Primary 5 Snow Day 3

Good morning Primary 5

I hope you are all staying warm and having fun in the snow.

Here are some activites you can do today.

Mrs Jamieson’s maths set, make a poster to show your understanding of equivalent fractions.  Use pictures and numbers to show different fractions.

Miss Farren’s maths set can make a fraction wall and identify the equivalent fractions as we began in class.

Make a list of spelling words containing ch as in scheme and ache.  Make a wordsearch to hide the words in.

Go our and measure the largest snowdrift in your garden and the longest icicle.

Design a snow poster: Draw and label all the activities you have been doing during your days off. Bring your poster to share with us in school or post us a selfie picture!


Have a lovely day

Mrs Jamieson and Miss Farren

Primary 6: Snow Day 3

Good morning everyone, hopefully you’ve been having lots of fun in the snow so far! Remember to look through the blog at all the fantastic activities that you might want to try out throughout your day and if you have any activities you’ve been doing please share to give inspiration to others!
Remember to keep practising your spelling words and times tables, maybe get someone to write out times tables sums in the snow and time yourself filling in the answers? Keep rehearsing your show words and songs as well, and try to play around with how you’re saying the lines, remember to look at characters in TV and film that are similar to your character and try to copy some of their actions.
Euro-quiz team, please use the extra time you have to focus on researching and testing yourselves. Look at landmarks, famous people both current and historical, rivers and mountains, who shares a border with who, what languages are spoken in different countries, etc. Look for facts about the EU, who is in charge of the EU, where is it set up, who joined when, what are some of the rules for joining the EU? Remember to make use of all the resources and websites you’ve been given.
You could take inspiration from some of the people who have posted their baking on the blog so far and make some baked goods. Then you could use your baking to work out fractions and percentages for splitting the baking up evenly (or give yourself a bigger fraction!).
If you have taken any pictures you could email them to the school blog, or failing that bring them in on Monday if you want to share what you’ve been up to. Stay wrapped up, enjoy your day and have a fantastic weekend!
Mr Woodward and Mrs Wylie

Primary 1-Snow Day Number 3

Good Morning Everyone

We hope you’ve been having great fun in the snow! When you are tired of building igloos, snowmen, snow dogs, snow tunnels, having snowball fights or doing snow angels here are a few activities to be getting along with whilst you warm up!


If you are able to print at home, you could try some of the games attached – all you need is a dice and 2 coloured pencils or 2 coloured bits of paper/ coins as counters.

Four in a row dice game

tell the time board game

Try playing some of the number games we play in school with someone at home.

-Choose any number to start between 1 and 10 and count up to 30 and back down.

-They choose 3 numbers (e.g. 11,12,13) you must say next 3 numbers (e.g. 14,15,16) see how high you can go

-They choose how many claps to do and you count them silently – tell them how many claps they did at the end!


If you have any old magazines/newspapers at home-can you find any of your common words (from your little blue jotter) and cut them out.

Practise clapping the syllables of everyone’s name in your family, even pets or your favourite toys names. e.g. oc-to-nauts!

On a Friday we normally do dictation – see if someone at home can read out a sentence with at least 2 th words and you try to write it down – can you draw a picture to go with it?Remember your finger spaces full stops and capital letter at the beginning!

If you are able to print at home, try out some of these games – you can teach someone at home how to play roll and read!

roll and read cvc game

Four in a row dice game


Other Activities

Practise your cutting skills by folding paper and cutting shapes to create snowflakes.

Practise your letter formation – you could even try some rainbow writing!

practise your letter formations

Keep cosy and safe,

Mrs Oliver and Miss Christy

P2/3 Snow Day 3

Good morning Primary 2/3! It’s Friday!
Thank you to Rory and Arthur for leaving a comment on our blog. Sounds like you have both been very busy! I see Connor and Safia have sent us in some pictures of their fantastic work. Well done!

Today’s suggested activities:
Look back at my previous post which has a number of other curricular areas ideas and activities you could try.

-Friday is when we do our spelling and sentences with our phonics words. Could both Primary 2 and 3 complete a small spelling test with and adult using your words. Then can you write a sentence for each of the words.
-Friday is also a day we write! Both Primary 2 and 3 could write/draw a diary about what you have been up to over our 3 snow days. I would love to hear about all your activities and adventures.

Enjoy another day in the snow boys and girls! Stay safe and warm!
Miss Rafferty

P2/1 Snow Day 3

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and are still enjoying the snow.  Here are a few things you could try out today-

  1. Have a go at writing your spelling words.  Friday is the day we usually do our Elkonin boxes (P2) and dictation sentences.  See if an adult can test you on your words and then think of a sentence you could write with one or two of the words in it.  If you manage this bring it to school or post a picture here.
  2. Write a snowman adventure.  We write on a Friday too so why not imagine that your snowman is magical-what adventure would it go on?  Would you go along too? What would you see/hear/do on  your adventure with your magical snowman?
  3. Draw a picture of what you can see from your bedroom window.
  4. Go out and measure the snow-where in your garden is it deepest?
  5. Draw a picture of yourself in your winter clothes, label what you are wearing.
  6. P2 boy and girls, can you have a go at counting up in 2s for an adult?
  7. P1 boys and girls can you count forwards and backwards from numbers between 0 and 30?
  8. Have a look at the booklets that Mr Shanks posted here in the blog for some other fun activities you can try.

I would love to hear from you to find out what you have been doing and to see if you have managed to have a go at some of the fun activities.  Comment below or if you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer.  I hope you have another fun day and stay safe and warm.

Mrs Steel

P2/1-World Book Day in the Snow

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are having a fun day and staying warm and cosy. Remember to send me a wee picture of anything you have done or comment on my posts to say hi or tell me what you have been up to.

Here is a link if you fancy having a look at some authors talking about the books they have written. The author of Horrid Henry is one of them-some of you may enjoy!

World Book Day Authors

Mrs Steel

A fun indoor snow experiment

If you want to stay cosy and indoors today but would like to try out a fun Science experiment, then copy and paste this link:


All you need is water, snow and bottles (or cups would work too!)

Share any pictures you take 🙂 Happy Thursday.

Snow + Hot Water = Melting Experiments



P4D snow update

Good morning everyone!
We hope you have had enjoyed the snow and staying safe in this weather. Happy world book day!!

We put up quite a few activities yesterday to be completed but if you are looking for more or for something different here are some more ideas:

1) As it is world book day can you use what you have in the house to create a costume from one of your favourite books? Please post any pictures in the comments. If you have access to the internet here is the link to website for some more ideas:

World book day homepage

2) Practice your 6 and 8 times table using the links from yesterday and studyladder. You can also use the song for counting in 8s.

counting in 8s 


3) Practice your spelling words in the snow.

4) In maths we have been learning about Venn diagrams. Can you create your own Venn diagram using your own criteria and information to display in the diagram. You could draw your diagram in the snow.

5) In our topic we have been learning about Dundee and Glasgow. Can you find out about another major city in Scotland such as Stirling, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Perth? You can research these cities and display what you have found on a poster, leaflet or Powerpoint. Remember you can access to Microsoft Powerpoint through your glow page.

6) Complete your Morag and the Water Horse pictures for our Sway project.

I hope you have a super day. Remember to stay safe and keep warm. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need help or post pictures of what you have been doing while you have been off.
Enjoy your day in the snow!

Miss Donaldson and Ms Matheson

Primary 6 Snow Day 2

Hi all, hope you had a great day out in the snow yesterday! Since today is World Book Day why not try making a snowman of a book character, pictures always welcome! If you get too cold outside you could always curl up with a book and some hot chocolate? Keep ploughing on with your literacy circles, maybe think about how some of the characters would cope in this weather? Especially thinking about Run Zan Run and homelessness, a big talking point when the temperatures plummet.
Since we’ve been looking at data handling why not try some data collecting outdoors? You could measure your longest sledge run, get a few people together and have a competition and collect the data on where people finished, where people finished on average? You could time yourselves and see how many snowballs you can make in a couple of minutes? Try to find the biggest icicle you can, try to find the smallest and compare sizes? Use the biggest icicle you can find and try to estimate what fraction of it smaller icicles are?
Remember to keep practising your spelling words, times tables and keep rehearsing your show words! There are further activities at the top of the blog as well.
Have fun, stay wrapped up and stay safe and we’ll see you soon!
Mrs Wylie and Mr Woodward

P2/3 Snow Day

Good morning Primary 2/3. I hope you have another fun day in the snow! A big thank you to Rory and Safia for commenting on our blog, telling us what activities they have been doing.

Thursday 1st March is World Book Day!! Let’s celebrate books!!
Today’s suggested book activities
1. Read a variety of books with your family. You can then bring them into school and tell the class all about it!
2. Design a new front cover for one of your favourite books.
3. Draw a picture of your favourite character and surround them with wonderful adjectives that best describe this character.
4. Create a quiz about your favourite book that you could ask your friends to see how well they know the book.
5. Write a book review about your book. What is your favourite part? What is the book about? Would you recommend the book?
6. Become an author and begin to write and illustrate your very own book!
Suggested activities for Maths:
1. Primary 2 practise counting forwards and backwards up to 100. Try counting up and down in 2s. Continue practising doubling numbers. Mental addition and subtraction within 20.
2. Primary 3 practise odd and even numbers upto 100. Practise 2,5 and 10 times table. Mental additions and subtraction with 100. Create your own chimney sums.
Suggested activists for other curricular areas:
1. Write down/draw 5 interesting facts about the Romans using online resources or books.
2. Draw a picture of the coliseum in Rome.
3. Draw a picture of a Roman Gladiator.
4. On yesterday’s last post I asked you to pack for an arctic exploration- have you tried this?
5. Let’s bake a cake!! Use your reading skills and maths skills to follow a set of instructions and carefully use weighing scales. You will need an adult to help you with this activity!
6. Build a snowman, make snow angels, go sledging or go for a walk. All great ways to get some fresh air and burn off some energy.
Remember if you have any questions or want to share what you have been doing today, feel free to post in the comments section below. If you wish to post a picture, sent it to the school email and Mr Shanks can post it on the blog.
Enjoy today P2/3 and stay safe!
Miss Rafferty

P2/1 Snow Day 2!

Good morning everyone and Happy World Book Day! We are celebrating this tomorrow but the link below will take you to the Book Day website where there are lots of activities you could choose from today.  If you complete one, bring it to school to show everyone!

Other ideas for Reading activities today-

  1. Read some books with an adult-could be your homework books or one of your favourites.
  2. Design a new front cover for a book.
  3. Draw your favourite character from a book-write lots of facts about them around the outside.
  4. Write a new adventure for your favourite character.
  5. Use one of the book review templates on the World Book Day website to write a book review about your favourite book.
  6. Could you write a new story for Katie Morag? Bring it to school and we can display it on our writing wall.

Other activities you could have a go at today-

  1. P1s- we will be looking at numbers to 30 next week, have a go counting aloud forwards and backwards. starting at different numbers.  Can you write all teh numbers to 30?
  2. P2- Choose a number up to 100 to start at and count forwards or backwards from there.
  3. Have a go at playing some of the games on the Topmarks website-
  4. Here is a snowy themed Cosmic Yoga you could have a go at to warm you up after being in the real snow!
  5. Why not have a go at building an igloo today?

If you build something fun in the snow today or do one of the activities I would love to hear from you-post in the comments section below.  If you have any questions please ask!

Have a fun morning and I will check in again soon!

Mrs Steel




Primary 7 – Snow Day 2

Hello Primary 7!

Thanks to all of you who left comments on our blog post yesterday. It was nice to hear from so many of you.

Today is our second snow day and there is a LOT more snow around now! Maybe this afternoon, if the weather is a bit calmer, you can get back outside again and try to build a snowman or to try out some of the fitness activities that Mrs Ferguson posted in her blog post yesterday? I think they would be good for stamina!

If you would rather stay inside though here are some activities that you can continue on with today:
– My Life so Far (your first draft is due in next Friday)
– WW2 Booklet (research one/several aspects of life in WW2)
– Literacy Circles homework (you could begin reading your next set of pages).

Today is World Book Day! Now, if we’re in school tomorrow, we will be visiting other stage’s book corners and showing off our own and the new books we have purchased for it. Today – why don’t you pick up your favourite book, a new book or a book you loved reading when you were younger. What do you like about it? Why is it your favourite? What happens? We’d love if you could tell us about them in the comments if you have a chance 🙂

Remember – these suggestions are all just a guide. You certainly don’t need to do all of them. Most importantly, keep safe and keep warm and we’ll hopefully see you soon! Remember to comment on the blog and tell us what you’ve been up to 🙂

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 1 Snow day

Hi Primary 1! We hope that you are having lots of fun out playing in the snow! Here are a few more ideas of activities you can get up to whilst you are off school. Please remember that these are only suggestions and we don’t expect you to do them all (unless you really want to!)
1. Read or watch some of these snowman stories:
Sneezy the snowman
The snowman (you can also complete the related games and activities
Olaf the snowman
After watching these stories see if you can tell the story back to an adult in as few sentences as possible. Can you draw your favourite part of the story and tell someone what happened and why it is your favourite part? Can you find any other snow related books in your house? Why don’t you try writing your own snowman story using as many wow words as possible!
2. Make a sock snowman. All you need is a white sock, uncooked rice, a coloured sock for the hat and ribbons/ buttons/ pens to decorate! Here are some instructions to follow
3. Go on a winter walk and see how many numbers you can find (door numbers, car registration numbers, road signs etc). Why don’t you take a picture of all the numbers you see?
4. Practise writing your ‘th’ words from time your climb in the snow. Or if you’d prefer to stay inside why not try making them out of playdoh, writing them in paint or using pens to write them in rainbow writing. Can you think of any other th words not of the sheet?
5. Create a dinosaur factfile of a dinosaur we haven’t learnt about in class. Use the internet or dinosaur books you have at home to find some interesting information.
6. This website has a number of phonics related games you may wish to play.
7. Keep active by playing outside or following these online videos:

We hope that you have having lots of fun playing in the snow. Please leave a comment to let us know how you are getting on.
Miss Christy and Mrs Oliver

P2/3 Snow Day

Afternoon Primary 2/3, how are you all getting on in the snow? I hope you are all having fun and playing safely!
Has anyone managed to complete any of our activities? If so I would love to hear from you. You can post in the comments section below.
I managed to go for a big walk in the snow to burn off some energy!
How do you think the Romans survived in the snow with those Roman sandals we saw and touched on our class trip? I’m sure they would have had very cold toes! Do you think the Romans preferred being in Rome?

Our next science lesson is preparing and organising for an arctic exploration. What do you think you might have to pack to stay warm? Think about what you have been wearing today in the snow and how you have managed to keep your energy levels high?Draw me some pictures of what you would pack in your backpack/sledge. Can wait to hear all your ideas!

Keep warm and safe,
Miss Rafferty

P2/1 Snow Day

Afternoon everyone. Hope you are continuing to enjoy the snow and staying warm and safe.  I have managed to get into the garden to try out writing some of our spelling words in the snow.  If you have got any pictures or updates for me I would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions about the activities leave a message and I will respond. 🙂

Do you like my try at ‘th’ and ‘o_e’ words?


Mrs Steel




Primary 1 – More snow day activities!

Hello Primary 1,

We hope you’ve had a safe but fun morning in the snow so far! Have you tried any of the activities we posted earlier? If so, it would be great to hear from you or even see some photos! If you are having some quiet time this afternoon and warming up a bit after playing in the snow, here are some games to practise what we have been learning in class:  – Crack open the dinosaur eggs by reading words with th and sh. Watch Geraldine Giraffe tell you all about ‘th’ words. Practise recognising larger numbers and for more of a challenge find the numbers ‘in between’! Practise telling the time o’clock and half past on analogue clocks. practise subtraction skills.

Ask an adult at home to type in 15 of your key words from your blue jotter and ‘Help a hedgehog’ by reading them correctly

Please let us know your favourites!

Primary 1 Teachers

P2/1 Snow Day

I hope everyone is having a fun day in the snow and have tried out some of the activities I posted earlier.  Maybe you could post some pictures here of what you have been doing in the snow? Anyone managed to build a snowman or been sledging? Maybe you could try writing some of your spelling words in the snow? I would love to hear about /see what you have been up to so far today!

Mrs Steel

Primary 4D Snow day!!

Good morning Primary 4!
We hope you have a lovely day in the snow and are remembering to stay safe.
Here are some activities that you can do today:

1.In maths we have been learning our times tables so you could make arrays for the 6 and 8 times tables using snowballs and take pictures of them to show us in class.
2.In spelling you have been learning strategies for spelling tricky words, see if you can make up some winter themed mnemonics for your homework words.
3.In our topic we have been learning all about Dundee. You could make a poster displaying all the information you have learned about Dundee. See if you can find any new facts that we have not discussed yet.
4.Since we have been learning about Dundee and D.C Thomson can you create your own comic book story about your day in the snow? Remember to draw out the comic strip boxes and include pictures and captions. We can display these in the classroom.
5.Choose your favourite book at home to read and make a poster or a book review to share with the class for World book day.
6.If you have access to the internet remember that you can logon to studdyladder and complete some of the times tables activities set for you. You can also go onto topmarks and play hit the button or coconut multiples.

coconut multiples

Remember that you do not need to complete all these activities today, these are just some ideas for what you could be doing. Mr Shanks has also posted work books on the blog with more ideas that are suited for each stage. If you have any questions or you want to share what you are doing today please feel free to leave a comment.
Have a super day in snow! We can’t wait to hear all about it when we are back and remember to stay safe in the snow. Wrap up warm and enjoy!!!

Miss Donaldson and Ms Matheson

Primary 7 – Snow Day!

Hello Primary 7! We hope you have a lovely day outside in the snow!
Here are some activities you can do in the snow today:

– Take some photos or film what you get up to outside in the snow today. We can edit them into a movie back at school or you can try and do this at home if you know how 🙂
– Enjoy building snowmen and making snow angels – can you post a picture in the comments?
– Make your own snowflake design in the snow just by using footprints and walking around. Remember snow flakes have 6 points!

Here’s some activities you can do when you’re back inside in the warmth:
– Find out the word for “snow” in as many different languages as you can.
– Write a winter poem/story using metaphors, similes or alliteration. Go outside and take some photos to give you some inspiration.

Your My Life so Far first draft is due in next Friday (9th March). You could use today to carry on working on your project. Your WW2 project is also due in just before the Easter holidays.

Remember you definitely don’t need to do all of these activities today. These are just suggestions of how to spend parts of your snowy day 🙂 Any questions then please leave them in the comments.

Most importantly, stay safe today P7 but have great fun! 🙂 See you soon!

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PS- Mr Shanks has also left some fun snow day activities in a blog post down below. You might want to try some of the P5-7 ones 🙂

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