Primary 3 28.9.18

We were so disappointed this week that we did not get to go to our Multisports Festival due to the weather not being on our side. We have a feeling Summer Winter did not want to be left alone whilst we were away and so made sure it rained hard all day! Hopefully this will be rescheduled for later in the term. Thank you so much for everyone coming to school prepared though!

We have been busy practising our songs and words for our school Harvest assembly. We  wrote acrostic poems to share our knowledge about Harvest, some of which you can see in the writing corridor.

Primary 3B (Miss Smith’s class) have been chosen to take part in Futsal every  Tuesday for the next 8 weeks and then Primary 3A (Mrs Smith/ Ms Matheson’s  class) will take part in this next term. We are very excited about this and looking forward to it. Nothing has changed, PE kit on the same days for 3B – Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Parent’s night appointment books are now open and slowly filling, so be sure to book an appointment to come in for a chat. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

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