Primary 5

Primary 5 are singing 500 miles by the Proclaimers at the St Andrew’s Day assembly. We have had very enthusiastic and loud practises so far! The children are looking forward to singing it to the school.  Ask your child to sing it to you.

Primary 5 will be singing at the beginning of the P1 and P2/3 Nativities. The children have been learning the words and they are sounding good already. We also have a solo performer, who has been working with Mr Shanks, and rehearsals have been going very well.

We have been working hard to make our products to sell at the Christmas Fair. The children set up their stalls today and put up their posters. The stalls are looking bright and colourful and the children are confident of making a profit. We hope you can come along and support them by buying lots of their creations.

In science the children are continuing to research their endangered animal. They have started to create their fact file with lots of pictures and information. Please feel free to send in any pictures or information you think the children may be able to use. The children will become experts in their chosen animal and in the last week of term present their fact file to the class and answer any questions from the other children.

Both classes made advent calendars this week ready for opening next week. The children are very excited especially when the chocolate treats were produced!



P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- due Thursday

Research about Scottish endangered animal at home


We are looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Fair on Friday. It has been fantastic the number of children who are coming to help out and run their stall. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir


Primary 1

Primary 1 have had a busy week! We have been practising our nativity every day and it’s beginning to look great! Letters giving information about tickets went out earlier this week and the children can’t wait to show off all their hard work. Please continue to practise the songs and any lines your child might have at home. If you need to provide any clothes for costumes you will have received a letter home. Please let us know If you have any difficulty with sourcing anything.
In phonics we have been working on blending together the sounds we have learnt so far. The children are working really hard on hearing all the sounds in each word and blending these together. Thank you for all the support you have given with this at home.
In maths we are continuing our work on subtraction. The children are using their fingers, cubes and tens frames to take away from up to 10. They are beginning to recognise written sums and can write out sums in their jotters.
Tomorrow is our St Andrews Day Assembly. We have been busy learning the song ‘I sent aff for cheese’ and will sing it in front of the whole school tomorrow morning. In the evening it is the school Christmas Fair. The fair runs from 6pm until 8pm and is always a great event. If you haven’t yet got tickets, contact the office and they will be able to issue them.
Our PE times have recently changed. We are now getting PE on a Thursday morning with Mrs Fergusson our PE specialist. This will take the place of our Monday slot. Please send your child to school with a PE kit on a Thursday morning. For the next few weeks we are unlikely to be going outside for outdoor learning. We will be using this time instead for nativity rehearsals.
Thank you for your continued support
Primary 1 teachers.

Primary 2 25.11.19

Nativity practice is well underway in Primary 2 and 3. We are all working very hard to learn lines, sing songs and remember our positions on stage. Could all children who have a speaking part please continue to practise their lines at home?

In numeracy we are practising our subtraction skills which will help us solve missing subtrahend questions. It all sounds very tricky but once we have mastered our counting back skills, I’m sure we will all succeed!

Reading books are issued on a Tuesday and reading activities are completed in class. Children are encouraged to read their book regularly throughout the week to help improve their reading and comprehension skills.

We are getting a visit from Mountain Rescue tomorrow which we are very excited about. Our visitor will show us the equipment that he needs to save lives and I am sure he will have some fascinating stories and pictures to share with the children.

We do not have P.E this week because our hall slot is being used to practise nativity. However Mrs Ferguson will be starting her P.E block with Primary 2 next Wednesday which we are very excited about!

School fair this Friday so we hope you can come along and enjoy some festive fun!

Primary 5

Primary 5 are going to sing 500 miles by the Proclaimers at the St Andrew’s Day assembly. We have had very enthusiastic practices so far! The children have done very well to learn all the words in a week. Ask your child to sing it to you.

Our Money, Money, Money topic is progressing well. On Wednesday and Thursday the P5 area was a hive of activity. Some of the resources used were glue, glitter, party bags, pipe cleaners and lots and lots of sweets! All groups have now finished making their products and are now deciding on the price to sell them for. The children are trying to make as much profit as they can so some of the prices are a bit eye-watering! We hope you will come and buy the goods the children have made at the Christmas Fair.

We have also been making Christmas decorations for the small and large hall. Lots of glitter was in evidence again!

If your child has not returned their slip indicating when they can help at the Fair please can they do so as soon as possible so we can make up our rota. Thank you for your help and support with this.



P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Maths homework- Data Handling worksheeet due in on Tuesday

Research about Scottish endangered animal at home


Have a great weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 5

The last week in October has been a busy time in P5. Look out for the class newsletter which tells you all about the exciting activities we have planned for this term.

On Monday the children wrote persuasive pieces of writing to convince Miss Millar to display their models for our visitors. The children were able to use persuasive words and phrases to put across their reasons. We are pleased to report that all children were able to persuade Miss Millar that their models should be displayed. Look out for these around the school.

On Wednesday P5 organised Children in Need fundraising activities for the whole school to take part in. They will sell the wristbands each morning for £1 or £1.50. On Friday 15th November they decided to hold a dress down day. The theme will be dress up as Pudsey or Blush, wear pyjamas, come as a superhero, wear yellow or wear spots. Some children ambitiously thought they could come wearing all the themes. Good Luck with that!

In science we have started our endangered animal topic. The children learned about which animals are in danger of becoming extinct. They will be choosing a Scottish endangered animal to research and create a fact file all about it. They will do some of this research at home.

In Spanish, we have learned to greet each other and have now started learning the days of the week.  Sábado and Domingo are definitely the best days!  Ask your child why. We also started sound editing in ICT using the Audacity sound editing programmme.  This was a very popular activity and everyone was engaged throughout.

In topic we have started our Money, Money, Money enterprise topic where the children will be working in groups to create items to sell at the Christmas Fair. Look out for more information about this coming home soon.



P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework due every Friday.

Maths homework- P5M due Monday, P5G due Thursday


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir


Primary 4 22.11.18

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week in Primary 4. Our Enterprise topic is in full swing! The children were allocated jobs within our business “The Reindeer Club” and created ID badges to show who they are and the role they play. Today, the children created our product – Reindeer Sweetie Jars. They are looking fantastic! The children worked so well with lots of different materials and listened carefully to instructions. We will decide upon what sweeties the jars will contain next week and then our finished products will be complete!

In maths we have been learning how to mentally subtract 2 digit numbers using a variety of strategies. We have been using a hundred square effectively to speed up our calculations. Next week we will be mentally subtracting within 3 digit numbers.

Next week there will be no Indoor PE with Mrs Ferguson. PE with Mrs Ferguson will resume the following week however our Indoor PE day will change from a Thursday to a Wednesday afternoon. This information will be in the children’s homework diary closer to the time. Outdoor PE will stay on a Tuesday.

The Christmas Fair will take place next Friday 30th November. Please contact the school office for tickets. We look forward to seeing lots of you there 🙂

Reminders –

No indoor PE next week.

Outdoor PE on Tuesday.

Spelling and maths homework due in tomorrow.

Reading pages to be completed for Monday.

Thank you for all your support.
Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 15.11.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy but interesting week in Primary 4.

In maths we have been learning how to answer subtraction questions using the written method. The children have been working hard to exchange when they do not have the number of ones required. We have also been practising quick recall of subtraction facts within 20. Please practise these facts with your child at home.

In writing we wrote scripts in groups of 3. We were telling imaginative stories about the Vikings we had created previously. The children worked very hard to incorporate stage directions into their scripts. They also used colons when introducing what a character was about to say. Next week the children will act out their scripts in front of an audience. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

We began exploring our new topic of Enterprise this week. The children discussed what they wanted to learn and how they want to learn. They also came up with some ideas for the name of our company and filled in job application forms for different roles within our business. We will be making reindeer sweetie bottles to sell to family and friends. The children are very excited and we’re sure that the finished products will be fabulous! 🙂

The Christmas Fair is on Friday 30th November from 6-8pm. Tickets are available from the school office or able to be purchased on the night.

Letters were sent out earlier this week for the school Christmas Lunch. This will take place on Tuesday 4th December. Children should order their lunch by next Wednesday or they will not be able to have a Christmas lunch on this day. If your child does not wish to have a Christmas lunch then they should bring a packed lunch to school on this day.

Reminders –

PE days: Thursday and Tuesday (outdoor)

Homework –
Spelling – LCWC x 2 and a spelling activity due on Friday
Maths – Subtraction sheet due Friday
Reading – see sheet in spelling homework jotters for pages. Due next Monday.

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 7 30.11.17

This week in p7 we have been busy getting ready for the Christmas fair. We have made lots of unique products, games and tasty foods that you can buy tomorrow. The Christmas Fair takes place betwen 6-8pm. Please come to the P2 classrooms to visit our stalls!

On Tuesday we had a whole school St Andrew’s Assembly hosted by our fantastic house captains. Every year group sang a Scottish song. We sang Caledonia.

On Wednesday we had our book day (Ready, Read, Repeat). We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and every year group got £1000 to redecorate their library. We also received an extra £200 to pick new awesome books for the library. We also took part in a P7 book swap and were delighted with our new books! We were eager to start reading right away. For a couple of weeks we have also been very busy making books for our buddies and yesterday we finally read our buddies our books and they loved it! We think the next years Primary 7s are going to love this activity.

Also, a huge congratulations to Cara, Louisa, Melody and Anna G who all came back from the West Lothian Gymnastics Competition with medals! We are very proud of you 🙂

Zayan, Lu’ay, Molly and Anna – P7C

Reminders –

PE days have now changed. The children will have Outdoor PE on a Monday and Indoor PE on a Tuesday. Please ensure children come prepared for PE on both days. P7C have another 2 weeks of swimming lessons on a Monday.

Spelling and maths homework is due in on Friday

Christmas Fair tomorrow – If helping to set up after school P7s should bring a packed lunch to school or order a packed lunch in the morning.

Primary 6 24.11.17

The entire school has been preparing for our St. Andrews Day assembly next week. Primary Six are performing the Burns song, “Your Welcome Wullie Stewart”. The song is about welcoming a dear friend. We have added guitars, drums and other percussion instruments to our ensemble and it is sounding superb.

We had an interactive science session this week, where we made part of the human digestive system! The pupils questioning skills have certainly added to our learning and we have now created a new science section within the classrooms where pupils can write down their ‘Big Science Questions’. Selected pupils then research the answers to the questions and present back to the class. It’s proving to be extremely interesting!

Many pupils have been choosing to do extra work on their European country books during their own time and it is wonderful to see such enthusiasm from them. The children are working hard in class and we have been impressed with the standard of work being produced. Well done Primary Six.

It’s hard to believe that we will be entering the month of December next week, may we remind you that the Primary Six Christmas party is on the afternoon of Monday 4th of December. The children can bring their party clothes to school and change at lunch time.

The school is having a reading day next Wednesday and we would like the children to come dressed as their favourite book character. There will be lots of exciting activities happening in the classroom and the children are getting to design their own library area.

Our Christmas Fair is next Friday and tickets are selling fast. The choir will be singing, Santa will be in attendance and there will be a variety of stalls selling exciting goods. Please come along if you can.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Spelling due on Friday. Please note that spelling homework jotters should NOT be handed in before Friday as the children should be using them to practise their spelling words daily.

Maths – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERY WEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, and Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils’ games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.

Mrs Wylie, Mr. Woodward and Mr Shanks

Primary 7 3.11.17

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Primary 7 blog.

We have had a fun filled week in P7 this week. On Monday Michelle came to visit us from WLDAS (West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service). She spoke to both classes about smoking. The children learned how many chemicals are in cigarettes (over 4000!) and they also discussed the impact that smoking can have on our bodies and also on other areas of our lives. However, the children are aware that it is very difficult to stop smoking. In order to experience what it might be like to give up smoking the children have all been asked to give up something that they do frequently and replace it with a healthy alternative. Some of the habits that the children have given up include sweets, playing the Xbox, watching TV and drinking fizzy juice. The children have replaced these habits with a variety of alternatives this week including eating more fruit and vegetables, playing with their siblings and going outside to play. Miss Clark is even giving up chocolate for the week (which is proving very difficult!) Well done Primary 7 for all of your hard work and dedication! We are really impressed at your ability to resist even when it’s difficult.

This week we also handed out speaking parts for our P7 Remembrance Assembly. The children have also been given song lyrics to learn for next week. Any support you could give your child in learning these would be greatly appreciated. The children have taken control of the assembly and have created a PowerPoint, quiz and art work. The children are also selling poppies around the school for a donation of 50p-£1. Thank you for all your hard work. Please note – this is a school only assembly.

The children have now been allocated their Enterprise groups after applying for one of five different jobs (manager, materials manager, finance expert, quality control and human resources). They have been working really well in their groups to decide on which product or game they would like to create for others to buy/play at the Christmas Fair on Friday 1st December. Each group then created a purchase list and calculated their required spending and projected profit. The children had to shop around on different websites to find the best deals. They then wrote to Miss Millar to ask for the required funds in order to begin to buy, make and sell their products and games. Thankfully we received word this week through letters to each group that Miss Millar is funding each groups project! Soon the children will have all of the products and materials they need in order to create their products and games.

Some reminders
Outdoor PE – Monday (As we are going outside each week can you please ensure that your child comes prepared with appropriate outdoor shoes to take part in all activities. They will also need a warm, waterproof jacket).
Indoor PE – Wednesday (Mrs Ferguson is working on gymnastics with the children and it is therefore vitally important that all children wear PE kit in order to take part in all activities).

Beginning next week (Monday 13th November) the children in Miss Clark’s class will be taking part in swimming lessons at DCHS for 4 weeks. It is very important that the children come prepared with a swimming kit, towel and full change of clothing (school uniform) each Monday. A letter will be sent home to remind children of this. Mrs Macaulay’s class will take part in swimming lessons later on in the year.

Thank you, as always, for your help and support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 1/2 week beginning 5.12.16

Primary 1/2 have been working hard on our Nativity play this week and its starting to look really good.  We are looking forward to performing for our parents next week.

Last week we were learning about houses round the world.  We learned how Innuit people build an igloo from snow and also learned how houses stay cool in hot countries.

In Maths we were learning about 2D shapes.  Primary 2 are very good at recording how may edges and corners each shape has.

Last week we made our snowman soup for our Christmas Enterprise and were very pleased to have sold all of it.  It was lovely to see so many of you at the Christmas Fair.

This week we will be writing letters to Santa and also beginning our Christmas RME project.

There will be no new homework this week but Primary 1 should continue to practise their key words and sounds.  Primary 2 should practise number bonds to 14 and continue to play spelling games.


Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson


2nd December 2016

This week we have been busy completing the Christmas Fair Enterprise products for the Christmas Fair tonight.  There will be a variety of things on sale at the Enterprise Zone including tea lights, bracelets, keyrings, baubles and much more.  Come and have a look at all the things we have made at our stall in the P6 classroom tonight.

Thank you to the children who have volunteered to help at the stall tonight-check homework diaries for the time they have been given.

Next week the Christmas fun will continue with our Christmas Party on Friday morning! Children can come to school dressed in their party clothes as the party will run from 10am onwards.

Our block of FUTSAL has now ended.  The children really enjoyed learning new skills through this and outdoor gym will resume W/B 12th December after the Christmas Party.

Reminders this week

Monday- Spelling and Reading homework

Thursday- PE kit (Miss Inglis)

Friday- Christmas Party 10am

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Greig and Mrs Steel

Primary 7 02.12.16

Another busy week in Primary 7!

The children have been working hard on their Enterprise activities for the Christmas Fair. Hopefully you can come along to the Christmas fair tonight and see them in action!

In PE the children have been creating playground games for their buddies. Next week they will be teaching their buddies how to play these games.

Mr Anderson from DCHS had another practice with all the children and they are sounding fantastic! The children are getting excited about singing at the high school on Thursday 15th December.

P7 assisted in the smooth running of the Christmas lunch. They served the children from P1 to P6. Then the adults in the dining room served the P7s with their lunch.


Christmas Fair – Friday 2nd December at 6pm

PE days have changed to a Monday and Tuesday – please ensure that your child has kit on these days

Children should continue to bring in their My Life So Far folder on a Thursday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour



Primary 4 1.12.16

Welcome back to the primary 4 blog,

This week we have been continuing to learn through our Enterprise Topic. We have created persuasive pieces of writing to sell our products. We focused on language used to persuade buyers and thought of creative slogans and phrases.

We have also been filming our adverts for our product. We worked in groups to create a script and used the iPads to film the final adverts.

We have also worked hard to make our enterprise sweet bottles. We began by decorating them, then we filled them before finally quality checking them in our job roles. We are selling these at the fair for £2.00. A big thanks to everyone who has supported our class enterprise by allowing the children to buy their products. The children were very excited at the prospect of buying what they had made.

This week we are going to the Handball Festival. We are excited to play with other school teams and we have been practising hard and are keen to show what we have learned. (Please ensure that your child has indoor P.E kit with them for this.)

We will post photos of this on next week’s blog.

Finally Christmas Fair day has arrived!!! We are excited to hear that so many of you are planning on attending and we hope to see you there. Please come and join the fun as there will be plenty to see and buy.


Outdoor PE Kit – Tuesdays

P.E is changing – P.E will now be on Wednesday afternoons (please bring indoor kit)

We will also be getting art on Wednesdays with Miss Fox


Reading homework (please see attached timetable on previous blog)

Spelling as normal


We hope to see you on Friday between 6-8pm,

The Primary 4 teachers

P1/2 Week beginnning 28.11.16

Primary 1/2 have had another busy week.

The Nativity is well underway and children are making super progress in learning their parts.  Primary 2 are working particularly hard to learn their lines so thank you to all parents who have helped with this.  They have asked if they can be dressed in party clothes for the performance and letters will be sent out with information about this later in the week.

We have continued to work on our Houses and Homes topic this week.  We have completed our first challenge to make Gingerbread Houses and the results are fantastic.  We have also been painting our clay models.

This week we are completing our Enterprise for the Christmas Fair.  We are making Santa Soup which is hot chocolate, marshmallows and a candy cane.  These will be on sale at the Christmas Fair for £1 however if anyone wants to buy their own they can bring the money before Friday.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson

Primary 1 w.b. 28.11.16

This week in Primary 1 we will be continuing to practise for our upcoming nativity. Some children may be asked to bring in a small item of clothing as part of their costume. If possible please send this in by next Monday (5th December). Tickets for nativity are now on sale. You should have received a letter about these last week. Please return request form along with payment as soon as possible.
Also this week we are very excited about our school Christmas Fair. The children will be completing a small enterprise craft to sell. If you wish to buy your child’s item before the fair then please send in £1 and it will be sent home with your child.
Thank you for your continued support.
Miss Christy, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 28.11.16

Primary 3 have been working so hard in their Nativity. The boys and girls have been practising singing, dancing and their lines for the show. Thank you to everyone who has brought in their costume for the Nativity. We have our first dress rehearsal this Wednesday.

We are continuing with homework this week. Children have their weekly spelling and maths to complete. Please encourage your children to read their reading book regularly. New pages are set every Tuesday and Thursday.

In Maths the children have been mentally subtracting large numbers with the help of a hundred square. They have also been trying hard to learn their x2 x10 and x5 times tables. Children need to practise these regularly to help them retain what they have learned in class.

Primary 3 have their Christmas lunch this Thursday and we hope you can all make it to the Christmas Fair on Friday!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 7 25.11.16


We have had yet another busy week in Primary 7.

This week in writing primary 7 researched the effects of smoking and created informative leaflets using Publisher. The children worked really hard on these leaflets which will be displayed in the classroom.

The pupils’ Christmas lunch will be taking place next Thursday (1st December). Primary 7s will help to run this, and of course, enjoy their Christmas lunch!

During Enterprise the children have been busy creating Christmas crafts, organising workshops and games for the Christmas Fair. They will continue to do so next week in preparation for Friday 2nd December. Primary 7 are looking forward to running their  stalls at the Christmas Fair.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 5 25th November 2016

We have been very busy this week preparing for the Christmas Fair.  In groups we have been making different items to sell in the Enterprise Zone.  We will be giving the children the opportunity to buy something that they have made ahead of the Christmas Fair.  We will confirm prices at the beginning of next week when everything is finished and let the children know when to bring money in.

We have also been spending lots of time putting the final touches to our assembly for today.  The children have worked really hard at all their parts and the singing is beautiful.  We hope the rest of the school are as impressed with it as we are!

Could you please hand back any permission slips for being a helper at the Christmas Fair next week.  This gives the children a chance to help sell the things we have been making.  Thank you to those who have volunteered so far-we will send a note in homework diaries next week with a time slot for them to help.

Reminders for next week

Monday- Reading and spelling homework

Tuesday- Maths homework and PE kit.

Thursday- PE kit

Friday- Christmas Fair

Thank you for your continued support

Mr Greig and Mrs Steel

Primary 6 22.11.16

Hello everyone

Here are some quick reminders about upcoming events in Primary 6.

Big Homework
The children have all been given a piece of big homework to complete for Friday 9th December. They are to present information about a current news story that has taken place in a European country in the form of a class talk. The children can use powerpoint, cue cards or a poster to help them to communicate their information. If your child needs any materials or support from school then they should please let their teacher know as soon as possible.

P6 Assembly
Primary 6 have begun practising for their assembly which will take place on Friday 9th December. Please note that this assembly is NOT open to parents/carers and is a school only assembly. Your child should have received song words home with them today. Please encourage them to learn the words to the song. Also, every child will have a speaking part for the assembly and this will be given home with them by the end of this week. These should be memorised by Monday 5th December at the latest. We are sure our assembly will be a great success! Thank you for your support with this.

Christmas Fair
The school Christmas Fair takes place on Friday 2nd December from 6pm-8pm. Tickets are available from the office or upon entry on the night. We would love to see as many children and parents there as possible. Please note: If your child is in the choir you do not need to pay for a ticket for them as they will be singing on the night.

P6 Christmas Party
Yes, it really is that time of year already! The Primary 6 Christmas Party will take place on the afternoon of Monday 5th December. Your child can bring party clothes to school in the morning to get changed into or can be collected at lunchtime and come back in their party clothes at 1:10pm. We are all looking forward to it 🙂

We hope this blog post was helpful at keeping you informed of what’s coming up in Primary 6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

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