Primary 7 28.5.21

Hi everyone!

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. Primary 7 have been VERY busy this week!

First, we had some contact with the High School. We were invited to a call with Mr Small and the Heads of House where they introduced themselves and launched the fun House Challenge. Everyone found out which house they are in and have already made a fantastic effort to earn stars that will be turned into points. We then had another call with the English department for a Reciprocal Reading lesson. We focussed on predicting this week and everyone was very engaged. They left us on a cliffhanger so we cannot wait for our call next week!

As if that was not exciting enough, we also had our Sports Day this week! Despite a different set up this year, everyone still had a brilliant time and the rain stayed away (yippee!). The scores were extremely close in the end but Sutherland were the champions – well done to you all!

In between all of this, Primary 7 have been busy preparing for our Carnival that is fast approaching.  We’ve also managed to squeeze in Maths, Literacy and World War 2 work too! P7M learned more about Anne Frank and tried to imagine how she felt when she went into hiding. In her diary, she told us what items she had chosen to pack so we thought about what three items we would have picked if we were in her position. Like Anne Frank, many chose things that would bring them comfort and help keep them entertained.


  • Those who are in any of the Enhanced Transition groups have been invited to visit DCHS on Monday for a tour of the school.
  • Camp Carmondean will take place next Wednesday (2nd June). Please make sure you come to school wearing clothes suitable for being outdoors. We will be outside all day so a waterproof jacket and sensible shoes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty are a must.

You deserve a restful weekend P7! See you all on Monday.

Mrs Wylie and Miss Morris

Primary 4 17.9.20

Hello everyone

It has been another busy and fun filled week in Primary 4! Our topic is in full swing and this week we explored perseverance through the story of Zootropolis. The children were able to discuss times in their own lives that they had shown perseverance and how it made them feel once they achieved something that had been a real challenge. We listened to the song “Try Everything” and discussed the importance of trying new things even though they might be scary! Also in topic we learned about the importance of being “Bucket Fillers” through watching this video – Bucket fillers
Ask your child what it means to be a bucket filler or a bucket dipper! Then we made our own 3D origami buckets and decorated them. The children then wrote kind notes for each other and left them in each other’s buckets to read. There was a real buzz about the classrooms as the children learned the real joy of being kind and being treated with kindness. Well done P4!

In PE we finished our block of football by playing some mini tournament games. The children showed great sportsmanship and improving skills. Well done to all of our men and women of each match and to every member of Primary 4 for trying their best. Tomorrow we will begin to work on skipping in PE! This may be a challenge at first but we are sure that the perseverance and resilience that the children are learning about in topic will help them to achieve great results and improve their skills 🙂

This week we entered Primary 7’s litter competition! They have noticed that there has been a lot of extra rubbish in the playground recently so they are setting up a new campaign to encourage everyone to put their litter in the bin. The competition involved designing a monster that could be the mascot for this campaign. We were very impressed by Primary 4’s inventiveness and imagination!

Reminders –
Please ensure your child has a full bottle of water with them each day. This can be refilled throughout the day.
PE kit is required on Mondays and Fridays. Please note that all PE lessons are outdoors and that the weather is very changeable right now!
Monday and Tuesday next week (21st and 22nd) are school holidays in West Lothian so the children should not return to school until Wednesday 23rd September.

Have a lovely long weekend when it comes!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 4 1.11.18

Hello everyone

Primary 4 have had an extremely busy but very fun week! On Monday we were visited by some very important people – two vikings! They wore traditional Viking clothes and spoke to us in a language Vikings use called Norse. The children were able to learn some new words and were even beginning to understand instructions in Norse! The Vikings taught us all about special traditions, burials, clothes, food, weapons and even dancing! What a fantastic learning experience! Thank you Vikings 🙂

On Wednesday we attended a sports event at Craigswood Sports Centre with other Primary 4 children from our cluster. The children competed in the handball festival with great enthusiasm showing great skill and sportsmanship. Thank you to Mrs Ferguson for working with the children to improve their skills. Well done Primary 4!

This week in writing the children wrote a spooky story all about Halloween. They worked very hard to focus on our 3 core targets whilst writing – using full stops and capital letters, spelling all common words correctly and using a variety of connectives. We will finish these stories next week and we cannot wait to read the finished articles!

On Monday your child received a reading book home and a new homework sheet inside their spelling jotter. Each week your child will have pages to read in their new book. They will have a full week to read these pages (from Monday to the following Monday). Spelling homework will continue as before and maths homework will be given each week. This may be in the form of a worksheet but also could be a practical activity/Studyladder game. Thank you for all your support with homework.

Last Thursday’s Halloween disco was a huge success! It was terrific seeing all the children dressed up and having a fantastic time! Thank you to the PSA for organising such a well planned and fun event! And well done too to Zara and Sophie for winning the costume competition!

Reminders –
Spelling – due Friday
Maths worksheet – due Friday
Reading pages – By next Monday
PE days – Outdoor: Tuesday Indoor: Thursday

Primary 7 are selling poppies in the run up to Remembrance Day. If you wish your child to buy one then Primary 7 are asking for a donation of at least 50p but preferably £1. Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 7 13.6.18

Hello everyone

It was lovely to welcome everyone back after their week of transition at Deans Community High School last week. We were very pleased to hear that the children thoroughly enjoyed their transition activities and now feel more familiar with the high school environment.

The last 3 weeks of Primary 7 are going to our busiest yet! The children have been exploring the skills, qualities and qualifications that you need in order to succeed in a variety of different occupations. We have researched a huge amount of careers including video game testing, geology, plumbing and translation! Now the children are working in groups to display their findings in creative ways and will be creating advertisements to showcase their chosen career. All of this hard work will be on display at our Carmondean Open Morning on Friday morning.

Parents, families and friends of children in P7C can visit the school between 9:30-10:30am and parents, families and friends of children in P7M can visit the school between 11:00-12:00. We really look forward to seeing you & the children are looking forward to showing their learning.

Rehearsals for the Leavers Assembly are now well underway. The children now know their lines and are working on perfecting the show and practising the songs. We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 27th June at 1:30pm in the big hall.

Next Tuesday 19th June the children will be going to Aberdour Beach with their P1 buddies. Please ensure that the children return their EE2 forms and £4 for the bus as soon as possible. The children should come prepared for all weathers and bring a packed lunch with them or order one from the school in advance.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 31.5.18

Hello everyone

We are approaching a very busy and exciting time in Primary 7! Next week the majority of children will take part in a full week of transition activities up at Deans Community High School. Children should come to Carmondean on Monday morning (4th June) at the regular time of 8:50am. Mrs Macaulay & I will then walk the children up to the high school for around 9:20am where they will meet their tutor group and begin to follow their timetable as they will in August. On Wednesday, the children will take part in an activity called the “Hurricane Challenge” instead of following their timetable. Most of this activity will take place outdoors so the children should attend the High School on that day dressed appropriately for the weather.

IMPORTANT: The children should make their own way up to DCHS for the normal time of 8:30am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. They will return to Carmondean on Monday 11th June.

Rehearsals for our Leavers Assembly are in full swing and the children are working hard to make props and gifts for the ceremony. Please encourage your child to work on learning any words they need to memorise and also learning the words to the 3 songs that we will be performing at the Leavers Assembly on Wednesday 27th June.

The children have been working very hard both in school and at home to finish and perfect their “My Life so Far” projects that they have been working on since August. The final copies are due in tomorrow and Mrs Macaulay and I are so impressed with the quality of these projects. We can’t wait to see the final projects tomorrow. The children will present them at the upper school assembly later on in June.

Important days/dates:

Outdoor PE: Monday
Outdoor/Indoor PE with Mrs Ferguson: Wednesday

Leavers Assembly: Wednesday 27th June @ 1:30pm
Prom: Deer Park Golf & Country Club on Thursday 28th June 6-6:30pm arrival until 9:00pm *Please note* Prom letters have been handed out and should be returned by Monday 11th June.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 3.5.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy week in Primary 7. We had a visit from teachers and students from Deans Community High School today. They told us what it was like to move from Carmondean Primary to Deans High. They also answered any questions the children had about High School. It was a very informative session and very helpful for the children.

Some of the Primary 7 children will be leaving on our France Residential a week on Sunday (13th May). Please ensure that all letters are signed and returned and EHIC Health cards are returned to the school as soon as possible. If you require your child to take any medication on the trip then the appropriate form should be filled in and returned to the school before next Friday. For forms and any extra information please contact the school office as soon as possible.

The children created fantastic pieces of art work this week based on interesting skylines from around the world. They used photographs of famous skylines to help plan out their own. They then transferred their work onto black card and then painted beautiful skies with water colour paints which will frame their skyline. These are looking fantastic and will be on display until the end of term.

The children have also worked on creating informative posters for the Primary 6 children this week. Soon, the Primary 7’s will leave Carmondean Primary behind and the P6s will replace them as buddies to our new Primary 1 children in August. The children worked with a partner to create a poster that tells the Primary 6 children about their experiences of being a buddy and how to overcome any challenges. We will present these to the Primary 6 classes next week.

We are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week. Have a lovely long weekend and we will see the children on Wednesday.
Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PE days
Monday – Outdoor PE
Wednesday – Indoor PE

Homework – Spelling and Maths due Friday

Primary 7 20.4.18

Hello everyone!

In P7 this week we have been very busy organising our last term in Primary School.
Our Leavers hoodies have arrived and they look great! We also have started planning our Leavers Assembly and we have been allocated parts. We can’t wait to perform it.

In indoor PE we are learning how to play badminton, it is really fun! Mrs Ferguson teaches us on a Wednesday every week.

In writing we are focused on mystery and suspense paragraphs. This week we wrote a paragraph about a haunted house and now they are on the wall with a matching picture.

In Science we have a DCHS transition passport and we have activities to complete to get us ready for high school science.

We have self, peer and the teacher has assessed our WWII projects and they are fantastic! Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay are really happy with our work! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

By Luci, Daisy, Imane and Ellie

P7M – Swimming on Monday
P7C – PE on Monday

Both classes – Indoor PE on Wednesday

Snow day 3

Hi Everyone,

Well done to all the children who have sent in pictures of what they have been doing. It is good to see all the inventive ways you are completing work.

My reading groups keep practicing your reading. This can be your school reading book or something you are reading at home. Next week if would be good if you could bring in any comics, magazines or books you have been reading to share with the group.

My math group keep a list of the games you have been playing to share with the group next week. Which is your favourite?

P6 and P7 I hope you are finding time to practice your words for the show. You could ask other family members to play the other parts to help you.

Euro Quiz group it would be good if you could share any interesting facts with us. What is the most obscure fact you have found? What fact has surprised you?

Enjoy your snow day but keep safe and warm.

Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 – Snow Day 2

Hello Primary 7!

Thanks to all of you who left comments on our blog post yesterday. It was nice to hear from so many of you.

Today is our second snow day and there is a LOT more snow around now! Maybe this afternoon, if the weather is a bit calmer, you can get back outside again and try to build a snowman or to try out some of the fitness activities that Mrs Ferguson posted in her blog post yesterday? I think they would be good for stamina!

If you would rather stay inside though here are some activities that you can continue on with today:
– My Life so Far (your first draft is due in next Friday)
– WW2 Booklet (research one/several aspects of life in WW2)
– Literacy Circles homework (you could begin reading your next set of pages).

Today is World Book Day! Now, if we’re in school tomorrow, we will be visiting other stage’s book corners and showing off our own and the new books we have purchased for it. Today – why don’t you pick up your favourite book, a new book or a book you loved reading when you were younger. What do you like about it? Why is it your favourite? What happens? We’d love if you could tell us about them in the comments if you have a chance 🙂

Remember – these suggestions are all just a guide. You certainly don’t need to do all of them. Most importantly, keep safe and keep warm and we’ll hopefully see you soon! Remember to comment on the blog and tell us what you’ve been up to 🙂

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – Snow Day!

Hello Primary 7! We hope you have a lovely day outside in the snow!
Here are some activities you can do in the snow today:

– Take some photos or film what you get up to outside in the snow today. We can edit them into a movie back at school or you can try and do this at home if you know how 🙂
– Enjoy building snowmen and making snow angels – can you post a picture in the comments?
– Make your own snowflake design in the snow just by using footprints and walking around. Remember snow flakes have 6 points!

Here’s some activities you can do when you’re back inside in the warmth:
– Find out the word for “snow” in as many different languages as you can.
– Write a winter poem/story using metaphors, similes or alliteration. Go outside and take some photos to give you some inspiration.

Your My Life so Far first draft is due in next Friday (9th March). You could use today to carry on working on your project. Your WW2 project is also due in just before the Easter holidays.

Remember you definitely don’t need to do all of these activities today. These are just suggestions of how to spend parts of your snowy day 🙂 Any questions then please leave them in the comments.

Most importantly, stay safe today P7 but have great fun! 🙂 See you soon!

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PS- Mr Shanks has also left some fun snow day activities in a blog post down below. You might want to try some of the P5-7 ones 🙂

Primary 7 8.2.18

Hello everyone

Last Friday 30 P7s went to the sports hall event we competed in running, standing long jump, speed bounce, javelin and time laps. On Monday we found out the results we came first by an outstanding amount. We were all so happy!

On Tuesday we had PE and we have been doing dancing in our groups. We have to make our own dance routine.

On Wednesday we had parents’ night and we will have another tonight. We hope that everyone showed parents their amazing work they have been doing in school.
Today (Thursday) we had our photos taken for the Primary 7 class pictures on the wall next to Mr Shanks’s office. (We hope they look great!)

We also have been carrying on with our WW2 booklet and our My Life So Far.
Reminders: We are off on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday transition club need their PE kit as normal.

Letters about our My Life so Far projects were sent home today too. They tell us the date that the first draft and final copy are due.

Have a lovely February break!

By Anna, Katie, Cameron, Zayan and Nathan

Primary 7 25.1.18

Hello everyone!

This week we have been to the Risk Factory there was lots of different stages it was amazing. We’d love to tell you more but we don’t want to spoil it for next year’s P7s!
We had auditions for the Burns Assembly. Daisy, Imane, Ammad and Robyn have been selected to represent P7 – well done!

6 members of Primary 7 went up to the local Morrison’s with Mr Shanks and Mrs Harding to ask people how they feel about alcohol in our community as part of our health topic.

In PE we have been working towards the Sports Hall athletics competition where 30 primary 7s are going to compete in 4 events.

In science we have been planning a polar expedition just like Craig our polar explorer. We have been working using a budget and planning what equipment, clothing and food we would need to take on a Polar Expedition.

Kaydi, Ellie, Mason, Tyler, Natasha & Nicole P7C

PE days – Monday and Tuesday
Literacy Circles homework due on Wednesdays
Spelling and maths homework due on Fridays
My Life so Far first draft due on Friday 9th March
WW2 Booklets (see big homework sheet) due Friday 16th March

Primary 7 14.12.17

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week in Primary 7 so far. We had the opportunity to watch both the Nursery/P1 nativity and the P2/3 nativity. We loved both performances and we thought that the children did really well.

This week we have been putting our ICT skills to the test! We will be using GLOW throughout Primary 7 to look at the blog and for transition activities with Deans Community High School. In order to use this platform we had to reset our passwords. We also went to P1 and P2 to help them to log into the computer and reset their GLOW passwords. All adults have been very impressed with how skilled the Primary 7s were at teaching the younger children in the school.

There will be no homework next week. Homework will resume again on the second week back (wb 15.1.18) after the Christmas Holidays.

The P7 Christmas Disco will take place next Thursday 21st December from 6-8pm. Please note that children must be picked up from inside the school at 8pm, we cannot allow children to walk home themselves.

This will be our last blog post before the Christmas so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on the 9th January.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7: Ready, read, repeat

Hello everyone

Primary 7 had an excellent day last Wednesday during “Ready, read, repeat” (our school book event). Many children dressed up as their favourite book character and participated in our first P7 book swap! Each child brought in a wrapped up book and swapped it with someone else.  It felt a bit like Christmas morning when we all opened our ‘presents’!

The children then used their own devices to look into the different types of furniture they could buy to brighten up our classroom library.  Each child also picked a new book each for our classroom library after looking online.

At the end of the day we went down to P1 to visit our buddies.  We gifted them with a special book that we had created for them.  Our buddies were the main character of our stories! We also read other story books with them.

P7 had a fantastic day of reading! We hope you enjoy reading your books everyone!

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 30.11.17

This week in p7 we have been busy getting ready for the Christmas fair. We have made lots of unique products, games and tasty foods that you can buy tomorrow. The Christmas Fair takes place betwen 6-8pm. Please come to the P2 classrooms to visit our stalls!

On Tuesday we had a whole school St Andrew’s Assembly hosted by our fantastic house captains. Every year group sang a Scottish song. We sang Caledonia.

On Wednesday we had our book day (Ready, Read, Repeat). We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and every year group got £1000 to redecorate their library. We also received an extra £200 to pick new awesome books for the library. We also took part in a P7 book swap and were delighted with our new books! We were eager to start reading right away. For a couple of weeks we have also been very busy making books for our buddies and yesterday we finally read our buddies our books and they loved it! We think the next years Primary 7s are going to love this activity.

Also, a huge congratulations to Cara, Louisa, Melody and Anna G who all came back from the West Lothian Gymnastics Competition with medals! We are very proud of you 🙂

Zayan, Lu’ay, Molly and Anna – P7C

Reminders –

PE days have now changed. The children will have Outdoor PE on a Monday and Indoor PE on a Tuesday. Please ensure children come prepared for PE on both days. P7C have another 2 weeks of swimming lessons on a Monday.

Spelling and maths homework is due in on Friday

Christmas Fair tomorrow – If helping to set up after school P7s should bring a packed lunch to school or order a packed lunch in the morning.

Primary 7 16.11.17


This week in Primary 7, P7C went swimming at Deans Community High School. We began by playing a game in the shallow end then we went into the deep end and did 2 laps.

Also Michelle from the West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service came in to talk to us on Wednesday about the dangers of second hand smoke. We then started to make leaflets about smoke free homes and zones. These leaflets are being entered into a competition. The best leaflet will be printed professionally and handed out to the whole school community to make everyone aware about the dangers of second hand smoke.

In PE we are doing gymnastics with Mrs Ferguson. We are trying to get perfect landings and shapes in the air. Some of us are going to a competition next week. Wish us luck!

We have also been looking at energy in science. We started making energy posters in small groups about different types of energy.

In art we have been making Japanese cups with clay and we are painting them. We are now adding the finishing touches.

Have a nice weekend!

By Mason, Megan, Ryan, Natalia.

Primary 7 3.11.17

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Primary 7 blog.

We have had a fun filled week in P7 this week. On Monday Michelle came to visit us from WLDAS (West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service). She spoke to both classes about smoking. The children learned how many chemicals are in cigarettes (over 4000!) and they also discussed the impact that smoking can have on our bodies and also on other areas of our lives. However, the children are aware that it is very difficult to stop smoking. In order to experience what it might be like to give up smoking the children have all been asked to give up something that they do frequently and replace it with a healthy alternative. Some of the habits that the children have given up include sweets, playing the Xbox, watching TV and drinking fizzy juice. The children have replaced these habits with a variety of alternatives this week including eating more fruit and vegetables, playing with their siblings and going outside to play. Miss Clark is even giving up chocolate for the week (which is proving very difficult!) Well done Primary 7 for all of your hard work and dedication! We are really impressed at your ability to resist even when it’s difficult.

This week we also handed out speaking parts for our P7 Remembrance Assembly. The children have also been given song lyrics to learn for next week. Any support you could give your child in learning these would be greatly appreciated. The children have taken control of the assembly and have created a PowerPoint, quiz and art work. The children are also selling poppies around the school for a donation of 50p-£1. Thank you for all your hard work. Please note – this is a school only assembly.

The children have now been allocated their Enterprise groups after applying for one of five different jobs (manager, materials manager, finance expert, quality control and human resources). They have been working really well in their groups to decide on which product or game they would like to create for others to buy/play at the Christmas Fair on Friday 1st December. Each group then created a purchase list and calculated their required spending and projected profit. The children had to shop around on different websites to find the best deals. They then wrote to Miss Millar to ask for the required funds in order to begin to buy, make and sell their products and games. Thankfully we received word this week through letters to each group that Miss Millar is funding each groups project! Soon the children will have all of the products and materials they need in order to create their products and games.

Some reminders
Outdoor PE – Monday (As we are going outside each week can you please ensure that your child comes prepared with appropriate outdoor shoes to take part in all activities. They will also need a warm, waterproof jacket).
Indoor PE – Wednesday (Mrs Ferguson is working on gymnastics with the children and it is therefore vitally important that all children wear PE kit in order to take part in all activities).

Beginning next week (Monday 13th November) the children in Miss Clark’s class will be taking part in swimming lessons at DCHS for 4 weeks. It is very important that the children come prepared with a swimming kit, towel and full change of clothing (school uniform) each Monday. A letter will be sent home to remind children of this. Mrs Macaulay’s class will take part in swimming lessons later on in the year.

Thank you, as always, for your help and support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 12.10.17

Hello everyone

We have had a very busy couple of weeks in Primary 7! The children handed in excellent Natural Disaster homework. Mrs Macaulay and I were very impressed with the high standard of the projects and the varied nature of them too! We saw fantastic landscapes, well resourced emergency boxes, descriptive imaginative stories and explosive volcanoes! Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

This week P7 have been completing our Japan Challenges on an area of Japanese culture that they find interesting. The children are completing well researched posters on martial arts, origami, computer games, traditional houses, clothing and even Pokemon! The children will present their poster to a group of their peers after the October break.

The children have also been creating short books for their buddies this week. We have been blown away by how thoughtful, interesting and fun filled these short stories are. Some titles of the stories include: “Jessica the Unicorn Fairy Queen”, “DJ’s Adventure” and “Super Mia to the Rescue!” These have been written and illustrated by the pupils and we can’t wait for them to read them to their buddies after the October break.

Thank you to all who attended our parent consultations last night. We look forward to welcoming more parents into Primary 7 tonight.

Please remember that we are on holiday next week for the October break. School will resume on Tuesday 24th October when Primary 7 will begin another busy term full of exciting learning, challenges and our Enterprise topic!

Have a lovely October week.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 28.9.17

Hello everyone

In Art we have been making Japanese cups. They are looking good so far. Next week we are going to paint them.

We have also been looking at the famous Japanese painting “The Great Wave” and we have been painting with watercolour paint. They are looking great so far.
In writing we have been writing Haiku poems. A Haiku poem has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second line and in the third line there are 5 syllables. A Haiku poem only has 3 lines. We also drew pictures to go with our poem.

We have been learning about Japanese music and seeing the differences between traditional Japanese music and Scottish music. The Japanese music sounds unusual to us but it is good.

Did you know that in Japan when a shop is closing they play Auld Lang Syne to tell everyone to leave at the end of the day? 🙂

In RME we have been making power points and posters about different religions like Christianity and Sikhism. Today we presented them to a small group of our friends.


Big Homework is due in next Friday 6th October. If your child requires a new homework sheet or any materials to complete their project then they should speak to their class teacher as soon as possible. Remember they only need to pick one of the eight tasks on the sheet to complete.

Maths and Spelling homework is due in on a Friday every week.

Hope you have a good weekend
Kaydi, Nathan, Alistair and Murray

Primary 7 14.9.17

Hello everyone. This week Primary 7 were visited by Yoko and Jess, visitors from the Japanese Consulate. They taught us about the Japanese language. They taught us how to say hello, good afternoon, good morning and numbers up to four in Japanese. They also showed us how to make origami Sumo wrestlers.

Here are some words we learned: Kon’nichiwa (hello/good afternoon), Ohayōgozaimasu (good morning), Arigatō (thank you), Sensei Clark (Sensei means teacher) and the numbers 1-4 (1) Ichi (2) Ni (3) San (4) Shi.

In Art we are making these Japanese Tea Cups with clay. We have also learned what it’s like to be in a Japanese classroom. Thank you Sensei Fox.

As part of our topic we are learning about Global Trade and what type of things you can export from your country. e.g. clothes, games, cars, food, electronics etc. We were teaching others about what trade was like in the Stone Age, the 17th century and now in the 21st century.

In Reading P7C have been reading our new book called “Oranges in no man’s land”. So far it has been a really good book. We answered questions on the 3rd chapter and discussed it with our teacher.

Primary 7 have been really caring buddies. On Tuesday we were reading books with our buddies and we had some playtime with them.

Have a great weekend!
Logan, Patrick, Imane, Nicole and Avinash 🙂

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