Jun 282019

Primary 6, we’re off for the summer!


It’s been an amazing year this year in Primary 6. We’ve had such an eventful time and trying to sum it up in a blog post has been difficult!

We began the year with Mrs Harman who moved on to new pastures and has been very successful in her new role. In losing Mrs Harman we gained a fabulous teacher in Mrs Hunter and she has been a real driving force in making this year a great year for the classes. Unfortunately she is also leaving at the end of this term and I know that I speak for the whole of Primary 6 when I say that she will be sorely missed and we wish her the absolute best for the future, good luck!

We have covered so many topics this year, from the Titanic to space to the Industrial Revolution and in true P6 style the pupils have thrown themselves into everything with enthusiasm and a sense of fun. We have had some huge Big Homework tasks, not least the Graphic Novels that have been worked on all term this term and we have been so impressed and in awe of the creativity, the artistry and the effort that pupils have made to create works that they should be incredibly proud of, well done!

The creativity has not stopped at Big Homework. As a year group it has been such a pleasure to work with such artistic and talented people. They have added their own flair into work throughout the year and they have made sure that they put individuality into what they have produced. The pupils have worked so well together and no matter what the groups were they have worked cohesively and worked co-operatively and that is a testament to the positive attitudes and relationships in the year group.

We hope that you all have an incredible summer, that you make the most of it and that we see the same creativity, enthusiasm and positivity throughout your year in Primary 7 and beyond, it has been a fantastic experience working with you all.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Scott and Mrs Harding for their superb work throughout the year. They always go above and beyond and they have given so much to Primary 6 over the course of the year, thank you!

Thank you very much Primary 6!

Jun 272019

Yesterday, our P7 Leavers put on the greatest show of their lives for their parents and friends. The Greatest Show?  It was The Awsomest Show!. Here is a flavour:

Jun 212019

As you may know, at Carmondeqan PS we run a House Championship over the whole of the school year. This year Raeburn House won both the House Championship and the Sports Championship. As a totally unbiased staff member of Raeburn House, may I be first to offer my congratulations to all Raeburn members on their spectacular effort. As for the other houses – Better Luck Next Time!


Jun 212019

Carmondean PS was overrun by parents and friends this morning who came in their droves to have a look at their children’s work and to gauge their progress over the last year. The children enjoyed sharing their learning journey and evaluating their progress with their parent/s. The results of the joint questionnaire have been hugely positive with almost all children making the expected or greater progress over the last school year. Many thanks to all the dedicated family members who visited this morning. It was a pleasure having you in school.

Jun 162019

Primary 5 have had a fantastic week.  On Thursday we performed our show Rockbottom Rocks.  We were so proud of the children; they sang, danced and acted so well and had great fun doing it.  A big thank you to all parents and families who came to see us, having such a good audience made the performance special to us.

This week we have continued to work on our topic Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We wrote stories about a visit to Loompa Land to bring the Oompa Loompas back to the factory.  Everyone has worked hard and really enjoyed writing these stories.

In maths we completed our weight topic with a problem solving activity afternoon.  We weighed out ingredients to make chocolate crispies, worked on studyladder and worked on problem solving activities.

We have been thinking about sports day next week and in PE we identified the fastest runners for each house for the house relay.  We look forward to seeing you next Thursday morning.  Remember to wear house colours if possible.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Davies

Jun 142019

Yesterday, we were treated to two performances of the Primary 4 & 5 school show, ‘Rock Bottom’, by Craig Hawes. Both performances were stupendous and everyone who was privileged enough to attend one or both of them was ‘overcome with emulsion’ at the talent on display. Below are a few pictures to give you a flavour of what all the excitement was about. Well done to P4 & 5 children and staff for giving us such a wonderful experience.

Jun 142019

Hello everyone

It has been a hectic but enormously fun week in Primary 4! Yesterday we performed our show “Rock Bottom” to friends and family and the children did an absolutely fantastic job! Every single child worked so hard to make this show such a success and they shone yesterday during both performances. Miss Donaldson and I were extremely proud teachers and would like to thank the children for their dedication to this show. We would also like to thank all the parents and carers for supporting the children with learning lines, songs, dances and for providing costumes. We really appreciate all of your help.

In numeracy this week we began learning about time. We have been exploring analogue clocks and revising o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We also made our own analogue clocks which we will use to play games with a partner to test our knowledge. Next week we will link our knowledge of time to the digital clock and explore time in some five minute intervals. Please encourage your child to look at clocks to tell the time at home.

Also in numeracy the children finished their work on fractions by completing a “Pizza Party Challenge”. Each child worked with a partner to create their own pizza collage. The catch? The children had to interpret a series of fractions to work out how many slices should have each ingredient. The children were able to work out that 4/6 of the pizza meant 8 slices must have mushrooms and that 1/4 meant that 3 slices of the pizza should have pepperoni. The children then presented their finished pizza creations to the class. Watching the presentations made us all feel very hungry!

This week the children began to create their own booklets about their time in Primary 4. They will write and illustrate their achievements, favourite subjects, things they have learned and their hopes for Primary 5. You will be able to read your child’s completed booklet and explore the rest of their Primary 4 work during our Open Morning which will take place next Friday 21st June from 9:15-10:15. A letter will be sent home with more details about this shortly.

Calum from “Cool Creatures” will be visiting Primary 4 next Tuesday afternoon to round off our mini beast topic. He will be bringing a variety of mini beasts and other animals for the children to look at and possibly interact with if they would like. We would like to thank the PSA for funding this visit, it is much appreciated and we know the children are going to love it!

Reminders –
Sports day next Thursday (9:30 start on the field). Children will be competing in their houses and if they could wear their house colour that would be helpful. If this is not possible then coloured bibs will be provided.
Deer Park – blue
Raeburn – green
Sutherland – yellow
Waverley – red
No more homework to be handed out in Primary 4. Reading books are to be returned to school once they have been completed. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Jun 142019

It’s been a hectic week for the football team with a tournament on Wednesday for the Deans Gala and then a home fixture against Knightsridge on Thursday, 4 games in 2 days! But the team have done the school proud and lost only 1 of the 4 games they played. 2 draws against Meldrum and Knightsridge, a win against St John Ogilivies and a loss against Deans Primary represents good results for a team that has only really been training together properly since Easter.

The players really gave the games their all and were especially resilient with the weather during the tournament on Wednesday. They showed great team spirit, encouraging each other regularly and communicating well and the right type of competitiveness to get their good results. They worked well as a team and they are showing great signs of improvement that will help the team going into next season and beyond. I would also like to thank the parents who came along to support their children and the team in general and without their help and support the team would not have been as successful as it was, thank you!


Jun 112019

Excitement at Carmondean PS today as our long-awaited playground games have been painted. Thanks to the fund-raising efforts of our PSA and ideas submitted by the Pupil Council and our Playground Mentors, this is how it looks:


A big Thank You to everyone involved.

Jun 072019

This week Primary 5 performed our show Rockbottom Rocks for the school.  We were all very proud of ourselves. The  singing, dancing and acting was amazing and we can’t wait to show our Parents next week.  Thank you to everyone for their help in providing costumes.

We have been working on our project Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  We learned about the Cadbury family and completed posters to display our learning.   We made models of the Chocolate room which were very good.  We designed our own chocolate bars and next week we will be recording adverts to promote them.

In Maths we  have been learning about weight.  We have been learning about the relationship between Kgs and grams.

Some of us took part in the Triathlon at Deans on Tuesday.  We are all very proud of our medals.

Letters were given out this week about our next Health topic which is relationships and sexual health.  Please ask your child if you didn’t receive it.

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Jun 072019

It has been another insightful week looking at the impact pollution is having on our Oceans. The boys and girls have been so motivated by this topic that they were writing reports about it for nearly an hour and did not even notice! Between looking at plastic and nets and the damage these can do to sea life to making campaign posters to protect our oceans as well as creating graphs showing the recyclable and non recyclable materials we are using daily. We are also using the school water bottles to create a whale tail sculpture as well as encourage the proper recycling of these as opposed to sending them to landfill.

Next week the pupils will be gathering for the annual pupil parliament to make decisions on what the school should improve on for next year. Carmondean value our pupils’ voice and it is important that we are all involved in the positive changes we can make to our school.

It won’t be long till we hit the beach (hopefully in the sun!) so make sure you have sent the yellow forms back with the correct payment of £5. It is a great day out!

Tomorrow is our annual summer fair and although the weather is not looking great there is still fun to be had so we look forward to seeing you all at 11am for that!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Smith, Miss Smith & Ms Matheson

Jun 072019

Hello everyone

What an amazing week it has been in Primary 4. Yesterday Primary 4 and 5 performed the show “Rock Bottom” to the rest of the school and to say that they did an amazing job is an understatement! So many teachers and pupils have spoken to myself, Miss Donaldson and the P5 teachers about how phenomenal the performance was and we are very proud teachers. We can’t wait for families and friends to see the final performances on Thursday 13th June at 1:30pm and 6:30pm. The children have now received letters home about how to purchase tickets for these events. Thank you for all your support throughout the term, the show wouldn’t be possible without you.

This week was also very exciting as 3 butterflies entered the world in our classrooms! The butterflies drank the juice of oranges and strawberries while they grew stronger and then on Tuesday we released them out of their net and into the wild! The children have loved watching the caterpillars grow and develop into beautiful butterflies and have learned so much about mini beasts through watching this transformation in action.

Our monthly homework challenge has now been completed and it was very successful. We loved seeing the different types of homework that the children wanted to share with us and the rest of the class and we feel that it has been a valuable experience for all. There will be no more homework handed out in Primary 4. However, if your child has not finished their reading book then this should be completed at home and the book returned to school upon completion before the end of term. Thank you, as always, for supporting your child with their homework.

The Carmondean Summer Fair is tomorrow from 11am-1pm and will take place in both school halls due to the weather forecast. Entrance to the school will be via the fire exit next to the large hall. Tickets can be purchased at the event. We are sure this will be a very fun event.

Thank you for all your help and support.
Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Jun 072019


Primary 7’s have taken multi tasking to a whole new level. We have produced, written, created, choreographed, sang, played … and that was just Tuesday morning! Maths and numeracy of course took up the rest of the week. (On a serious note – we are encouraging children to come up with any concepts they wish to revisit for example: prime numbers – apparently some had forgotten the definition of a prime number! Please be having these conversations at home so that we can share at class time.)
Back to our moments of creation. The children have taken ownership of their leavers activities and we are very proud of their originality and effort.


Please continue to learn your words children!

Please arrive at CPS no later than 8.15 on Monday morning. We will be leaving promptly to ensure we arrive at Deans Community High School in time for registration.

Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Wylie

Jun 052019

Our classrooms have been a hive of activity this week, as our busy primary 7s have focused on adding the finishing touches to My Life So Far. We have been very impressed with the originality and creativity we have seen and we look forward to receiving all copies today.

We have started to work on our Leavers Assembly and the ideas being put forward by the P7s and certainly exciting! One idea is sparking off another. Keep it up P7!

Within numeracy we are currently revising and testing our knowledge, we will be high school ready! Pupils have been asked to highlight or suggest particular areas that they feel they would like to review.

Everyone should now have brought home a letter with information about our Beach Trip on the 18th June .



PE – Outdoor Kit Mondays Indoor Kit Wednesday

Homework  – Please remember to learn and practise words and songs for leavers assembly

Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie, Mrs Muir and Mrs McAulay

May 312019

This week P6 have been working super hard on their assembly. They came up with some fantastic ideas, some really funny moments and created an entertaining assembly. They managed to cram a lot in to it and it shows how hard they have been working all year that we had to cut things out that we had done, it’s been very busy! We couldn’t be prouder of how well they pulled it off and they rose to the occasion spectacularly.

We have continued with our new class novel, Run Zan Run and it has been good to hear the different accents and voices pupils are putting on to try and get into character, some of the boys have an interesting idea of how girls talk! In Science we have continued learning about electricity and they have started to create drama showing off electrical safety and I know that we will have some educational and unique adaptations of an electrical safety advert. We have also continued to work with buddies and it has been lovely to see how quickly they have been able to build relationships with them.


Indoor PE: Wednesday

Spelling: Homework due Fridays, test on Mondays

Big Homework: Due 21st June (3 weeks)

Maths: Dependent on the class teacher

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