Primary 5

Another busy week in P5. The children have been working hard on different areas of the curriculum.

In writing the children wrote about their adventures last week at Lockerbie Manor and in school. They had great fun telling each other what had happened and how they felt about things. Each child was able to produce a recount of their experiences. It all sounded very exciting!

Our topic on the Scottish Wars of Independence is progressing well. We are learning about all the battles that took place and the different tactics used to help each side win. There has been great interest in the variety of weapons used and how they work. Next week we are off to Bannockburn to learn even more about all these things. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch and is dressed for the weather as we will be outside for some of the time.

The children had great fun yesterday celebrating World Book Day. It was good to see the variety of books the children brought in and they had great fun sharing these with their peers. Miss Morris also enjoyed sharing a bit of her favourite book to p5M which was quite funny! The ‘Where’s Wally’ competition caused great excitement and the children were on the lookout all day for him. Well done to everyone who found the 5 hiding places. We are now waiting to see who will be picked as the winner.

In PE the children in both classes will be learning to play hockey which will be outside. This is in preparation for the Hockey Festival on 24th March. Next week will be p5M’s last Futsal session and both classes will be going out in most weathers after that so please ensure that the children bring outdoor PE kit on a Monday and a Tuesday.


P5G P5M PE- Monday and Tuesday

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- if given due every Thursday. Please practise all times tables over and above any other homework. Children can use Education City to play games.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 5

It was lovely to meet you all at Parent Consultations this week. We thank you for your continued support to help us give the children a rewarding and stimulating learning experience.

We hope you were able to read the Recipes the children wrote about how to make a good friend. All were able to achieve the genre targets for writing instructions. They made a lovely job of re-drafting their writing and as a result produced excellent pieces of work. Hopefully some of these friendships become a reality.

We are hearing positive reports about how much the children (and parents!) are enjoying playing the games on Education City. The children can play any of the games on the site not just the ones in the homework/class section. If they find a game too hard they are able to play games in the level below to practice and reinforce their learning. Equally if they are finding games too easy the children can move up to the next level. We are definitely noticing a difference in the children’s recall of times tables facts so keep up the good work!

We continue to be impressed by the work the children are producing for their non-fiction book on The Scottish Wars of Independence. Each reading session we read the information together then the children summarise what they have learned in their own words. Many children are adding extra detail that they have researched in their own time. A great effort!

In PE P5G have started a block of Dance lessons and at the end they will perform their dance to a chosen audience. They will also choose costumes and props to complement their dance. We are seeing some interesting moves already! P5M will continue with their block of Futsal.

The children are on holiday Friday 14th, Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th February. Tuesday 18th is an in-service day for staff.



PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- no homework due next week. Please practise words for the last few weeks

Numeracy homework- no homework due next week. Please practise all times tables over and above any other homework. Children can use Education City to play games.

Holiday – Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th February


Have a great long weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir

Primary 3 28.9.18

We were so disappointed this week that we did not get to go to our Multisports Festival due to the weather not being on our side. We have a feeling Summer Winter did not want to be left alone whilst we were away and so made sure it rained hard all day! Hopefully this will be rescheduled for later in the term. Thank you so much for everyone coming to school prepared though!

We have been busy practising our songs and words for our school Harvest assembly. We  wrote acrostic poems to share our knowledge about Harvest, some of which you can see in the writing corridor.

Primary 3B (Miss Smith’s class) have been chosen to take part in Futsal every  Tuesday for the next 8 weeks and then Primary 3A (Mrs Smith/ Ms Matheson’s  class) will take part in this next term. We are very excited about this and looking forward to it. Nothing has changed, PE kit on the same days for 3B – Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Parent’s night appointment books are now open and slowly filling, so be sure to book an appointment to come in for a chat. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 6 18.5.17

Hello everyone

It has been (yet another!) extremely busy week in Primary 6 this week.

On Tuesday we visited Deans Community High School for the children’s first visit as they begin the transition from Primary School to High School. The children were met in the hall by Mrs Mordaunt (The head of S1 and S2) who introduced the children to the school, told them about their day and answered a few questions. The children then followed a short timetable attending a variety of different subjects such as PSE, English, Maths, Science, PE and Music. The children met new teachers, had experiences of High School classrooms and were allowed to discuss worries about going to High School but also what they were looking forward to. Every single child that attended behaved excellently and many of the teachers from Deans commented on how polite, well behaved and enthusiastic the children were. They were a credit to the school, their teachers and themselves. Well done everyone! The children’s next visit to Deans will be in November when they are in P7.

This week the children have also been working on booklets for their future P1 buddy. These booklets have been started by the school office staff and are created for P1 children and their parents. Primary 6 have the job of filling in important information and then decorating their future buddy’s booklet. The children are really taking their time to make these booklets fantastic. We can’t wait to see the finished products. The children will meet their buddies in June.

In PE the children have been continuing with the Futsal programme with their instructor Neil. They have also been taking part in different activities related to Athletics in Outdoor PE. So far the children have looked at sprinting, endurance running and hurdling. Please remember that children should have their PE kit with them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Homework reminder –
Spelling – Due on a Friday
Reading (P6C only) – Due on a Monday
Maths – Teacher dependent, but usually a Friday

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 6 27.4.17

Hello everyone

This week has been a busy week in Primary 6.  We have been continuing to rehearse for our assembly tomorrow.  We hope you can make it to see our final performance in the new school hall tomorrow at 11:30am.  The children have been working so hard and we hope you enjoy our assembly.

This week we began learning about our new topic of Inclusion.  We will explore how life can be challenging for different groups of people and how we can work to include others.  Today we discussed the definition of the word inclusion and also how rules in society can be used to include or exclude people. We are looking forward to learning more about how we can be inclusive citizens.

In writing this week we wrote newspaper articles about our role in planning and organising the school’s Red Nose Day event this year. We learned that we all helped to raise a massive £1070.42 for the children in Africa and the UK that need it most.  The newspaper articles are looking fabulous and we are looking forward to seeing the final finished products!

Our PE times have changed slightly from the information given last week.  We will now have a Futsal instructor coming into school every Tuesday morning to work with the children.  Both classes can come to school dressed in their PE kit with their school uniforms in their bag.  Futsal will take place on a Tuesday morning with Outdoor PE on a Wednesday morning.

Please remember that each week your child is given both spelling and maths homework. Miss Clark’s class will also soon be given weekly reading homework. Homework is usually due in on a Thursday or Friday. Please ask your child about this.

Thank you for your support. Remember children are off on holiday on Monday 1st and Thursday 4th May.  Have a fantastic long weekend and we will see the children on Tuesday morning.

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie, Mrs Kelly.

Primary 3 27.3.17

Primary 3 would like to say a huge thank you to all our visitors on Friday to our Medieval Banquet! The children really enjoyed sharing food, playing games and sharing their work. We hope you enjoyed it too!



There will be no homework this week.

Last Futsal on Tuesday so please bring indoor p.e kit.

Easter Egg hunt on Thursday- remember to bring your £1 if you have not already done so.

Finally we are off to the church on Friday for our Easter service.

Thanks for all your support this term.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith


Primary 3 06.03.17

Primary 3 have their Parent Assembly next Monday so we have lots to do in preparation. Children will be learning their lines, singing their Three Brave Knights song and practising small drama pieces. There will be no spelling or maths homework this week. We look forward to showing you all our assembly on Monday.

In maths we are finishing up with money and moving onto time. Please encourage your children to read and tell the time with digital and analogue clocks. We have also been doing lots of work with fractions- finding a fraction of a shape and number.

In writing we are using our imaginations to write a short story about a dragon living in a castle. Children made their dragons out of clay and used them to help write their description of their dragon. This week we are creating a backdrop for our dragons to help us describe where our stories are going to be set.

Futsal will run as normal on Tuesday in the hall so indoor P.E kits are required.

P3R- P.E Wednesday

P3S- P.E Monday

Please continue reading as normal this week- page numbers and chapters will be written in diaries.


Miss Rafferty & Mrs Smith

Primary 3 20.2.17

Primary 3 have been very busy at home completing the Big Homework piece. We are both so pleased with everyone’s efforts, use of resources and imagination when building and constructing their castles. We had castles in all shapes and sizes. We had castles made from cardboard, plastic, play dough, lego and even chocolate! All children were able to present their castles to the class and they are now on display in our classrooms. Well done Primary 3!

In maths we are beginning to investigate fractions. We have been learning about a half and a quarter of a shape but this week we are going to be learning about a half and quarter of a number. We will be using lots of concrete materials to help support the children’s learning.

In writing we are making our very own fact files about knights and castles. The children have been learning note taking skills and have been putting these to the test by taking notes from topic books, websites and videos. Children are then going to use these notes to create a mini fact file with headings, pictures and sentences. We will display them once they are complete.

Futsal this week will be taking place outside. So could all children bring an OUTDOOR P.E kit on Tuesday.

Reading will continue as normal this week and the children will have spelling and maths homework to complete for Friday.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 3 23.1.17

Primary 3 are learning about Scotland this week. We will be investigating Scottish Cities, Scottish food, Scottish song and dance, Scottish flag and Scottish landmarks. We are learning about Scotland as part of our Erasmus project. We will be taking lots of photos of our activities and completing short activities.

We start our Futsal workshop tomorrow which we are very excited about. Children will be learning Futsal skills, controlling the ball with their feet and working as part of a team.

We are handing out a BIG piece of homework. We are asking the children to build a medieval castle. The homework task sheet can be found in their spelling jotters. We are asking for the castles to be completed by Thursday 16th February.

Spelling and Maths homework as normal.

P.E kits:

P3S- Monday and Tuesday

P3R- Tuesday and Wednesday


Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 3

We kicked off our week yesterday with a fantastic virtual reality experience using Google Expedition. We took the children on a journey looking at the Ambush Bug and how it camouflages itself against plants, how it catches its prey and the different parts of its body. The images were so clear, it was as if we were there too! We then looked at the Seven Wonders of the World and traveled to Brazil, Mexico and even Peru!

Homework this week is the usual spelling, maths and reading but the children will be performing their chosen Scottish poem in front of the class on Thursday. They will have a copy of this in their folders. We will be assessing the presentation of this, how well they use their voice, expression, gestures and if they know it off by heart. We will then choose a class winner to perform in our Scottish  Assembly the following day.

Futsal will start next week on Tuesday 24th January, please ensure your children bring in their PE kit and have the correct footwear such as indoor gym rubbers or trainers. PE will also take place on a Monday for P3S and a Wednesday for P3R. On a similar note could you make sure your child’s indoor shoes are intact and safe for walking about the school.

We have been working hard looking at money, making totals of coins and we are currently setting up a class shop so that children can become more familiar with working out change and totals up to £2. Please encourage children to continue these strategies when out and about at the supermarket or the Centre.

Enjoy your week!

Mrs Smith & Miss Rafferty

2nd December 2016

This week we have been busy completing the Christmas Fair Enterprise products for the Christmas Fair tonight.  There will be a variety of things on sale at the Enterprise Zone including tea lights, bracelets, keyrings, baubles and much more.  Come and have a look at all the things we have made at our stall in the P6 classroom tonight.

Thank you to the children who have volunteered to help at the stall tonight-check homework diaries for the time they have been given.

Next week the Christmas fun will continue with our Christmas Party on Friday morning! Children can come to school dressed in their party clothes as the party will run from 10am onwards.

Our block of FUTSAL has now ended.  The children really enjoyed learning new skills through this and outdoor gym will resume W/B 12th December after the Christmas Party.

Reminders this week

Monday- Spelling and Reading homework

Thursday- PE kit (Miss Inglis)

Friday- Christmas Party 10am

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Greig and Mrs Steel

Primary 3 18.3.16

Primary 3’s new topic for this term is Our Outstanding Outdoors. We will be learning about plants, wildlife and investigating outdoor play parks. We are looking forward to getting outside and getting our hands dirty.

Primary 3 are also attending Futsal lessons on a Tuesday morning, The children will be learning skills like controlling the ball with their feet, passing and teamwork. Please bring an indoor P.E kit every Tuesday morning (This will replace our outdoor P.E).

Last week we started to learning a little more about money and how to give change. We will be continuing this, so please encourage your children to be more familiar with all the coins and their value.

A number of children are beginning to get excited about our trip to Lowport- we have asked the children to think of a talent/performance for the Thursday evening. If they could get back to us with that talent and any resources/music they require so we can be prepared. Miss Christy also has lots of exciting plans for the boys and girls who are not going to Lowport.


Homework- Spelling, Maths


Miss Rafferty and Miss Christy

Primary 5 22.1.15

This week Primary 5 have been learning about life in the 13th century.  We have completed a group challenge in reading to produce powerpoints about life in a burgh, castle or the countryside.  We plan to present these to the class and also at our assembly in February.  We have also looked at the life of a knight and designed our own coat of arms.

Big homework is due on the week beginning 1st of February and we are looking forward to hearing everyone’s presentations and learning from them.  Some children will also have the opportunity to present their work at the assembly.

We are looking forward to our trip to the Bannockburn Centre on 2nd of February, please remember to send back the EE2 form as quickly as possible.

We have been practising Scottish songs and poems and look forward to performing these at the Burn’s concert next week.

In Maths we have been working on multiplication and division.  please encourage your child to keep practising their tables.  They find maths so much easier when they can recall tables facts quickly.

We started a PE block with a visiting specialist on Futsal this week which is a bit like football.  The children really enjoyed it and look forward to improving their skills throughout the term.

Hope you have a good week


Mrs Jamieson Mrs Steel