Primary 6 1.11.20

Good morning from Primary 6.  Here is some news about everything we have been doing this week.

In reading we have been working on new roles for a new learning style called Reciprocal reading.  We have been discussing tools for reading and have been given new task roles.  They are Clarifyer, Predictor, Questioner and Summariser.  We will continue to practise these roles over the next few weeks.

We are so pleased to see all the inventions arriving in school this week and are looking forward to presenting these on Monday.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this, your support is greatly appreciated.

We have started writing haunted house stories using our description genre targets.  These was a real success, everyone enjoyed writing them and we will be redrafting these for display next week.

In ICT we have been working on Garage band with Mr Shanks, there were some fantastic pieces of music  being played this week.

In Maths we are continuing to work on place value and have completed our angles topic.  On Thursday we had an activities session where we were challenged to create pathways using compasses and draw shapes by programming instructions using the Probots.

On Friday we had a super morning participating in Halloween activities.  Everyone loved the Quiz which was made by the PSA  and goody bags so we would all like to say a big thank you for that.  We also took part in a murder mystery where we had to use our maths and group work skills to solve the problem.

Class newsletters were handed out on Friday with information on the rest of the term so have a look in bags if you didn’t receive yours.

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Jamieson, Ms Mathieson and Mrs Smith.

Primary 5 18.09.2020

Hello everyone,

It has been a great week in Primary 5!

In Reading, we are hooked on our class novel There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom as we near the end! We are so interested in seeing the big changes in the main character Bradley as he changes from the class bully to everyone’s friend! We have taken part in lots of drama-related activities, including ‘hot seating’, where the children acted out the personality of our characters and others ask them questions. We have some budding actors in our class.

In writing the children have been working on descriptive pieces. We worked on a piece to describe our physical appearance, and challenged ourselves to include as many vivid describing words as possible to our work.  Many of the children managed this brilliantly!

The children have started Tennis, in their new block of lessons for PE with Mrs Ferguson. Most children have made some great progress, and could give Andy Murray a run for his money!

The children have been working hard in the French lessons and are continuing to develop their conversation skills. Tres bien!

In ICT the children have been looking at how to keep safe and talking about our digital footprint. We talked all about the different websites and apps we use, and how much they have changed from last year.

In maths we have been exploring time and shape. In Time lessons we are currently reading time in 5 minute intervals. In our shape lessons, we have been reminding ourselves of all the 2-D Shapes we find in maths and the real-world! We discussed what maths vocabulary we can use to describe a shape, and even made up some Wanted posters with great descriptions of shapes that had committed unspeakable crimes!


Holiday- Monday and Tuesday

The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.

Outdoor PE- Tuesday

Outdoor PE-Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.


Have a lovely September Break, and we will see you next week!

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Munro and Mrs Muir

Primary 5 11.9.20

Hello everyone,

It has been another busy week for Primary 5.

In Reading, we have continued with our class novel There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom and we are all interested to see the big changes in the main character Bradley personality. We have been having great discussions about bullying, and how we can stop this from happening within our classroom and playground. We have made lots of bright coloured anti-bullying posters. Inspired by Bradley’s hatred of homework, the children had a lively debate about the good and bad points for getting homework.

In writing the children have continued with practicing their letter writing skills. This week they wrote a letter to Bradley telling him all about themselves. We came up with lots of fun and interesting facts to tell Bradley!

The children are continuing with hockey in their PE lessons and have made lots of progress. This week they played their first game, with both teams playing well and ending in a draw!

The children have been working hard in the French lessons, and have been enjoying acting out mini-conversations and drama scenes in French.

In ICT the children have been looking at how to keep safe and talking about our digital footprint. We talked all about the different websites and apps we use, and how much they have changed from last year.

In maths we have been exploring time and symmetry. In Time lessons we are currently converting analogue to digital time and will be moving on to time durations next week. In symmetry lessons we have continued to use mirrors to find lines of symmetry in lots of different shapes. The children are really good at this and even have been finding symmetry in real-life objects too!


The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.

Outdoor PE- Tuesday

Outdoor PE-Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.


Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Munro and Mrs Muir



A Christmas Update in P3 16.12.19

Primary 3 have been experimenting with our ICT Skills, using the I-pads and Laptops in our learning.

We had our first shot of stop motion animation and we are really proud of our attempts at telling the Christmas story. Watch out for the final film once we have put them all together.

We had our Christmas party and had a ball! The children were fabulous sports when it came to the games and it was very enjoyable for everyone involved!






































We have also been putting our technology skills to use, measuring, cutting and assembling 3D paper pictures. We hope you like our windows! We were so impressed with them.


Primary 4 27.3.19

Hello everyone

Thank you to all the parents, carers and families that came to watch our Space Assembly last Friday. The children loved performing to you all and Miss Donaldson and I were so proud of all their hard work – well done P4!

Now our thoughts turn to the P4/5 school show which takes place in June. The production is called “Rock Bottom” and this week we started learning the songs – they’re very catchy! We’re sure we’ll all have them in our heads in no time!

Our space topic continues this week. The children were very keen to learn how to create PowerPoint presentations in ICT. We combined this with our space topic and the children have begun to create PowerPoints based on any aspect of space they wish to learn more about. The children have used the child friendly search engine to research more about different planets, stars, moons and even black holes! These are looking fantastic and the children are looking forward to presenting their work to the rest of the class on the classroom SmartBoard.

There is a meeting tonight at 6pm about the upcoming Auchengillan residential. This will take place in the P4 classroom and entrance to the school will be by the fire exit next to the large hall.

Reminders –
PE days – Monday and Wednesday
Spelling homework due on Friday.
There will be no homework given out next week.
We kindly ask that all reading books are returned to school next week.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 11.10.18

Hello everyone

It was lovely to meet so many parents and carers last night at our first Parents evening. We look forward to welcoming many others this evening.

This week we have been completing work on our whole class novel studies “Ottoline and the Yellow Cat” (P4C) and “The Legend of Spud Murphy” (P4D). After the October holidays your child will receive a book home with them and will be given pages to read each week. They will also complete written work in class related to what they have read.

On Monday we learned about Viking homes. The children explored what their homes would have looked like and the similarities and differences between Viking longhouses and our own homes. Some of the children weren’t sure if they would like to share their house with the farm animals! The children then began to create their own Viking homes from a “birds eye view”.

In ICT this week the children were using the programme “Textease” to create their own Viking posters. They learned how to change the size, look and colour of our text and the children enjoyed that they could place their text anywhere that they wanted on the page. We’re looking forward to completing the posters after the holidays.

Tomorrow is the last day of term before the October holidays. We look forward to seeing the children back at school on Tuesday 23rd October.

Have a lovely October break.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2/3 27.2.18

Primary 2/3 have been working hard over the past couple of weeks, learning lots about the Romans. Yesterday we were doing some mapwork. The children had to colour how far Roman Empire spread. They even learned some Roman names of countries that they had taken control of.

In ICT were are practising logging on and off the computers independently, using Microsoft word and hopefully using Google to help us with our research on the Romans.

In Health this week we are discussing the idea and purpose of a “comforter” when they were a baby. There has been a note put into the children’s diaries for them to bring their “comforter” or soft toy that they had when they were a baby and helped make them feel safe. We will be using them on Thursday.

World book day is on Thursday- please encourage your children to pick up a book and share that book with family and friends. We are celebrating this in school on Friday. All classes will get to visit each stage’s reading area and see and read all the new books that have been purchased recently.

P.E- Monday and Wednesday

Homework- Reading and Spelling (Time your climb)

P3 also have maths homework

Thanks, Miss Rafferty

Primary 4 week beginning 6.3.17

This week we enjoyed World Book Day. We were excited to share our favourite stories and pair read with the Primary 2’s.

This week we are beginning to practise our assembly for parents and carers. We are going to have lots of different roles in the assembly and we hope to see you there. Please keep a look out for any lines your child may have and help them to learn them. The parent assembly is on the 17th March. More information to follow nearer the time.

We are also beginning to focus our learning on Edinburgh in our Scotland topic and will be learning about some of Edinburgh’s most infamous characters. In reading we will be continuing to learn about the features of non-fiction texts and using the information to answer questions.

In ICT we will be continuing to create our own comics using the Comic Life software. This will involve a variety of ICT skills including use of the web cam to capture images of ourselves acting, following our story lines. We will include some of these in the blog in a few weeks when these are finished.

A date for your diaries is Fri 24th March, where we will be dressing in bright coloured clothes for Earth Hour.


Spring Disco – Thursday 9th March

Earth hour 24th March – bright clothes

PE Kit – Tuesday and Wednesday indoor for P4S

Tuesday indoor and Wednesday Outdoor for P4D



Due Friday 10th:

Maths homework

Reading – one chapter and an activity

Spelling as normal

Learn assembly songs and words

Class talk if it is your turn

Primary 7 – 24.02.17

It it the end of a very busy week with our visitors.

Throughout the week the children in Primary 7 spoke to our visitors on all aspects of school life. The visitors were very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and knowledge of their learning.

On Monday and Tuesday the children participated in a World War Two day organised by the Military Museum Scotland. The children took part in quizzes, they got to dress up in military uniform, try on gas masks and look at a variety of memorabilia from WW1 and WW2. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and increased their knowledge and understanding of aspects of WW2. Well done to all the children who made the effort to dress up in a range of outfits from the 1940s. They looked fantastic!

Well done to the Sportshall Athletics group – they have been training hard the last few weeks and finally participated in the competition. Carmondean were the winning school from West Lothian and they came 9th overall. A commendable effort by all.

Miss Thomson from DCHS came to work with Mrs Gilmour’s maths set on Wednesday. They investigated fractions, decimals and percentages, and worked through a range of tasks. Miss Thomson will be visiting Miss Wilson’s maths set next Wednesday.

The children are continuing to work on programming using KODU. They have made a racing game and they will get to evaluate a class mate’s game next week.


Next week is the last week for after school clubs

Spelling homework

WW2 Personal project

My Life So Far


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 6 15.9.16

Hello everyone

Primary 6 have had a busy week learning more about the Industrial Revolution. The children learned about the move for many people from the countryside into cities and the problems that were created by cramped tenement housing. We then created our own “City Landscape” at the back of the Primary 6 classrooms which looks fantastic!

In writing this week the children created their own “magic box” and thought about all the magical and exciting things they could put into their box. The children then worked very hard to write fantastic poetry based on their boxes. Well done!

In ICT, Mr Shanks introduced both classes to software called “Kodu”. This software enables us to create our own simple computer games using some visual programming language. The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming familiar with this software; controlling their own characters and developing their own unique worlds. We look forward to learning more in the coming weeks.

You should receive a letter today about our trip to New Lanark.  We are planning on making this visit on Thursday 29th September.  The cost of this trip is £5.50 per child and should be returned to the school with a completed EE2 form as soon as possible. Children should come prepared with their own packed lunch as we are not expected to arrive back to school until around 2:30pm. If any parents with a full disclosure are able to help out with this trip then please let the office know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

A quick reminder that this weekend is a holiday weekend. The children should return to school on Wednesday prepared with PE kit and appropriate shoes for participating in Cross Country.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.

Primary 6 – End of week 2

Hello everyone

Thank you to everyone who came to the Meet the Teacher event on Tuesday evening. It was lovely to meet you all.

On Monday we begin our normal timetable and homework schedule. PE will take place on a Monday (outdoor) and a Wednesday (indoor with Miss Inglis). Due to cross country training children may also participate in PE outdoors on a Wednesday too. Please remind your child to bring appropriate kit & footwear on these days so that they can take part in PE lessons fully.

Spelling homework will begin this week. We would like to ask that spelling jotters be covered in paper as soon as possible please. Both reading & maths homework will begin next week (wb. 12th September). Thank you for your support with this.

*Special note for Miss Clark’s class* – This week can you please bring into school your favourite fiction story book. We will begin work on your books in class next week. Thank you!

Last week we started our new topic “The Industrial Revolution”. The children have shared what they already know and what they want to learn through this topic. The children also listened carefully to a story about a small 19th century village and how it functioned before the impact of the Industrial Revolution. The children listened extremely carefully in order to draw their version of The Village based entirely on hearing the story. We can’t wait to display the children’s work in the classroom.

This week in maths we will begin work on place value and shape. Please ask your child what they have been learning.

Last week Mr Shanks came into our classes to use a new online discussion tool called spiral. This enabled the children to discuss answers to questions related to the Rio 2016 Olympics, type their own response into a netbook computer and have them all show up on the Smartboard! We were all very impressed by this use of technology. This week, Miss Clark & Mrs Wylie will attempt to use this technology too during our first lesson on Internet Safety – wish us luck!

Thank you for your support.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly.

Primary 4 3.6.16

I will begin by saying a huge well done to all of the primary 3s, 4s and 5s in their excellent efforts in the school show. It was absolutely fantastic and all your hard work definitely paid off. I was a very proud teacher on Wednesday with what you managed to achieve. I’m sure all of the parents agree!

We began our week with our last community trip – to Morrisons. There, we had a tour around the counters and areas of the store including the fruit and veg isle, where we learned of strange foods and where they came from, the fish isle, where we learned how they gut a fish before sale and also had a tour ‘behind the scenes’. We learned of how the store collected and sorted deliveries and even how the store recycled their packaging! We even got to taste foods from all areas of the store, including pancakes and tiger bread from the bakery, a fruit cocktail from the fresh produce and cheese from the refrigerators. It was very interesting, and we thank Mrs Hendry for organising our visit.


We have been busy presenting our mini-beasts to Primary 4/3 where we showed them our 3D models, plans and leaflets. We are busy learning about power point and how to use it to create quizes and linked slides using the information we wrote in our leaflets.


Please sign homework diaries

Please return any costumes your child has brought home. Thank you to those who have already done this.

Monday – Indoor PE Kit

Tuesday Outdoor PE Kit



Due Friday 10th – Maths for Miss Smith’s Class. (Sorry I didn’t put a date on last week’s blog for the homework and due to the show it was only handed out on Thursday.)

Due Friday 10th – Spelling as normal (this will be the last week of spelling for Primary 4. Your child will move into Primary 5 with on the target they finish on this day.

Due Friday 10th – Reading pages and an activity.

Red –  Read again from page 78 to the end of the book with a parent.

Blue – p.102 – 114

Green – Ch 6


Primary Five 19th February 2016


This week more than half the stage are away at Benmore so the rest of the boys and girls have been taking part in some work based around our Topic.  We have been working on a challenge to make a life sized 13th Century Knight complete with armour and weapons.  This has been great fun and we will be displaying these around the classroom for the other boys and girls to see when they return.


Natasha Kadi Faith Natalia Aleigha Ellie Sarah Leoni Robyn

We have also been using some of the skills we have learned in ICT to create a leaflet.  We are using Publisher to make an information leaflet about weapons that the Knights would have used in their battles.  We look forward to sharing these with the Benmore boys and girls too.

We are all excited to hear about the boys and girls adventures next week and hopefully see some pictures of what they have been up to.

Thank you

Mrs Steel