Ben,
So he drove his tractor up the field,
And he drove it down again.
And when he was up, he was up,
And when he was down, he was down,
And when he was only half way up,
He was neither up nor down.
‘Oh, I have some seeds to sow!’

We look forward to seeing all of your hard work on the Learning Journals. We will continue to look for examples of some of the best work across Primary 1 to share and celebrate on our school blog!

Thank you again for all of your support at this time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on the school blog or on the messages section of the learning journals. We are happy to support you in any way we can.

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2 21.4.20

Good morning boys and girls!

We hope you managed to download your Learning packs for the next two weeks and have made a start at working your way through these. Remember to do a literacy, numeracy and across the curriculum every day. Tick off each task once it is complete. The work can be written into your jotters and you can post pictures of your work in Learning Journals. We were so happy to see so many of you actively engaged over the Easter holidays and posting lots of pictures of your activities.

BBC Bitesize is releasing 3 lessons a day for children to complete at their leisure. The lessons are brilliant and engaging.  You can access them using this link:

A new book has been released helping explain what the Coronavirus is. It is illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. The book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds.

Remember to keep accessing Education City, there have been new games set for you in the homework section however you can also choose a game of your choice using the search button.

Tuesday is one of our P.E days so make sure you are active today: you could take part in Joe Wicks live P.E lesson at 9am or play a little sport in your garden since the weather is nice!

Have you all heard about Captain Tom and him raising millions for the NHS charity by walking the length of his garden? Well it is nearly his 100th Birthday and we are being encouraged to send him a birthday card or wish. If you wish to send something here is the address:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Mortaine


MK43 0LA

Have a good day boys and girls,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 1 20.4.20

Welcome back to our new term Primary 1s! We hope everyone is well and you have all had a fantastic Easter.

Please find this week’s home learning grids and resources attached. There is a grid for maths, literacy and interdisciplinary. Remember these are suggested activities so that you can fit them around your week.

Sending all our best wishes.

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun



Resource 1 for Maths: addition and subtraction

Resource 2 for Maths: symmetry


Resource 1 for Literacy: The Enormous Turnip Vegetable Soup Recipe

Resource 2 for Literacy: Blank vegetable soup recipe sheet

Resource 3 for Literacy: ee worksheet


Primary 1 30.03.20

Good morning everybody!

We hope that you all had a lovely weekend and managed to spend some time outside, even just in the garden! We hope that you are all keeping healthy, helping out around the house and still finding time to play. The Primary 1 teachers are missing you all very much and we hope that you are still enjoying learning from home. We have been so impressed with all of your hard work, thank you again to all the parents that continue to post on the Learning Journals. It is lovely for us to see you all engaging with the activities we are providing.

Each Monday we will post three home learning grids on the blog and through the Learning Journals. There will be a grid for literacy, numeracy and learning across the curriculum. The grids will provide you with some suggested learning activities to complete throughout the week. We will also be posting some additional challenges on the blog for you and we will share some of the best examples on the school blog! Please don’t worry about completing all of the activities, remember these are just helpful suggestions to support you at home. You may still want to choose activities from the home learning pack at this stage and that is still encouraged! We are aiming to make the tasks set as flexible as possible so that you can fit them in around the other commitments you have.

Please find this week’s home learning grids and all the resources you will need below.  If you are unable to print these resources at home then perhaps your child could draw the pictures into their jotter instead. The Easter egg activity (in the maths section) might be a little tricky to draw so maybe you could help them get started by drawing a pattern in half of the egg.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through the messages section of the Learning Journals or through the school blog. Please continue to share your child’s learning on the Learning Journals, it is great to see how they are getting on at home!

Thank you for all of your support so far.

Primary 1 teachers


Literacy home learning Grid/ Resources:

Literacy Grid (1)

ph worksheet (1)

Maths home learning Grid/ Resources:

maths week 2 (1)

Half of an Easter Egg (1)

Learning across the curriculum grid:



Primary 1 27.3.20

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope you’ve had a great first week learning from home. Remember please only do what you can, we know it’s a stressful time for everyone just now.

Today you could do a piece of writing! Here is a suggested activity to do in your castle book:

If I was trapped in a giant’s castle and I had to trick the giant, I would…

Copy out this sentence and then continue the story. You can get creative! This sentence is inspired by the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. What would you do to trick the giant, remember you don’t want him to catch you? You are much smaller than him so maybe you could tickle his ear, so he starts laughing. This would give you a chance to escape! I am sure you can come up with lots of ways to trick the giant.

Things to remember when writing:
• Full stops
• Capital letters
• Finger spaces
• Sound out the words on your own
• As a challenge: use a connective, for example, and

Please don’t worry if your child doesn’t spell each word correctly, they should write down the sounds they hear. You can say the word slowly to help them hear the sounds.

Once you are finished, we would love to see a picture of your writing posted on your online learning journal.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend when it comes, and we will talk to you again on Monday.

Thank you for all your support and for sharing your learning so far with us.

Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun

P2 – 23.03.20

Good Morning P2,

It is Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty here. We hope you are all well today and everyone is fit and healthy.

You have your home learning packs and have your week 1 sheets for literacy/numeracy and learning across the curriculum. We suggest you choose 2 activities from the literacy/numeracy sheet and 1 from the learning across the curriculum sheet each day. You have your new jotters so why not start by decorating the front cover? If you can, upload photos to the comments so we can see your creative designs!

It is a dry day today so if you have a garden or outdoor space why not go outside for some fresh air? Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson each day at 9am – search for ‘The Body Coach’ on YouTube. You all have your Education City log ins – there are lots of games, think-its and topic tools on there to keep you amused.

Make sure you are listening to your grown ups and keep washing your hands regularly.

Speak to you all soon,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 1 10.1.20

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

Primary 1 have an exciting term ahead. Our new topic is dinosaurs and the children are loving it so far! They are all very engaged as they enjoy sharing what they already know about dinosaurs and what they want to find out about them. We received a letter from the well renowned palaeontologist, Professor Rex. He asked us to look after his dinosaur egg.

In numeracy we have been exploring numbers from 11 to 15 and we will move on to looking at the numbers 16 to 20 next week. In literacy Primary 1 wrote letters to Professor Rex asking him questions about dinosaurs and the egg that we are looking after. We can’t wait to see if he replies!

The children have been given a Scottish poem to learn and recite as part of Burns Day. Two pupils from each class will be chosen to take part in the competition on Friday 24th January.

Our PE days are on Thursday and we will be starting up our outdoor learning again on Wednesdays (letters will be issued shortly). Homework was handed out on Tuesday and is due back on Tuesday 21st January.

Hope you have a great weekend.

The primary 1 teachers.

Primary One 20.3.19

We have had a very exciting week in Primary One this week with a surprise visitor to class yesterday! We came in to class after lunch to find that a dragon had visited and left us a letter.  The letter explained to us that he needed help rebuilding Fairyland as it was disappearing because we were no longer reading fairy tales.  We have decided to help the fairy tale characters, starting with Jack and today we have been making a beanstalk for him.  Have a look at the pictures to find out what we have been doing in class today.

In Maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes, their names and properties and having a look around the class and playground for items of different shapes.

Our sound this week is ee.  Have a chat with your child about words that have the ee sound in them around the home.

Reminders this week-

New homework issued today, due 3.4.19.

Gym kit Thursday.

Please bring reading bags every day.

PSA Easter egg hunt 25.3.19.

Primary One would appreciate donations of junk materials for junk modelling.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Steel, Miss Christy, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 9.10.18

We are looking forward to seeing you all again this week at parents night. The children are excited to show you work in their jotters, finished work folders and the classroom walls.

Our topic is coming to a close. Our 1950’s classroom experience was brilliant and the children really came into character and played by the rules. This week we are going to be learning about transport and we will be finishing the week with a 1950/60s Disney classic!

Thank you and well done to all the children that completed the homework activities, some were fabulous! We will send new activities out after the October holiday. Children will keep their reading books until Thursday, these will be collected in and new ones issued out after the holidays too.

Can you encourage your children to keep saying and writing their numbers to 100. Also encourage them to read as much as possible (signs, newspapers, books, magazines etc)

We have Library Services coming to visit us on Thursday- they will be showing the children different artifacts from the 1950/60s which should be really exciting and interesting.

Reminders- book fair at parents evening, water bottles, P.E kits and reading books.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 1 Week beginning 19th September

We hope that you have all had a lovely restful, long weekend!

This week we will be having a focus on consolidating and assessing the work we have done so far in the first few weeks of Primary One. Throughout the year we will have regular weeks where we will revisit sounds, common words and number work that we have learned to ensure that the children have a firm grasp of what has been taught so far.

We will also be continuing our topic of Myself and My School.  Last week we had a focus on school lunches which led us onto a conversation about healthy and unhealthy foods.  This will be built on this week in class through a group tasting session of fruit and vegetables.  We are then planning to discuss our favourites, create graphs showing this and then we will write about something we liked and something we didn’t like.

The majority of you indicated that you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the fortnightly homework sheet so we have made the decision to give everyone a hard copy but also post the homework here on the blog for people who would like to access links for games/songs etc quickly and easily.   Please find the link to this below.  If you have any questions about homework please do not hesitate to get in touch.


-Children will now be changing for PE on a Monday. It would be helpful, if possible if children could come with kit on underneath uniform.  Please name all clothes.

-Our P1 Open Afternoon/Morning will take place next Thursday 27th (pm) and Friday 28th (am).  We would love to see as many parents as possible come and find out a little bit more about what and how your child is learning in P1 this year.

-Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday-we would ask that children bring their Reading books and Reading Records every day.

homework 19.9.18

We thank you for your continued support,

Miss Pringle, Mrs Oliver, Miss Christy and Mrs Steel

Primary 2 4.9.19

Welcome to Primary 2! We hope all the boys and girls are beginning to settle into their new classrooms. It was lovely to meet some of you at the meet the teacher last Wednesday.  We will update the blog weekly with information about P2.

Yesterday we sent home our first piece of homework. The children are being given two weeks to complete the activities in their Share It Jotter. Reading needs to be completed regularly and we will change these books on a Monday (children must bring in current reading book before they are issued with a new one). After two weeks the children will be encouraged to share their homework activities with the class.

Our new topic is Grandparents. We are going to be learning about all of the activities, toys, food, music, dance, dress and technology from the 1950s-70s. Please encourage your children to speak to elderly family members or friends to get an insight about what life was like and how it has changed.

We are learning forward and backward number sequences up to 100 in Numeracy. The children are using 100 squares to help them with this and we are using songs to help remember all of our numbers, especially before and after numbers. We are also going to be learning the proporties of 2D shapes.

During reading the children will be completing reading tasks linked to their ORT reading book and will be encouraged to read aloud in class and involve themselves in the group discussions. Our main focus in writing this term is visualisation and understanding how to construct a sentence correctly. We will also be looking into the importance of adjectives and simple connectives during writing lessons.

Specialists: Both classes are receiving Art from Mrs Fox and Music from Mr Shanks. P.E will be taught by class teachers this term.

Primary 2 are allowed to bring in one small toy to play with during Free Time Friday, however we must stress that the children are responsible for looking after their own toy. If your child does not have a toy with them then they may choose a toy/game from the classroom to play with.

Reminder: Could all children please bring in a water bottle to have in the class. This is often drank during milk and story time or after P.E, break and lunch.

If there are any more questions please feel free to get in touch,

Thanks, Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 2/3 24.4.18

Primary 2/3 did a fantastic job in their class assembly last week. We have received so many positive comments about our assembly from lots of teachers and children. Well done boys and girls!

We have now started our new and final topic for Primary 2/3 which is Treasure Island and Pirates! We received a message in a bottle from Pete the Pirate tell us that he was on a desert island hunting for treasure. He asked Primary 2/3 for their help to teach him all about Pirates, Desert islands and finally help him find the hidden treasure. All the boys and girls are very excited! We have also been learning some songs linked to pirates!

We will be linking lots of our numeracy and literacy to our new topic as well as IDL.

Primary 3 are off to Lowport this week! The remaining Primary 3’s will join Mrs Smith and the other Primary 3 children to complete some science investigations and take part in lots of arts and crafts.

P.E is outdoor on a Monday (Supported by our P.E students) and on Thursday with Mrs Ferguson our P.E specialist.

Mrs Fox is working with our class this term too. She is going to be crafting with the children to make treasure and jewellery.

Can all children please make sure that they have indoor shoes and water bottles.

Miss Rafferty

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