Primary 2 4.12.18

Primary 2 have two visitors to our classrooms this week. On Thursday, Mountain Rescue are going to come and speak to the children and on Friday, the Ambulance Service are visiting. Both of them will be showing the children their uniforms, explaining their job roles and teaching the children some basic safety/ first aid information. We are looking forward to welcoming them into our class.

Homework was issued yesterday. This is due to be handed in on Thursday 13th December. Remember to sign off any activities and put all drawing/writing into the “share it” jotters.

Both classes will be receiving P.E from our P.E specialist on Wednesday mornings so please remember to bring in P.E kits and water bottles. The children will also receive Music with Mr Shanks on a Friday.

Today is the Christmas lunch which we are looking forward to! Yesterday we watched the panto which was fabulous and the kids loved it! Our Christmas Party is Monday 17th December (afternoon) Children can bring party clothes to change into after lunch.

Nativity is still on going. If you were given a costume letter please bring it in as soon as possible (dress rehearsal next Wednesday).



Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 6.11.18

Primary 2 have been working very hard over the past week.

In writing they managed to write a narrative piece of writing about their evening of trick or treating/Halloween disco. Children were independently constructing sentences, using some very good adjectives and beginning to put in connectives to extend their sentences. It sounds like everyone had a very fun and spooky Halloween.

In Maths last week we were learning how to add numbers beyond 20. Children were initially using number lines and have now moved on to using 100 squares. They are trying very hard to remember to count the “jumps” that they make while going up the number line/ 100 square. This week we are using this skill for subtraction. We are trying hard to remember that when we subtract we go back down the number line/100 square.

In our topic Emergency Services, the children have been learning about firefighters and fire engines. We are hoping for a visit from our local fire station shortly. We have also been learning about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire- “STOP, DROP, ROLL”  “GET OUT, STAY OUT” “DIAL 999”

Homework was sent home yesterday. Please go ahead with the activities and record anything in their share it jotters. Their words for the Scottish song will come home today.

Primary 7 are still selling poppies- donation of £1

Primary 2 and 3 have started practising for the Nativity. Children have begun to learn the songs and parts in the Nativity will be handed out soon.

Please remember to bring in P.E kits and water bottles.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 30.10.18

Primary 2 loved the Halloween Party! All the costumes were fantastic!

Homework is due on Thursday, please remember to sign off any homework activities which were completed. We will share our work with our peers on Thursday morning. Remember to keep doing reading regularly.

We are learning to add mentally in maths this week. We are hoping to use the counting on strategy to help us add big numbers.

In writing we will be writing a story about our Halloween activities- treat or treat, sweeties, parties etc. We are hoping to use a variety of adjectives to help make our stories come to life.

We are kicking off our new topic with learning about Firefighters. We have been investigating the purpose of the firefighters uniform and helmet. Children have also been looking at and describing fire engines. We are hoping for a visit from our local firefighters soon.

Primary 7 are selling Poppies for Remembrance Day. They would appreciate a donation of £1.

P.E kits and water bottles!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir