P2/3 Snow Day

Afternoon Primary 2/3, how are you all getting on in the snow? I hope you are all having fun and playing safely!
Has anyone managed to complete any of our activities? If so I would love to hear from you. You can post in the comments section below.
I managed to go for a big walk in the snow to burn off some energy!
How do you think the Romans survived in the snow with those Roman sandals we saw and touched on our class trip? I’m sure they would have had very cold toes! Do you think the Romans preferred being in Rome?

Our next science lesson is preparing and organising for an arctic exploration. What do you think you might have to pack to stay warm? Think about what you have been wearing today in the snow and how you have managed to keep your energy levels high?Draw me some pictures of what you would pack in your backpack/sledge. Can wait to hear all your ideas!

Keep warm and safe,
Miss Rafferty

2 thoughts on “P2/3 Snow Day”

  1. Safia it sounds like you have been working hard! Looking forward to reading your winter story and seeing your winter picture. Hope you and your sister enjoy your movie!
    Miss Rafferty

  2. Hi Miss Rafferty,
    Safia has written a winter story, drawn a winter picture, completed doubles maths on top marks & sums, we have also done some money. Completed her reading, and time the climb. After all that she has been out sledging with her big sister and now chomping popcorn watching a movie. Have a good night.

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