Primary 4 10.12.20

Hello everyone

It has been a very fun and busy week again in Primary 4. Yesterday we finished filming our part of the nativity story for Carmondean’s “Christmas 7” Project. The children were able to watch our part in class today and were very excited and pleased about how it all came together! Keep your eyes peeled for a festive post on the blog next week from Mr Shanks which will contain the full finished product! We can’t wait for you to see it 🙂

In numeracy this week we began learning the 7 times table. The children are now confident in using their strategies to help them to solve times table problems and Mr Woodward and I are impressed with how quickly they are now being able to learn these new facts. Keep up the good work everyone!

Our Animals topic is nearly over and what a great topic it has been! This week we learned about endangered animals and the reasons why some animals are currently endangered. We learned some interesting new words such as – “poaching”, “climate change” and “deforestation”. Ask your child if they know what these words mean. Today the children then used their artistic skills to sketch close up images of some endangered animals. The children were given zoomed in images of the faces of a tiger, polar bear, panda and elephant. They had to look closely at the details in the picture and try to use a grid to copy the animal in proportion. We also learned about the importance of using thin, light lines when drawing the outline and how to shade the darker parts of our drawings with a pencil and smudging with our finger. Mr Woodward and I were extremely impressed with the finished results! Next week we are going to turn these works of art into posters where the children will use what they have learned to share messages about how to save these animals from possible extinction. Wow – well done Primary 4!

Important information:
– Next Friday (the 18th) is a dress down day in school. Children can come to school wearing a Christmas jumper, Christmas party clothes or casual clothes for a £1 donation. All monies go to the Carmondean PSA. The children will also be taking part in a Christmas Quiz!
– PE will take place as normal next week on Wednesday with Mrs Ferguson and on Friday with Miss Clark & Mr Woodward.
– This term will finish on Friday 18th December and the new term will resume on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

As this will be the last blog post of the term Mr Woodward and I would like to thank all of you for supporting your child and their learning so far in Primary 4. 2020 has been a strange year for all of us but it has been made easier for us as teachers by having your support and highly resilient and eager to learn children in both our classes!

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with your families.
Here’s to 2021!

Miss Clark & Mr Woodward

Primary 5 – 03.12.2020


Happy December! The snow arrived right on time for the lead up to Christmas!

As 2020 has thrown us many curveballs, we have had to adapt our usual nativity performance. Instead this year, each class will be filming a section of the Christmas Story which will be edited together. We have been holding auditions and creating our script ready for filming next week! Look out for this on the blog in coming weeks!

In Eco this week, Primary 5M gathered lots of sticks from around the playground and skilfully made them into photo frames! They are excellent and we cannot wait to put pictures in them next week and see the finished product– a perfect Christmas present?

Primary 5G worked hard on their advent calendar as well as making a Christmas wreath to decorate their classroom! Lots of Christmas crafts underway!

In Maths, the classes both moved onto learning about 3D Shapes. We recapped all the names of shapes we had learned before and started introducing their different properties. In Coordinates, P5M had fun plotting out points and joining them up to form a funny picture!

In Numeracy, the children have moved on to multiplication tasks. It is essential that the children know their 2-10 times table. In the coming weeks, it would be great if you could practise these at home so the children are able to recall these facts quickly. There are lots of fun games that can be used to help this;

In our Great Britain and Northern Ireland topic, the groups presented their fantastic posters to the class. It was great to see such colourful and informative posters and have a chance to share all our fantastic knowledge with one another. We also had the chance to talk about the landmark models that we made at home, and share the process of constructing them! From salt dough to Plaster of Paris, each one of them was so unique. This week we worked on creating leaflets persuading others to visit our chosen landmark (when they are allowed!).

Primary 7 have set Carmondean Primary School the challenge of running to the North Pole before December 18th to deliver a very important message to Santa! In our PE lessons this week we have been counting up our laps to add to the tally. Primary 5 have ran nearly 100 miles (four marathons!) this week!

As of next week, PE will now be on a TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Can you please ensure your child comes dressed appropriately for outdoor PE.


  • In Numeracy, the children need to use their number bonds and their times tables on a regular basis and it would be very helpful if they could get some extra practice in. Please practice 2-10 times tables and number bonds to 100.


  • Homework on TEAMS this week is a spelling and a numeracy activity as well as an Article 27 (“Adequate Standard of Living”) of Rights Respecting School activity . Some children were able to complete the activities online and some used their homework jotter. This jotter can be returned to school each week or they can take a picture of their work and upload that to the photo channel in their Team. Please just complete the activities at a time most convenient for you and your family.


  • PE- Tuesday and Wednesday

There has been a change to the timetable – Outdoor PE will now be on Tuesdays with class teacher and Wednesdays with Mrs Ferguson. Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.


  • The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment in class and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Ms Munro, Mrs Muir and Miss Herd

Primary 6 4.12.20

Who knew we would end the week in a blanket of snow! Very exciting but also a reminder of how we are now heading into Winter so a small plea to check your child is wearing lots of layers, appropriate footwear etc as we will still try to get outside as much as possible.

Our PE days currently remain unchanged so this will take place on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Our focus will be on some Xmas running to the North Pole and Hiit training till the end of term followed by some rugby skills in the new year. Also on Friday’s we will be doing our weekly mile. The children need to wear school uniform for this but appropriate footwear for walking.

We began our section of the Nativity yesterday using Ipad animation and the garage band app. The children were very motivated by this and we can’t wait to see the end result and showcase it for you all.

In writing we wrote a persuasive piece on why reading is important and how it prepares us for the world of work. Ask your child some of the reasons we came up with and the language we used to make it persuasive.

In Maths we looked at quadrilateral shapes and the properties of these. Some were a little tricky to distinguish between such as the rhombus and the parallelogram but we will continue this next week.

In French we have been describing ourselves, our hair colour, length and type along with the colour of our eyes. See if your child can remember the phrases and test you, even describe a teacher and see if you can guess who it is!

Have a lovely weekend and you may even get to build a snowman or two today!

Mrs Smith, Ms Matheson & Mrs Jamieson

Primary 5

The Christmas Holidays are almost upon us!

The children have had a busy week doing all things Christmassy! The talent show on Monday was very enjoyable and there was a variety of acts on show. Ask your child which one was their favourite.

on Tuesday the children made crackers with Mrs Muir and Mr Shanks. They had to use a lot of different skills to make each part of the cracker and all children managed to make one. Hopefully you were able to pull it with them at home.

P5 performed brilliantly at the P1 and and P2/3 Nativities. Their singing was beautiful and the actions for the last song really added to the occasion. Well done to all in P5.

Thank you for all your support and help this year. We hope you all have a happy Christmas and a restful holiday.

See you in 2020!

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks, Mrs Muir

Primary 1 11.12.19

Primary 1 have been very busy in the run up to Christmas! Earlier this week they had their first nativity dress rehearsal in front of an audience. They preformed brilliantly and were proud to show what they have been working on to others in the school. We have watched the Primary 2 and 3’s nativity this week as well. Our Christmas party is next Thursday, the 19th December. It will be in the afternoon and children can come to school with party clothes to change into after lunch or they can go home for lunch and come back dressed for the afternoon.

This week in maths we have been learning about shape. We have explored 2D shapes, specifically circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. Primary 1 enjoyed describing the different shapes to each other and are becoming more familiar with them. Today and tomorrow we are going to be looking at 3D shapes. As part of this, we will be describing and sorting everyday objects.

In writing, we have been continuing to remember our full stops, capital letters and to spell some common words correctly. We are using the sounds that we have been learning in phonics to help us. Last week we wrote a letter to Santa and this week we are going to be writing an invitation to our nativity.

We have a whole school talent show next Monday and the children have been busy practising their songs. Each Primary 1 class are singing a different Christmas song, the children have the option to take part in the performance. It is Christmas jumper day and so the children are welcome to come to school wearing a Christmas jumper that day.

Homework was handed out last week for the final time this term, it is due in next Monday 16th December. The children have also been given their new reading books for this week. Please continue to practise reading at home.

Thank you for your support.

The Primary 1 teachers.

Primary 5

Primary 5 are singing 500 miles by the Proclaimers at the St Andrew’s Day assembly. We have had very enthusiastic and loud practises so far! The children are looking forward to singing it to the school.  Ask your child to sing it to you.

Primary 5 will be singing at the beginning of the P1 and P2/3 Nativities. The children have been learning the words and they are sounding good already. We also have a solo performer, who has been working with Mr Shanks, and rehearsals have been going very well.

We have been working hard to make our products to sell at the Christmas Fair. The children set up their stalls today and put up their posters. The stalls are looking bright and colourful and the children are confident of making a profit. We hope you can come along and support them by buying lots of their creations.

In science the children are continuing to research their endangered animal. They have started to create their fact file with lots of pictures and information. Please feel free to send in any pictures or information you think the children may be able to use. The children will become experts in their chosen animal and in the last week of term present their fact file to the class and answer any questions from the other children.

Both classes made advent calendars this week ready for opening next week. The children are very excited especially when the chocolate treats were produced!



P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- due Thursday

Research about Scottish endangered animal at home


We are looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Fair on Friday. It has been fantastic the number of children who are coming to help out and run their stall. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir


Primary 1

Primary 1 have had a busy week! We have been practising our nativity every day and it’s beginning to look great! Letters giving information about tickets went out earlier this week and the children can’t wait to show off all their hard work. Please continue to practise the songs and any lines your child might have at home. If you need to provide any clothes for costumes you will have received a letter home. Please let us know If you have any difficulty with sourcing anything.
In phonics we have been working on blending together the sounds we have learnt so far. The children are working really hard on hearing all the sounds in each word and blending these together. Thank you for all the support you have given with this at home.
In maths we are continuing our work on subtraction. The children are using their fingers, cubes and tens frames to take away from up to 10. They are beginning to recognise written sums and can write out sums in their jotters.
Tomorrow is our St Andrews Day Assembly. We have been busy learning the song ‘I sent aff for cheese’ and will sing it in front of the whole school tomorrow morning. In the evening it is the school Christmas Fair. The fair runs from 6pm until 8pm and is always a great event. If you haven’t yet got tickets, contact the office and they will be able to issue them.
Our PE times have recently changed. We are now getting PE on a Thursday morning with Mrs Fergusson our PE specialist. This will take the place of our Monday slot. Please send your child to school with a PE kit on a Thursday morning. For the next few weeks we are unlikely to be going outside for outdoor learning. We will be using this time instead for nativity rehearsals.
Thank you for your continued support
Primary 1 teachers.

Primary 1 News

The children have been learning about the sound ‘g’ and ‘l’ this week in phonics. They practised forming these letters correctly on whiteboards and were introduced to the common words ‘go’, ‘got’ and ‘get’. They made lions, lollipops and autumn creatures with leaves from the playground and practised writing ‘l’ on their designs. In reading this week they have been learning about the features of their book. The children discussed the title, the author and blurb of the book and where you can find them. They answered comprehension questions and predicted what was going to happen in their book by looking at the pictures.

In maths we have been learning all about money. The children have been learning to describe the colour, shape and size of coins and how they are similar/ different from one another. They have been ordering and sorting these coins and have been enjoying playing coin games on Topmarks on the smartboard.

This week, the children have been learning all about toys. The children have been role playing in the Toy Shop and have been using coins to pay for teddy bears. They were introduced to the story of Mr Krinkles and talked about how the character in the story felt. The children have also been learning about autumn and collected things from the Nursery Garden to make a bird feeder. They enjoyed working together as part of a team to create their feeders.

Primary 1 were delighted to find out their role in the Nativity! If your child has a speaking part, we encourage you to help them practise their lines at home to make sure they are ready for rehearsals!

Please ensure that homework folders are brought in every day so that children have their reading books and that homework can be handed out when required.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2 4.11.19

Primary 2 are well under way with their new topic: People Who Help Us! Last week we were learning about the role of a Police Officer and how they help and support the local community. This week we are learning about Paramedics. We are very excited about a Paramedic coming to visit our classes to talk to the children, and hopefully they will be able to bring an ambulance to school so the children can see what it is like inside. We are going to think of some very interesting questions to ask our paramedic too!

We have started learning some of the songs for our Nativity this year! Primary 2 will be partnering up with Primary 3 to put on quite a show! Parts, words and song words will be issued in the next couple of week so please look out for these.

New homework activities are being issued today. Thank you so much to all the boys and girls who managed to complete their homework activities and share them with the class. Some of the work and effort has been fantastic! There has been some activities been set on Education City for the children too. Usernames and Passwords were handed out at the beginning of the year.

Primary 7 are coming round with poppies this week for a small donation and Primary 5 will be selling Children in Need merchandise soon.

P.E days- Indoor Tuesday, Outdoor Thursday (Well done to the boys and girls who remember their kit regularly.)

Any questions, feel free to contact one of us,

Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver


Primary 4 13.12.18

Hello everyone

This has been a very exciting week in Primary 4. We had the chance to watch the Nursery/P1 and P2/P3 nativities this week. They were fantastic and helped us to feel very Christmassy ahead of our Christmas party on Wednesday. The children had the best time dancing, playing games and eating delicious party food. They all looked fantastic! Next week the festive fun continues with some Christmas activities, Christmas jumper dress down day on Thursday and a visit to church on Friday.

This week we finished our reading books from this term. Please ensure that these are returned to school before the end of term. We will hand out new reading books during the first week back in January.

Today the children developed their understandings of the qualities we have been learning about in Health lessons throughout this term. The children created dramas based around the values of fairness, courage, respect, inclusion, kindness and honesty. Each group created superheroes who formed part of their drama. The end results were fantastic! 🙂

Reminders –
Christmas jumper competition entries due in tomorrow.
Reading books to be returned to school by Monday.
Christmas jumper dress down day on Thursday.
End of term next Friday @ 12:30.
Return to school on Monday 7th January 2018.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas when it comes. Thank you for all of your support in 2018 and we look forward to welcoming the children back in 2019 for Term 3 🙂

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 1 Update 13.12.18

Hello All,

This week in Primary 1, we have had a very successful Dress Rehearsal in preparation for our Nativity Performances next Tuesday. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible if you are able to come along.

Please remember tomorrow (Friday 14th December) is the closing date for entries for the Christmas Jumper Decorating Competition.

Over the next few days you will see an invitation coming home with your child for a Families Connect Group beginning on 31st January. This will be time to spend with other parents and carers in school, learning and playing together as a family and looking at ways that you can help your child at home. This will be running every Thursday afternoon from 1.15-3.15 for 8 weeks. More information is available on your invitations and at a coffee afternoon on 17th January at 2.30.

Next Thursday Primary 1 will have their Christmas Party. As it is Christmas Jumper/ Dress Down day, children may come to school in their party outfits.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Primary 1 Teachers

Primary 2 11.12.18

This week Primary 2 and 3 have their dress rehearsal for the Nativity. It will be the first time the children will have their costumes on and use all the props. If your child came home with a costume letter please make sure their have the appropriate clothing for the performance. We have our fingers and toes crossed for a successful dress rehearsal.

Primary 2 have their final piece of homework due for the year on Thursday. Remember put all activities into the “share it” jotter and we will share our homework with our friends on Thursday 13th December. All children have a new reading book for this week. These will be collected back in on Monday 17th December.

The school is hosting a talent show on Monday 17th December and Primary 2 are doing their auditions for the show tomorrow. If your child has a talent that they would like to showcase to the class please encourage them to practise.

Primary 2 have their Christmas Party on Monday 17th December. This is in the afternoon so if your child is staying in school for lunch, please send them into school with the party outfit in a bag. We will allow time for children to change before their Christmas Party! We can’t wait for Christmas songs, dancing and games!

Christmas Jumper day is Thursday 20th December- come to school wearing a Christmas Jumper for a small donation.

P.E on a Wednesday with our P.E specialist.


Miss Rafferty & Mrs Muir

Primary 2 4.12.18

Primary 2 have two visitors to our classrooms this week. On Thursday, Mountain Rescue are going to come and speak to the children and on Friday, the Ambulance Service are visiting. Both of them will be showing the children their uniforms, explaining their job roles and teaching the children some basic safety/ first aid information. We are looking forward to welcoming them into our class.

Homework was issued yesterday. This is due to be handed in on Thursday 13th December. Remember to sign off any activities and put all drawing/writing into the “share it” jotters.

Both classes will be receiving P.E from our P.E specialist on Wednesday mornings so please remember to bring in P.E kits and water bottles. The children will also receive Music with Mr Shanks on a Friday.

Today is the Christmas lunch which we are looking forward to! Yesterday we watched the panto which was fabulous and the kids loved it! Our Christmas Party is Monday 17th December (afternoon) Children can bring party clothes to change into after lunch.

Nativity is still on going. If you were given a costume letter please bring it in as soon as possible (dress rehearsal next Wednesday).



Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 1 29.11.18

This week in phonics, primary 1 are learning the sounds h and w. They have been forming the letters neatly, thinking of words with each sound and making short words on the magnetic boards. They are making great progress with this, thank you for all your help at home!
In maths we are looking at the numbers 11-20; how to form them and counting out amounts on tens frames and rekenreks.
We are making great progress in our nativity rehearsals. The children all know their lines and are now learning where to go on the stage. Please continue to practise the songs at home. If your child needs to provide any small items of clothing for costumes, they will receive a letter home in their homework folder in the coming week. Please let us know if you need help sourcing anything.
Next week our PE time will be changing. The children will see Mrs Ferguson, our PE specialist on a Thursday morning. Please can you send your child with a PE kit on this day. It is helpful if your child can wear their PE kit under their school clothes to speed up changing.
There are a number of Christmas related activities coming up in the next few weeks…
Tomorrow evening is our school Christmas fair from 6-8pm. Tickets can be bought from the office.
On this coming Monday ‘hopscotch’ an outside Pantomine company are coming to school to perform ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to the children. We have been learning the ‘hello’ song to sing with them on Monday and are looking forward to the performance.
On Tuesday it is our school Christmas lunch. You will have ordered your lunch already. If your child is having a packed lunch they will eat it in the classroom.
Thank you for all your support
Miss Christy, Mrs Steel, Mrs Oliver and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 28.11.18

Primary 2 will be performing their Scottish song in Friday’s assembly. Please continue to practise this at home.

We have been learning about the Ambulance Service, the roll of the Paramedic and First Aid kits. We are getting a visit next weekend from the Ambulance Service which we are looking forward to. We are hoping the Fire Brigade will be able to rearrange a visit soon.

We are well under way with our Nativity. We still have lots of work to do but the children are trying very hard.

Homework is due on Thursday- remember to put all activities into the “Share it” jotters.

Next week, both classes are receiving P.E with Mrs Ferguson on Wednesday.

We have the Panto on Monday which is very exciting and Christmas Lunch on Tuesday!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 1 Update 14.11.18

Hello Everyone,

This week in Maths we have been learning to recognise all coins up to £2. We have been talking about the colour and shape of the coins as well as any visible numbers on them. It would be great if you can support your child with this by letting them help to pay for shopping and discussing the coins.

On Thursday we are looking forward to hearing the children’s class talks about their favourite toy. In school we have discussed audience awareness e.g. eye contact and talking in a loud clear voice – please can you work on this at home also? The children will also use their knoweldge of sounds and words to write about their favourite toy this week.

We are well underway with our preparation for the Nativity – please can you continue to practise words with your child if they have been given them? Also the music for the songs is on the blog to allow the children to practise at home.

We have a busy week next week including a visiting Judo taster session and a visit from Library Services who will talk to the children about old toys and show them some examples.

In Health and Wellbeing this week, we had a visit from Mrs Macauley (who is currently on maternity leave from school) and her new baby. The children were very excited to meet her and learned all about what a new baby needs and how they are looked after.

The letters about school Christmas lunch have been issued and should be completed by Wednesday 21st November.

Children in Need – Friday 16th November

Dress down day on Friday 17th wear something spotty!

If you would like your child to dress down please give a minimum donation of 50p.

This week Primary 5 will be selling

  • Pudsey or Blush Ear hairbands costing £2.50,
  • Light in the dark keyrings costing £2.00
  • Glow in the Dark wristbands costing £1.00.
  • Pudsey or Blush Pin Badges costing £1.00.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Primary 1 Teachers



Primary 2 13.11.18

Primary 2 have been learning about the Police. They are learning that Police are here to help and protect our community. We are getting a visit from our Community Police officer next week. The children have got lots of questions to ask and can’t wait to see his uniform.

It is Children in Need on Friday 16th November. Children are being invited to dress down and wear something spotty. The donation for dress down is 50p. Primary 5 are also selling some of the Pudsey merchandise in school at the fruit tuck table.

In Maths the children have been putting their addition and subtraction skills to the test by answering mild, spicy, hot questions, playing games and working with a partner.

Can all children who have speaking parts in the Nativity please remember to practise their lines. Can all primary 2 children continue to practise “You canne shove your Granda aff his bike”

Homework is due in Thursday 15th November, please remember to complete activities in the children’s “share it” jotters.

Please remember P.E kits and water bottles this weeks.

Primary One 6th November 2018

We have had a very busy and exciting week in Primary One with lots of play opportunities based around Halloween and Bonfire Night.  We have been making pumpkin and monster faces in the craft area and also some beautiful firework pictures using straws and brightly coloured paint.  Our Writing areas have also been busy, writing about spooky characters and thinking about words to describe fireworks.

We will be building on this, and the children’s experiences, in our Writing lesson this week by writing a description of a firework.  If possible it would be good to prepare your child for this lesson on Friday by talking to them about what fireworks might look and sound like.

In Phonics this week we have been focussing on the sounds f and o, looking at things that start with these sounds and blending sounds that we have learned together to make short words.

In Numeracy this week we have been continuing work on addition.  We will be formally introducing the + and = signs to the children and they have been using concrete materials to build the sums and find the answer.

Our Topic this term is Toys which the children are showing great interest in.  We will be changing the play areas of the classrooms to tie in with the Topic.  We have been creating toys to display on the walls of our role play areas which are being changed into toy shops.   We will be learning about the forces that move toys, how toys work and are made, and toys from the past.  We are lucky to be having a visit from the museum service who will help us to learn a little more about the toys boys and girls played with a long time ago.  We will be linking our Maths next week to our toy shop and learning about money.  It would be useful if you could talk with your children at home about the different coins we have and maybe even let them have a go at paying for something in a shop with some coins.  We will also be asking the children to prepare a short class talk about their favourite toy to present to the class on 15th November-more details about this on the homework sheet.

Finally- it’s that time of year again-Nativity!  Children now know the part that they have been given in this years nativity and if your child has words to learn they will receive them with the homework tomorrow (7th November).  Please try and practise these as much as possible.


Wednesday 7th- New homework issued.

Monday 12th- We will be doing Outdoor gym on Monday this week due to the hall being used.

Tuesday 13th- New reading book issued.

Thursday 15th- Class talks about favourite toy.

Please remember to bring book bags every day as we may get time for extra Reading practise.  Children should have bottles every day containing water only.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Pringle, Mrs Oliver, Miss Christy and Mrs Steel.



Primary 2 6.11.18

Primary 2 have been working very hard over the past week.

In writing they managed to write a narrative piece of writing about their evening of trick or treating/Halloween disco. Children were independently constructing sentences, using some very good adjectives and beginning to put in connectives to extend their sentences. It sounds like everyone had a very fun and spooky Halloween.

In Maths last week we were learning how to add numbers beyond 20. Children were initially using number lines and have now moved on to using 100 squares. They are trying very hard to remember to count the “jumps” that they make while going up the number line/ 100 square. This week we are using this skill for subtraction. We are trying hard to remember that when we subtract we go back down the number line/100 square.

In our topic Emergency Services, the children have been learning about firefighters and fire engines. We are hoping for a visit from our local fire station shortly. We have also been learning about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire- “STOP, DROP, ROLL”  “GET OUT, STAY OUT” “DIAL 999”

Homework was sent home yesterday. Please go ahead with the activities and record anything in their share it jotters. Their words for the Scottish song will come home today.

Primary 7 are still selling poppies- donation of £1

Primary 2 and 3 have started practising for the Nativity. Children have begun to learn the songs and parts in the Nativity will be handed out soon.

Please remember to bring in P.E kits and water bottles.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 2.11.18

Primary three heard our nativity songs for the first time this week. The words are linked below and the music is here too. Please feel free to practise these in your spare time.

Behind the Stable Door

Bustling About

Dozy Donkey

Wake Up!

Grumpy Camels

Gifts of Love

Get Up!


We will also be handing out words for our Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl song for St Andrews Day. This must be learned for homework over the next couple of weeks.


Primary 3 were introduced to the senses this week. We investigated things we liked to smell, touch, taste, see and hear. Next week we will focus on the sense of sight. We learned a little about the work of Louis Braille in creating the braille alphabet. We will explore this further next week.

We created some fantastic Firework Safety posters in writing this week so please ask us all about the safety rules. We now know what to do on bonfire night with sparklers, fireworks and bonfires.

Please if anyone has lost cardigans or jumpers in the past term, ask to see the pile in Miss Smith’s room. None of them have names, however they must belong to somebody. They will go up to lost property at the end of the week if they are not claimed.


Please bring a water bottle to school filled with water each day.

Please put names on every piece of clothing coming into school for easy identification.

Please bring PE kit on allocated day:

P3S – Tuesday and Thursday

P3MS – Monday and Wednesday



Learn Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl

Reading books – see diaries

Spelling – Look, cover, write and check words along the line and write one sentence for one of your words. (This will increase to 3 sentences after Christmas.)

Maths: Learn 2 x table, forwards and backwards.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

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