Primary 5


It has been lovely to welcome all children back to Primary Five! We have had a busy couple of weeks settling back. Lots of catching up and chatting to be had!

Please remember, PE is now on a TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. Please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately for outdoor PE. Remember we go outside in all weathers so it is essential that your child has a waterproof jacket with them. At the moment the children are practicing their skipping skills and playground games.

In Writing, the class were helping to raise awareness for WWF’s Earth Hour. We researched and discussed the impact climate change was having on animals and natural environments all around the world, and discussed what we can do to make a positive change. One of the things we can do is take part in Earth Hour this Saturday at 8:30pm, where people worldwide turn off electrical devices and lights in their home to reflect on climate change. The children created fantastic pieces of writing in lots of different forms (posters, PowerPoints newspaper articles, comic book strips) to share information and encourage others to take part. Why not try Earth Hour with your family this Saturday?

In Science, the class had lots of fun completing experiments connected to dissolving into water. We made scientific predictions and conclusions as we test soluble and insoluble materials. There was lots of fun watching the magical candy floss disappear into the water!

We are coming to the end of our Rockband interdisciplinary topic. The children have created their bands, identified songs to sing and concert venues to attend around the world. With Mrs Muir the children created their own instrumental compositions using the ‘Garage band’ app.

As a follow up to World Book Day, the class designed their own book tokens to be entered into a national competition. The children had to think of key words, phrases and images connected to reading to create an eye catching design to encourage to people to buy book tokens. Fingers crossed we have a winner!


  • In Numeracy, the children need to use their number bonds and their times tables on a regular basis and it would be very helpful if they could get some extra practice in. Please practice 2-10 times tables and number bonds to 100.
  • The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment in class and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.
  • PE- Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Ms Munro, Mrs Muir and Miss Herd


Primary 5

Another busy week in P5. The children have been working hard on different areas of the curriculum.

In writing the children wrote about their adventures last week at Lockerbie Manor and in school. They had great fun telling each other what had happened and how they felt about things. Each child was able to produce a recount of their experiences. It all sounded very exciting!

Our topic on the Scottish Wars of Independence is progressing well. We are learning about all the battles that took place and the different tactics used to help each side win. There has been great interest in the variety of weapons used and how they work. Next week we are off to Bannockburn to learn even more about all these things. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch and is dressed for the weather as we will be outside for some of the time.

The children had great fun yesterday celebrating World Book Day. It was good to see the variety of books the children brought in and they had great fun sharing these with their peers. Miss Morris also enjoyed sharing a bit of her favourite book to p5M which was quite funny! The ‘Where’s Wally’ competition caused great excitement and the children were on the lookout all day for him. Well done to everyone who found the 5 hiding places. We are now waiting to see who will be picked as the winner.

In PE the children in both classes will be learning to play hockey which will be outside. This is in preparation for the Hockey Festival on 24th March. Next week will be p5M’s last Futsal session and both classes will be going out in most weathers after that so please ensure that the children bring outdoor PE kit on a Monday and a Tuesday.


P5G P5M PE- Monday and Tuesday

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- if given due every Thursday. Please practise all times tables over and above any other homework. Children can use Education City to play games.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 3

In Primary 3 this week we started off our Tuesday on a delicious note as it was pancake day! The pupils got a chance to try out some homemade pancakes and a huge thank you must go to Mrs McMillan for her fantastic pancake skills.

We have reached chapter 2 of our story books now with P3 showing some very nice description to set the scene and describe what’s going on in their towers before the ominous knock on the door. They worked hard to add great description and have produced some very good stories so far! In keeping with this theme we have also painted their dragon eyes that will eventually go on the cover of their books. They look very vibrant and colourful and it is clear to see the care and enjoyment that the pupils have put into creating them!

In topic we continued our exploration of punishments and prison life in the medieval ages with an exploration of some of the more creative punishments from the time. Pupils were given pictures and had to try and figure out what each of their pictures were used for. These ranged from stocks, to a dungeon to the much more gruesome thumb screws. During the discussions of what the items could be there were some very creative ideas of how to use each of the pieces of equipment!

Our class trip to Stirling Castle is on Tuesday so please ensure all children arrive at school promptly and if anyone is yet to do so the trip letters must be handed in before your child is allowed to go on the trip.

World Book Day is Thursday the 5th March, pupils are encouraged to bring in their favourite book on this day and there will be some in school activities through the course of the day.


Miss Smith:         Indoor PE – Wednesday                               Outdoor PE – Thursday

Mr Woodward: Indoor PE – Monday                       Outdoor PE – Thursday

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 4 27.2.20

Hello everyone

This week has been an exciting week. The boys and girls loved having family members in our classrooms on Tuesday afternoon and again this morning supporting them with their learning. Remember all of the children have their Education City passwords in their homework jotters and they can access games and activities at home as well as in school. Thank you to everyone who came to our shared start and finish this week.

Next week many of the children are looking forward to their residential trip to Lendrick Muir on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please remember that any medicines that the children require should be handed into the school office with the appropriate form as soon as possible. We are sure that the children will have the best time! The children staying with Miss Clark will also be having lots of fun. We will be creating our very own stop motion animations on the iPads as well as creating props for our assembly and spending time outdoors for an extra long PE session with Mrs Ferguson. It is sure to be an exciting week!

Preparations for our Primary 4 assembly are well underway. If your child has a speaking role then their lines are in their homework jotters. Please support your child in learning their lines at home. Each child has a role in our assembly and we will be practising lots in class over the next couple of weeks. Parents and families are invited into school to watch our assembly on Tuesday 17th March at 9am. You will receive a letter home about this in due course.

PE days – Wednesday and Thursday
Homework – starred activities are due in on Monday 9th March.
Sports relief wristbands will cost £1 and will begin to be sold on Monday.
Next Thursday (5th March) is World Book Day. Please can each child bring their favourite book to school on this day. This book can be fiction, non fiction, a comic, annual – anything! We will complete various activities related to our books throughout the day.

Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 8.3.19

Thank you to everyone who brought in their favourite book today for World Book Day.

We loved seeing all of the different books and in Primary 3, we had recipe books, fact books, story books, picture books, pocket books and poem books! It was so interesting hearing about why these were your favourite, and we enjoyed learning from the Primary 5s what theirs were too.

We began having a look at our class Parent Assembly on knights and castles today and we are beginning to hand out parts. We will have these out by Monday next week. Please keep an eye out for these and help your child to learn their words. We are very excited to share with you what we have been learning. The date for your diaries is Friday the 29th March. Letters about this will follow.

Next week primary 6 are hosting a bake sale to raise money for Comic Relief. This will happen on Thursday 14th. Also, on Friday the 15th, it will be a dress down day, with the theme “Crazy Hair/ Crazy Dress” and they ask a donation of 50p is brought in on this day. We have a number of other things happening in school for this as well and P6 have been working hard to make it an enjoyable day for all whilst raising money for this great cause.

Please could P3 ask for children to bring in a stick from home next week. This will be used for us to make a bow and arrow set and complete some science investigations with them. Any stick from outside will do, as long as it is strong.

Letters will be handed out soon for our up coming trip as well, so please keep an eye out for these in bags. We are heading to Edinburgh Castle on the 20th of March as a nice finish to our castles topic.


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 7

We celebrated World Book Day by having a shared reading session with our P1 buddies. The P7s did an imaginative job of bringing characters to life and those reading nonfiction delivered and discussed facts in a stimulating ways. Well done P7 !

Our rehearsals are going well and our choreography team are in full force!.


Please help our P7s to learn their words. The countdown is on and we need pupils to be able to deliver their lines without relying on their scripts. Many thanks to those who have sent in show costumes already.

We are continuing with our investigation of shapes and we have been learning to describe the various properties of individual shapes . Please quiz you child and ask them to list a variety of properties of any household item .

We would like to remind everyone to return slips regarding our coffee afternoon next Tuesday. The event provides a great opportunity to ask question of the visiting Deans staff with regards to transition.





PE – Outdoor Kit Mondays  AND Tuesdays

Homework – spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays. We are now concentrating on sentences and will not be expecting the children to complete a spelling activity.

Literacy Circles  – Homework task and reading will be given out on Wednesdays and is due the following Wednesday  .

Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie, Mrs Muir and Miss Mulhern


Primary 2 4.3.19

Primary 2 have a busy week of learning ahead!

We did some successful reports about the desert last week. The children had to think about an interesting title, draw a labelled picture and write facts under two or three subheadings. The children were full of facts and managed to create some fantastic reports which are now displayed in class. We are continuing our report writing this week about desert animals. We will be learning about camels and desert snakes!

In numeracy we are learning about estimating. The children will be trying to estimate roughly where a particular number falls on the number line. We will also be working out numbers half way between. To help support your child in this you could work on forward and backward number sequences up to 100.

Tuesday 5th March is Shove Tuesday so the children are going to be learning about Lent and Shrove Tuesday. We might even be able to indulge in some tasty pancakes!

Primary 2R need to continue to practise their assembly lines and songs. Letters will come home if your child requires a costume.

Homework is due on Thursday 7th March. The children will share their work with a friend in class.

On Thursday we will also be celebrating World Book day- Primary will be sharing their favourite book with Primary 4 boys and girls. So please remember to bring in your favourite book on Thursday!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

World Book Day

World Book Day is taking place on Thursday 7th March.

To celebrate this day we will be pairing up with another stage in the school to ‘Share a Story’ so all we ask is that children bring one of their favourite books to share. Please pencil their name inside so we don’t get any books muddled up.

We recently handed out a book token which you can use in a variety of book shops that are supporting this campaign. The token is only valid until the end of March.

Do have a look on the ‘World Book Day’ website also for information about different authors and even share your own favourite childhood book with your child.

Please note this will not be a dress down day.

Enjoy reading!


P2/1-World Book Day in the Snow

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are having a fun day and staying warm and cosy. Remember to send me a wee picture of anything you have done or comment on my posts to say hi or tell me what you have been up to.

Here is a link if you fancy having a look at some authors talking about the books they have written. The author of Horrid Henry is one of them-some of you may enjoy!

World Book Day Authors

Mrs Steel

Day 2 of being snowed in!

Good morning to all the children at Carmondean! I hope you had great fun in the snow yesterday and it would be good to see pictures of what you got up to.  The children near my house had great fun sledging and building snowmen.

An activity to do today- measure the height of any snowdrifts in your garden. I have one which is nearly 50cm tall! The snow reaches half way up my French doors.

All my groups hopefully you have been able to try some of the activities I suggested yesterday but remember you do not need to complete them all as you also have ideas in your winter activity booklets.

Today is World Book day so a good opportunity to curl up with a book, comic or magazine. Perhaps you could let us know what you have been reading and why other people may like to read it too.

Have a safe day today and stay warm.

Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – Snow Day 2

Hello Primary 7!

Thanks to all of you who left comments on our blog post yesterday. It was nice to hear from so many of you.

Today is our second snow day and there is a LOT more snow around now! Maybe this afternoon, if the weather is a bit calmer, you can get back outside again and try to build a snowman or to try out some of the fitness activities that Mrs Ferguson posted in her blog post yesterday? I think they would be good for stamina!

If you would rather stay inside though here are some activities that you can continue on with today:
– My Life so Far (your first draft is due in next Friday)
– WW2 Booklet (research one/several aspects of life in WW2)
– Literacy Circles homework (you could begin reading your next set of pages).

Today is World Book Day! Now, if we’re in school tomorrow, we will be visiting other stage’s book corners and showing off our own and the new books we have purchased for it. Today – why don’t you pick up your favourite book, a new book or a book you loved reading when you were younger. What do you like about it? Why is it your favourite? What happens? We’d love if you could tell us about them in the comments if you have a chance 🙂

Remember – these suggestions are all just a guide. You certainly don’t need to do all of them. Most importantly, keep safe and keep warm and we’ll hopefully see you soon! Remember to comment on the blog and tell us what you’ve been up to 🙂

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 2/3 27.2.18

Primary 2/3 have been working hard over the past couple of weeks, learning lots about the Romans. Yesterday we were doing some mapwork. The children had to colour how far Roman Empire spread. They even learned some Roman names of countries that they had taken control of.

In ICT were are practising logging on and off the computers independently, using Microsoft word and hopefully using Google to help us with our research on the Romans.

In Health this week we are discussing the idea and purpose of a “comforter” when they were a baby. There has been a note put into the children’s diaries for them to bring their “comforter” or soft toy that they had when they were a baby and helped make them feel safe. We will be using them on Thursday.

World book day is on Thursday- please encourage your children to pick up a book and share that book with family and friends. We are celebrating this in school on Friday. All classes will get to visit each stage’s reading area and see and read all the new books that have been purchased recently.

P.E- Monday and Wednesday

Homework- Reading and Spelling (Time your climb)

P3 also have maths homework

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

Primary 7 – 03.03.17


We are pleased to report our Inspectors were very impressed with our school and children, you should be very proud of your children!

The children have been practising hard this week for the school show – Alice the Musical. Please can you help them to learn words and songs as from next week the children will not be using their scripts.

Miss Wilson’s maths set had a visit from Miss Thomson from DCHS. She was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.

It was World Book day yesterday and P7 read books with their P1 buddies to celebrate. We are hoping that this will become a regular occurrence.

Next Friday the children will be going to DCHS for a transition activity – The Hurricane Challenge. More details to follow.



After school clubs have now finished

Spelling homework

Maths homework

Continue to learn songs and scripts for school show

Continue to work on My Life So Far

WW2 Personal Project

PSA Spring Disco – Thursday 9th March – please send money in an envelope


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

P1/2 Week beginning 27.2.17

Good morning from P1/2

Last week was the busiest week ever.  We had our HMI inspection and our children were very excited to welcome the inspectors to our class.  The children were very well behaved and worked hard throughout the week as always creating a very good impression so well done to you all.

Last week Miss Miller joined our class.  She is a student from Edinburgh university and will be working with us till the summer.

In topic last week we were learning about the effects of the weather.  We talked about how different types of weather affect us.  We also learned about different weather symbols and produced our own weather forecasts.

In Maths primary 1 were learning to order, count and recognise numbers to 20.  Primary 2 were learning to measure the area of objects.  they enjoyed completing a challenge to see who could make a kite closest in area to 20 counters.

In writing we learned about the legend of the Kelpie and have started writing our own stories.  We also made Kelpie stones out of clay.

On Thursday it will be world book day.  The children have been asked to bring their favourite book to school that day to share with the class.

Remember to bring gym kit on Thursday.


Have a lovely week.

Mrs Jamieson

Primary Five 24.2.17

This week has been a busy one as usual, especially with our visitors being in and around the classes.  They were very impressed with all the boys and girls and the learning that was taking place- well done to the children for being so confident.

We have been continuing work on non-fiction texts this week and researching our topic through reading.

In Maths both groups have moved on from fractions and are now looking at decimal fractions.

Next week we will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday.  Please could everyone bring in a favourite book on that day.  We will be taking part in some shared reading with P3….pictures to follow!



Tuesday/Wednesday- Maths

Thursday- bring a book for World Book Day, Gym Kit

Friday- Outdoor Gym Kit

We will also be presenting our class talks next week- we are looking forward to seeing these as we know the children have been putting lots of work into them- thank you to the children who have already brought theirs in.

Mrs Steel and Mr Greig

Primary 4 week beg 27.2.17

Welcome back to the Primary 4 blog!

We have had a very busy week with lots of visitors to the classrooms. The children were super at sharing their learning, giving tours and taking part in discussion groups.

We have been continuing with our Scotland topic. Using our topic mind maps the children chose questions to research in more depth. They have been working in groups to become experts and will teach the other children about what they have learned.

We were also very lucky to have a visitor from Morrison’s, she brought in traditional foods from Scotland for us to taste and find out where they were produced.


In P.E this week our children took part in a Wimbeldon Tennis tournament. The children all had different roles and jobs to take on during the tournament.The children really enjoyed showing off their tennis skills!

Next week is world book day! This is on Thursday. The children will be taking part in a variety of reading tasks then. They will also be pairing up with the Primary 2’s to do some shared reading.


Please bring in your favourite book and a cushion on Thursday for world book day!
Spring disco letters

Class talks

P.E kits:
Tuesday and Wednesday

Primary 3 7.3.16

Primary 3 had a very exciting week last week. All of the children loved their visit to Edinburgh Castle. We were greeted by Hannah who took us on a quick tour to see Mons Meg and the Great Hall. She ran a workshop with the children which was fantastic. The children got to make their own crowns, learn about the people who lived and worked in the castle and dress up in some of their clothing. We then went to the Great Hall in our costumes to get a photograph. We will showcase these at our banquet on Friday. After the workshop we were able to tour the castle- we visited the Crown Jewels and watched the One Clock Gun! It was so loud!

On Thursday the children celebrated World Book Day! We dressed up as some of our favourite characters, read books, designed new front covers, wrote our very own stories and watched a classic movie from a popular novel. Thank you for helping us celebrate World Book Day.

We have our Class Assembly today about Knights and Castles, we hope you enjoy listening to the children telling you all about what they have learned so far.

We want to welcome you to our Medieval Banquet on Friday to experience some medieval food, dance and games. Invitations will be coming home soon. We hope you can all make it!


Homework: Maths, Spelling and Reading.

Miss Rafferty and Miss Christie

P4/3 Update 4.3.16

We all had lots of fun yesterday dressing up for World Book Day. We also enjoyed sharing our favourite books we brought in from home.
Doesn’t everybody look great?



This week was our last week with Mrs Ferguson for PE. As of next week our PE times will be different, we will now have indoor PE on a Monday afternoon and outdoor PE on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has appropriate kit on those days.

Can I please remind parents that your child’s name should be written on all items of clothing they wear/bring to school. A lot of items end up in lost property because they are not labelled and the children do not recognise them. Thanks.

Have a great week.
Mrs Wallace.

Primary 4, 4.3.16

What an exciting day we had for World Book Day and some excellent costumes and characters from our favourite books! We took part in a class quiz to see how much we knew about famous books just for a bit of fun in celebrating World Book Day and customised bookmarks to make them our own.


This week we also had fun in health, ordering drinks depending on the amount of sugar we thought they had in them. We were extremely surprised when we seen the results. We have been learning about the effects of sugar on our teeth and are awaiting a visit from the Dental Nurses who have kindly agreed to come in to visit us and give us a talk. This will be followed up nicely next term with healthy eating.


Sport Relief bands will be on sale next week for £1.

Homework diaries to be signed.

Outdoor PE kit on Tuesday.

No indoor PE on Wednesday.



Due Friday: Spelling as normal (all on new sheets)

Reading: apologies to the blue group, I forgot to hand out the book review sheets on Monday and therefore, they sat on my desk all week.

This week Reading homework for everyone will be a book review. Apologies again.

Class talk due to be handed in, the following week we will work our way through hearing them.

Primary 7 – 26.2.16

Happy Friday everyone!

This week in Primary 7 we started work on an ICT challenge. Children in groups of 4 had to create their own PowerPoint showing different fashions/uniforms during WW2. The children then had to write a script and record their own voices on the computer program “Audacity” to give their audience more information about fashion in 1940s Britain. Next week we will work on rehearsing the timings of our voice recordings and PowerPoint slides to ensure they are in sync. Then we will present our finished product to the rest of the class.

Children are continuing to work hard on “Hosanna!” (this years P6/7 show). All lines should be memorised by Monday, please support your child with this at home if necessary. Please note that the date of the show is Wednesday 16th March and all children are expected to attend both the afternoon show and the evening show. If your child cannot attend the evening show please send a letter into school as soon as possible to let the school know.

In science this week we have been learning about coal mining. The children explored the effects that coal mining can have on the surrounding land through conducting an experiment. We used a tool (toothpick) to “mine” for coal (chocolate chips) in our land (a cookie!) We discussed the importance of the force we used when “mining” and the impact that this had on our “land” (or cookie!) Some cookies were relatively unaffected by the mining whilst others were completely destroyed! The children now understand the effects that coal mining can have on the surrounding land. Next week we will move onto learning about oil and the impact that fossil fuels are having on our environment.

Primary 3 have organised a World Book Day event for the whole school on Thursday 3rd March. Children can come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book. There is no charge for this event. As part of our World Book Day celebrations Primary 7 will also be visiting their P1 buddies in the afternoon in order to read with them and complete some activities on their favourite books. We’re all looking forward to this 🙂

Please bring both outdoor and indoor PE kit next Monday and Tuesday. Also please note that our homework schedule is:

Spelling – due Friday each week
Maths – due Thursday each week
Reading – will be given out on Wednesday 2nd March and due in the following Wednesday (09.03)

Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark, Miss Farren & Miss Walker

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