Primary 3 11.9.20

What a finale to our Fantastic Mr Fox novel,  with a viewing of the film adaptation. We filled our whiteboards with notes about the similarities and differences between this and the book, and were surprised with the ending of the film.

We are looking forward to one last challenge next week.

We have been so impressed with P3 and their improvement in skipping. We had a demonstration of our talents and skills this week and next door’s class was our audience. We are sad to be leaving it behind and beginning our new focus on football, but we’re certain we will have just as much fun!

We have been learning about Harvest and how different religions celebrate this time of year. We have had a look at church celebrations, community celebrations and Jewish celebrations. This week we built a Sukkah for the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. Ask the children to tell you a little about this.

As we prepare to restart homework, could you please check whether your child has any P2 reading books or resources that can be handed back into school at your earliest convenience.

Also, could we remind you to sign and return the class charter and achievement letters if you have not already done so? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Williamson and Miss Smith



Primary 4 27.9.18

Hello everyone

Our Harvest assembly rehearsals are now in full swing! If your child has a speaking part in our assembly then their lines are in homework diaries for them to practise. Please encourage your child to learn their words at home. Our assembly will be performed in front of the school only. However we will have an assembly later in the year that parents can attend.

We started to look at play scripts this week in class. The children explored the features of play scripts and how they differ from story books or non-fiction texts. They then worked in a group to read the part of a character in a play. We will be exploring different kinds of play scripts in class further and will soon be performing in front of the class!

In French we have been revising various greetings and also learning some new ways to say hello and goodbye to others including “See you tomorrow” and “see you soon”. Please ask us about these at home 🙂 We have made our own puppets in class using lolly pop sticks and we will use these to help us to greet others.

Reminders –
Spelling (common words) and maths homework – Due Friday
Reading (10 pages in book of your choice)
Learn Assembly words

PE days
Outdoor – Tuesday
Indoor – Thursday

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 20.9.18

Hello everyone

We have had a short but busy week so far in Primary 4! Yesterday we continued learning about Vikings. We learned about how long ships were constructed and the materials that Vikings used to make them. We also learned why it was important that they were so long and narrow. Ask your child if they can tell you why! 🙂 We then continued working on our Viking display by painting a long ship which the Vikings we painted will fit inside. We can’t wait to see this display come together 🙂

We have been revising the importance of using capital letters and full stops correctly. The children identified special words that we know that require a capital letter (proper nouns). Ask your child if they can tell you about any of these special words 🙂

We are beginning to learn about the festival of Harvest. We will be exploring how different countries celebrate Harvest and we will show our learning through creating and performing a Harvest Assembly on Friday 5th October. Please look out for any lines/song words in your child’s homework diary that they may need to learn for the assembly. Please note that this assembly is a school only assembly. There will be another opportunity later on in the year for you to attend your child’s assembly.

Last week we began working with NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) on music and singing. The children will have a 45 minute session each week until Christmas. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn more about tone, pitch, rhythm and much more!

Homework will resume again as normal next week.
Spelling & maths homework due for Friday.
Reading homework – 10 pages to be read each week and to be recorded on spelling sheet.
PE days – Outdoor PE: Tuesday
Indoor PE: Thursday

Thank you for your support.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 week 2.10.17

Last week we had our assessment week. This meant that we completed various tasks and assessments.

One of the challenges we had to do was to work in teams to design and build our very own Viking Long ship. We had to work in teams to use junk to make a model and make sure that we were including 4 of the main features of a Viking ship.  Here are some examples of what we made:


We also had to draw a Birdseye view of a Viking Long house and include the different areas and furniture they would have had in their homes.

This week we have started to practise for our Harvest assembly. This is not a parent assembly, it is only for the school. Please keep a look out for any words or songs your child may have to practise at home.

Parents evenings will take place next Wednesday  and Thursday evening, we look forward to seeing you there.


please make sure your child has a water bottle

Label all items of clothing

P.E days are Monday and Thursday (indoor)

Homework is due on Fridays


Thank you, 

The Primary 4s 



Primary 4 10.10.16

Primary 3 are performing their Harvest Assembly today! We want to wish them the best of luck. They have been working very hard to remember lines, words to the songs and timings of when to come in. Primary 1 and Primary 2 are excited to watch or assembly!

Last week we all wrote Harvest acrostic poems. The children worked had to think of good words that linked to Harvest and matched with the letters of Harvest. We are going to share a few of them at our assembly.

The children have been learning how to add two digit numbers using the 100 square. We have been partitioning numbers and bridging. The children have also been using tens frames and tens and ones to help add large numbers.

Children are looking forward to sharing their work with you on Parents Evening.

Homework: Reading, Maths and Spelling

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 3 3.10.16

Primary 3 had a fantastic time at Dynamic Earth last Thursday. We went on a tour around Dynamic Earth, enjoyed our lunch and completed a Weather workshop. The children learned about extreme weather, water cycle and why water is so important to us and animals. We watched videos, completed interactive activities and conducted mini experiments.

We have started practising for our Harvest Assembly. A number of children have been given words, which they need to practise. We also have a song that needs to be practised at home too please.

Please click on the link above.

A huge thank you and a big well done to all the boys and girls who handed in the weather mobiles. They were all fantastic! All the children were able to showcase their weather mobiles to the class. A number of them are now being displayed in our classrooms.


Harvest Assembly words, Reading, Maths and Spelling

P.E for P3R- Tuesday and Thursday

P.E for P3S- Tuesday and Wednesday


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 4 23.9.16

We hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. This has been a short week for us and we have begun practising for our school Harvest Assembly. This assembly is not a parent one but one for the children. Please look out for any speaking parts and help your child practise at home.

It was great to see some of you at our Residential information evening. Please if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us.

Next week is our assessment week, whereby children will be working in one jotter to give us a snapshot view of their abilities in all areas of the curriculum. These will be on display at Parent’s night for your perusal.

We have completed our Vikings for the frieze also. see below for the pictures as promised.





Practise assembly words

Due Friday the 30th – Spelling and reading as normal
Due Friday 21st October – We will be handing out a big homework menu sheet. We know life is busy so please choose an activity according the time you have available to facilitate your child to complete this.