Primary Five 19th February 2016


This week more than half the stage are away at Benmore so the rest of the boys and girls have been taking part in some work based around our Topic.  We have been working on a challenge to make a life sized 13th Century Knight complete with armour and weapons.  This has been great fun and we will be displaying these around the classroom for the other boys and girls to see when they return.


Natasha Kadi Faith Natalia Aleigha Ellie Sarah Leoni Robyn

We have also been using some of the skills we have learned in ICT to create a leaflet.  We are using Publisher to make an information leaflet about weapons that the Knights would have used in their battles.  We look forward to sharing these with the Benmore boys and girls too.

We are all excited to hear about the boys and girls adventures next week and hopefully see some pictures of what they have been up to.

Thank you

Mrs Steel