Primary 6 28.5.21

Another busy week of learning for P6!

In Topic we have been looking at food served on the Titanic at that time and designed our own menus including dishes such as: boiled hominy, sirloin steak and roasted duck (1st Class) oats were served in 3rd class and roast beef.

In Maths we were calculating the perimeter of rectilinear shapes, finding out the missing sides using the information given. In Numeracy we have been dividing decimals.

We continued looking at our body systems focusing on the respiratory and digestive system. The boys and girls were shocked to discover that the intestines length is more than 7 metres long and if you flattened your lungs they would take up the size of a tennis court!

In Art P6A finished their Space Art drawings. Photos below and we will post P6Bs once completed.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will be shining!!

Mrs Smith, Mrs Jamieson & Ms Matheson

Primary 5 2.10.20

Hello to everyone,

In Reading we have finished reading our novel ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’. The children have become very much invested in the life of Bradley and there were a few tears at the end with how much Bradley had changed. The children wrote fabulous letters to their best friends and we are hoping they will be able to deliver these to them.

In PE Tennis lessons with Mrs Ferguson the children are becoming very proficient with the tennis racquet. The balls are now heading the right direction! We do have a few budding Andy Murray’s and Johanna Konta’s!

In Art the children have created pictures of Bradley using the Pop Art technique. This involved using different thickness of lines, dots and primary colours. The finished pictures look fantastic.

Homework started this week on TEAMS. The children had a spelling activity, a symmetry quiz and were learning about Article 3 of their Rights. Some children were able to complete the activities online. Some children would prefer to complete them on paper. With this in mind we will be sending home a jotter for the children to complete their homework in if they wish. This jotter can be returned to school each week or they can take a picture of their work and upload that to the photo channel in their Team.

Miss Herd will be teaching Mrs Gilmour’s class on a Monday and Tuesday from now on. She visited us this week and got to meet the children.

We are looking forward to seeing and speaking with you next week through Skype during Parent Consultations. This is our first time using Skype so please be patient if we run in to difficulties. Fingers crossed for a smooth running of the evening.


  • Outdoor PE- Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure the children have the correct kit for going outdoors- trainers, trackies/joggers, t-shirt and fleece/hoodie. They can come to school wearing their PE kit but a school jumper must be worn during the day. They can then change into their outdoor jumper when we go outside.

  • The children have chosen a book to read for enjoyment in class and it would be appreciated if you could continue to encourage your child to read for enjoyment at home.


  • Parent Consultations Wednesday and Thursday

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Munro and Mrs Muir


Primary 2 7.920

Primary 2 had a super week last week. We learned about the Artist Picasso. We looked closely at his paintings and style of painting. We discussed how the pictures made us feel and to see if they could see anything in the paintings, because his style is very abstract. Our current topic is Superhero’s and we have learned that they sometimes wear masks to hide their identity. When Picasso painted faces, they often looked like they were wearing masks. The children drew and coloured their own faces with an abstract style. They look fantastic and are going to be displayed in our corridor for the other boys and girls to see! Super work Primary 2!!

We have been continuing to do reading in class and reading aloud in small groups. Primary 2 have been practising sounding out the letters and then blending them together to say the word. They are also following the story and contributing to our group discussions about the text.

We have been sequencing and ordering our numbers within 50, with the help of number lines and 100 squares. We will continue to work on our numbers up to 100.

In science we are working our way through our senses. So far we have learned about our sense of sight and hearing. This week we will be learning about our sense of smell. We have come to realise that superheros rely quite a lot on their senses to save others and to be successful!

P.E is on a Wednesday and Thursday. Well done to all the boys and girls for wearing their kits to school.

We have also provided every child with a resource pack that will stay in school. These will be used when completing jobs/tasks in class.


Miss Rafferty, Mrs Harris & Mrs Oliver

Primary 1 – Home Learning 12.06.20

Good morning Primary 1!

Happy Friday! Well done for all of your hard work this week. We know you are all doing an amazing job at home and thank you again for continuing to share all of your fantastic work with us on the learning journals. It would be a great idea for you to finish off any of the activities on the home learning grids today as we will be posting new activities on Monday. If you have already completed the work and fancy an extra challenge then why not follow Rob Biddulph’s online art lesson? You can follow the link to Rob’s rainbow whale picture here:

He also has lots of other art videos on his channel that you can follow too! He has drawn aliens, dinosaurs, animals and lots of fun cartoon characters. His work is fantastic and easy to follow!

The Scottish Book Trust have also created a series of videos with authors live on demand. If you are interested in hearing some bedtime stories from your favourite authors then you can find some videos here:

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and that we get to see you all soon!

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2 2.6.20

Good morning Primary 2!

Happy Tuesday! We hope you all managed to access the new Learning Grids which are for the next two weeks. Remember just do what you can and if you need extra activities we post some on the blog or you can access lessons on BBC Bitesize.

Tuesday would be a day where we would do some exercise. You can of course do Joe Wick Live at 9am or Mrs Ferguson our PE teacher has put this activity together for you to try.

Joe Wicks:

Mrs Ferguson: Right Way Wrong Way

Article 19- Protection from violence, abuse and neglect

Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment by their parents or anyone else who looks after them. Here are some activities you could do to explore this week’s Article:

  • Draw or list some of the people whose job it is to help you stay safe and protected.
  • Can you think of places or situations that have special rules about safety, such as a swimming pool or train station. Choose one and design a safety poster.
  • Article 19 means that no child should be hurt, hit or treated badly. Find out about the punishments for children in schools in Victorian times. Imagine you lived then and wanted to end physical punishment in school. Write a letter to Queen Victoria explaining why you think things should change.
  • Think about the feelings we have when we know we are  safe and cared for. Write a poem or song to describe how this feels. Use good metaphors and similes to describe the emotions.

Art- Ms Fox

Over the past couple of blogs we have shared an art video that Ms Fox made to help you draw Mount Everest. Click on part 3 to find out what to do next.

Keep up the good work, you are all doing so well! Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 – 28 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Hopefully you are all still happy and healthy – we would love to hear from you. Comment below to say hi!

It is set to be another sunny day and therefore let’s look at sun safety and how we can enjoy the sun in a safe way. There are several good things about the sun. It gives us vitamin D, it is good for our minds to learn and play outdoors, it keeps us warm and it helps plants grow. We do need to be very careful though. The sun’s UV rays can harm our skin. Have you ever been sunburnt before? If so you will know how painful it can be. You can be safe in the sun by wearing adequate clothing for example shorts and t-shirt and putting sun cream on any areas of skin that are not covered. A hat is also very important to protect the top of your head from the sun. Playing in the shade where possible is also a good idea and remember to drink lots to stop you getting dehydrated.

We have included an additional sun safety task for those of you who wish to do it. You will find a sun safety poster challenge attached. Can you design a poster that can be displayed at the beach to remind people to stay safe in the sun? Remember to use a title and attractive colours to make the reader want to look at your poster. Check out this short video to help give you ideas –

We hope you are all managing to complete some of the Learning Grid activities. Remember we are here to help – just comment below or message us through the Learning Journals system with any questions.

sun safety – 28.05.20

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 1 21.5.20

Good morning Primary 1.
How are you all? The Primary 1 teachers are still missing you lots and wish we could be back in school together. It is great to see all the photos you are sharing of the work being done at home. You are making us very proud teachers! Keep up the great work and please continue to post your photos on the Learning Journals.
Ms Fox has created some learning activities you might want to try to help develop your art skills while you are at home. She is missing working with you and wants you to continue to practise drawing different objects and things you see in your everyday life. Here are some of the suggestions she gives:
1. On your daily walk you could pick up a leaf, flower or interesting object to draw when you return from your walk, or draw these items from your garden or from your window.

Here are some interesting objects I have found on my walks:

2. Do a drawing of your back garden or of your house from the outside, or a drawing of your favourite room in the house.
3. Draw a member of your family.
4. Draw a pet, or an animal or bird that you see on your daily walk. You could always ask your parents or guardians to take a photograph for you to make it easier
5. Create a poster of the things that you think about when you think of ‘Summer’. This could include the word ‘Summer’ in bubble writing so that you can decorate inside the letters. You may wish to include a picture of the sun, flowers growing, leaves on the trees, cold drinks or salads, your favourite summer outfit, the games that you like to play in summertime (tennis, badminton, pass the ball, running, etc). Your poster should be ablaze with summery colours and drawings.
The most important thing here is that you are practicing your drawing skills no matter what you draw and most of all, that you have fun!!
We will share any photos of your drawings with Ms Fox. I know she will love seeing your super work!
Keep working hard and as always please get in contact if you have any questions.
Miss Christy, Miss Daun and Miss Cunningham

Primary 3 Wednesday 20th May 2020

Ca va Primary 3?

I hope you are all well and are looking forward to a quick online check-in today. I know we are! It is the highlight of our weeks! Remember to log on to Teams today at 10am to tell us your news and how you all are.

For a little bit of Science, why not get involved with Dr Chip’s Daily Dose, at 10am there is a link to follow for today for ‘Wonder Wednesday’, looking at ‘Biomimicry’ taking inspiration from nature for engineering.

Mrs Fox has also given us a little Art lesson should you wish to try it out.

Drawing a symmetrical Mask. The video guide can be accessed here: Symmetrical Mask Guide and the outline can be downloaded from here:Symmetry Mask Outline.

Word Boost Word definitions has been added to assignments in Teams. The words are as follows:

Cat’s Ahoy – Miss Smith’s Class:

Verbs: clamp, steer, quiver, abandon

Adjectives: silent, solemn

Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary – Mr Woodward’s Class:

Nouns: directions, souvenir

Verbs: drift, glisten

Adjectives: rickety, glum

Writing: For this week’s writing we are jumping back into space and we are going to spend a day on the International Space Station. Watch this short video to see 2 real astronauts on the ISS and what they get up to on board –

Write a diary entry of at least half a page of A4 about a day in space. What would you do during the day, what things would you see, who would you speak to and what would you say, how would you enjoy yourselves, what would it feel like and how would a day on the ISS make you feel? Remember to SHOW the reader what you see and do, don’t just tell them. Use your descriptions and choose the best words!

Maths: For today’s maths we are looking at Tesselation. Tesselation is the creation of patterns using shapes tiled together, e.g.

Your challenge is to create your own tesselation pattern. You can draw the shapes, using a ruler for straight lines, you can use Paint or another art programme on your computer, or you could go outside and create a tesselated pattern in your garden using natural materials.

Today’s Number Talks:

3 x 8                        2 x 325

2 x 6                        2 x 300

8 x 6                        6 x 300

Challenge Sum

362 x 28

Have a great day, and looking forward to speaking with you all.

Miss Smith and Mr Woodward

Primary 2 13.5.20

Good morning Primary 2!

We hope you are successfully making your way through the learning grids. Remember just do what you can! We hope the weather will improve through the week which means you can get outside for your exercise and walks with your family.

Art- Wednesday

Ms Fox would normally take you for your weekly art lesson. We hope you have been still practising your art/drawing skills through our topic tasks however Ms Fox has put some lesson ideas for you to try. Click on the link below to see if you would like to try one of them!

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Sheet for Art

RRSA-Article 14

How have you been getting on with learning about Article 14- Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents to guide their child as they grow up.

Here are a couple of activities you could do this week to learn more about the right to think and believe what they choose:

  • List as many religions as you can think of. Do you know what symbols are linked with these religions? Have a go at drawing them if you can.
  • Why do you think religious buildings are important? Think of and draw a building that is important to you or make a sculpture of one of these buildings using things you can find around the house (old cereal boxes, empty toilet roll etc.). This could be a religious building like a church or a temple, or even a school or a library. Write a sentence or two about why this building is important to you.


Have a good day Primary 2 and if you have any questions about the work that has been set today or on the learning grids please get in touch on the blog or through Learning Journals. Continue to post what you can on the Learning Journals as we enjoy seeing you all busy at home.

Stay safe,

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

Primary 1 23.4.20

Good morning Primary 1,
If you had time to do the Enormous Turnip drama yesterday we hope you enjoyed it! It is a great way to demonstrate and practise your drama skills.
What signs of spring have you been noticing? It is amazing to see the changes around us as we move from winter to spring. Do you have a favourite season and if so why is it your favourite? My favourite season is spring because the weather turns warmer and beautiful flowers bloom.
Today, we thought you might like to try some art. Steve Harpster does great how to draw videos for children.
The following link will take you to a video where he teaches us how to draw a dragon using a heart:
Even though Valentine’s Day has passed we thought it would be a lovely thing to draw since our topic is fairyland and we want to share lots of love during this time. Once you are finished, we would love to see your drawings on your learning journals. Good luck!
Stay safe and have super-duper Thursday!
Miss Cunningham, Miss Christy and Miss Daun

Primary 5


In primary 5 this week some of us went to Lockerbie Manor and some stayed in school.

if you want to read about the Lockerbie Manor adventures please click on the Residential News tab above.

The children who stayed in school have been doing exciting activities as well. On Wednesday we looked at Coats of Arms and how they are created. The children are now designing their own Coat of Arms and putting on things that are specific to them. We will be continuing with this activity today where we will be painting them.

Mr Shanks brought the virtual reality equipment along and the children got to experience a range of adventures – we went underwater and saw the Great Barrier Reef, we visited the Mackie ice-cream factory, we travelled to Edinburgh castle, we zoomed up into space and we visited ancient Egypt. Tyler said-“It was really fun to see all the different places.”

In art with Ms Fox the children made monsters. Oliver said “It was very, very fun and cool”

Today the children are going to create Scottish and English soldiers to guard the P5 classroom. When the other children return hopefully they will not be frightened!

They will also have PE with Mrs Ferguson where they will be getting all the equipment out and have a fun obstacle course.

We would like to ask the Lockerbie Manor people some questions-

Are you all having fun?- Ammar

Did anyone scream when you were rock climbing?- Lina

Did everyone sleep ok?- Katie

What do you think has been the best activity? – Elle

What has the food been like? – Tyler

Did you get soaking wet and mucky?- Aaron

We are looking forward to you answering our questions. We will check in again tomorrow.

Hope you have fun

From Primary 5

Primary 4 9.12.19

Hello everyone

It is the start of our second last week of term and we are now very busy in the run up to Christmas. Today we are going to watch the P1 nativity dress rehearsal and tomorrow we will watch the P2/3 nativity dress rehearsal. Wednesday is our Christmas party. It will take place all afternoon and children can bring party clothes to school to change into or they can go home for lunch and come back dressed for the afternoon.

In RME we have been learning about the Christmas story. The children learned about King Herod’s role in the story and the importance of this. Through drama the children were able to act as different characters in the nativity story. They could also ask the different characters questions in order to learn more about the nativity story.

In numeracy the children have worked hard to begin learning the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables and their related division facts this term. This week we will begin to work on multiplying larger numbers before revising all that we have learned next week. After the Christmas holidays we will begin to look at fractions in numeracy.

One of our PE days has changed. Indoor PE with Mrs Ferguson will now be on a Wednesday. The other session of PE will continue to take place on Tuesdays. The children have also begun to have Art lessons with Ms Fox on a Wednesday.

Homework was handed out last week for the final time this term. It is due in next Monday 16th December. Starred activities must be completed and the rest are optional.

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely week.

Miss Clark & Mrs Muir

Primary 5

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas Fair. The children all did very well selling their products and many stalls sold out! The children seemed to enjoy the experience greatly and organised their rota very well considering we had so many children ill that week who were unable to attend. Thank you again for supporting this event and making P5 enterprise such a success.

Both classes enjoyed the pantomime, Mother McGoose, on Monday. There was lots of audience participation and the children laughed at all the jokes.

Primary 5 will be singing at the beginning of the P1 and P2/3 Nativities. The children have been learning the words and they are sounding good already. We also have a solo performer, who has been working with Mr Shanks, and rehearsals have been going very well.

In science the children are making good progress with their fact files on their chosen endangered animal. They have found lots of interesting facts and pictures.

Primary 5 have started art lessons with our specialist teacher Ms Fox. They will be creating faces and figures connected to our next topic The Scottish Wars of Independence.

On Tuesday 10th December P5 will have their Christmas party at 1.15pm. If your child is not going home for lunch they can bring in their party clothes in a named bag and get changed at lunch time. The excitement is building!



P5M -Outdoor PE- Monday.

P5G-Futsal (indoors) -Monday

PE with Mrs Ferguson-Thursday.

Spelling homework- due every Friday.

Numeracy homework- due Thursday

Research about Scottish endangered animal at home


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Gilmour, Miss Morris, Mr Shanks and Mrs Muir


Primary 4 29.11.19

Hello everyone

We have had a very busy week in Primary 4. We have been working hard on learning our Scottish song for today’s St Andrew’s Day assembly. We were working hard to learn “Bananas are the best” and the children performed very well today. Well done everyone.

Our thoughts now turn towards Christmas. Tonight is the Christmas Fair and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. The Fair runs from 6 until 8pm and you can buy tickets at the door. In class we have been learning about the Christian story of Christmas. The children learned about the important role that King Herod played in this story and made story boards to showcase their learning.

In school next week we are very excited to watch a Panto in the big hall. We are also looking forward to our delicious Christmas lunch on Tuesday. Remember – if your child has not ordered a Christmas lunch then they should bring a packed lunch to school with them on Tuesday.

Homework is due in on Monday and we will hand out new reading books to some groups and new homework on Wednesday. The next set of homework will be due on Monday 16th December and this will be the last piece of homework before the Christmas holidays. Please remember that only the starred activities must be completed. Thank you.

We would also like to say thank you to all the boys and girls who have already presented their class talks. We can really tell that the children have worked so hard on preparing them. Thank you as well for all of your support in working with the children on these at home. It is very much appreciated. Anyone who has not already presented their class talk will do so next week.


PE days have now changed. PE with Mrs Ferguson will now take place on a WEDNESDAY instead of a Thursday as before. The other session of PE with Miss Clark and Mrs Muir will still take place on a Tuesday.

The children will also begin to work with Ms Fox on a Wednesday in Art.

Thank you for all of your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark and Mrs Muir

Primary 4 2.5.19

Hello everyone

It has been a very exciting week in Primary 4. If you look in the “Residential news” section of this blog then you will see several updates about the visit to Auchengillan that some primary 4 children attended on Monday and Tuesday. A great time was had by all and there were a few sleepy faces in school yesterday morning – and that was just the teachers!

The children who did not go to Auchengillan had a fun time back in school learning more about caterpillars and butterflies before our real caterpillars arrive in class in a few weeks time! They also had the opportunity to explore the International Space Station and the solar system through using Google Expeditions on the iPads. Some children also created fabulous mini beasts out of clay. Sounds like a fabulous couple of days!

This week we have begun working on the 7 times table in class. The children have picked this up quickly and they are using concrete materials, number lines and known multiplication facts to help them develop their understandings of this tricky times table!

Today in class we had the opportunity to design and create our very own mini beasts using our knowledge of common insects characteristics and defenses. The children designed their insects in their topic jotters before using different shapes, sizes and colours of paper to create a collage of their mini beast in the style of the artist Matisse. These are looking fabulous so far and we look forward to putting the finished products up on the wall for all to see!

A quick reminder that there will be no school next Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May due to the May bank holiday. All children will resume on Wednesday 8th May.

Thank you for all support. Have a lovely long weekend.

Miss Clark and Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 3.4.19

Hello everyone

Primary 4 are having a lovely last week of term so far. We have been learning about the Easter story this week in RME. We have been learning about which countries traditionally celebrate Easter and why. We have also been learning how every country has different Easter traditions. Today we are making Easter crafts and practising our cutting, sticking and colouring skills. We also used paper fasteners to bring our craft to life 🙂 In class we have been learning Easter songs to sing at the church on Friday morning.

In maths we have been consolidating our learning of different multiplication and division strategies that we have learned this term. The children designed posters that showed their knowledge of multiplication and division facts, shared strategies that help them to solve problems and created their own word problems! P4D shared their posters with the class and Mr Shanks made a surprise visit to P4C to see all their hard work. Well done to both classes!

Last week we had the pleasure of watching the dress rehearsal of the P6/7 show. It was spectacular and we all loved it – especially the amazing dance moves! We wish P6/7 good luck as they perform this show to their families tomorrow.

We have begun to learn the songs and now the dances for the P4/5 show “Rock Bottom”. The dances are very energetic and we look forward to getting to know them better. Some children have been given lines to learn over the Easter Holidays. Other children will be told more about their parts after the holidays.

This will be our last blog post before the Easter Holidays. We look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 23rd April and hope you all have a restful and enjoyable Easter break!

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 11.3.19

Primary 2 have been busy learning about the desert and this week we are going to be learning about Africa and the animals that live in Africa. Primary 2R will be sharing some of their learning at their class assembly tomorrow so we look forward to welcoming you to school tomorrow. Some children received letters about a costume, please remember to send them in with their assembly clothes tomorrow.

In Maths this week we are going to be learning about symmetry. We will be focusing on finding one line of symmetry on a variety of different shapes and objects. Encourage your child to explain what the term symmetry means- can you find any lines of symmetry in the house?

Primary 2 have been invited to the Red Nose Day assembly on Friday. We will be watching a comedy show, dressing crazy and trying to create a big castle from our red nose day boxes. Friday is also Miss Henderson’s last day in Primary 2R. We will be sad to see her leave but we wish her all the best in her future teaching career. The children have loved having her in class! She will be joining us again for our class trip to the Zoo in April.

Our specialist timetable is changing shortly and Primary 2 will be receiving Art lessons from Ms Fox and P.E lessons from Mrs Ferguson. (our P.E will move from Wednesday to Thursday)

Homework was issued today and it is due back Thursday 21st March. Please remember to come to school with a water bottle and indoor shoes.

Thanks, Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Friday 9th November 2018 – Primary 5

We have had another busy week in Primary 5.

The children have started learning Spanish, starting with the alphabet.

For our Topic, we have started learning about Endangered Animals all around the world. Discovering what animals are endangered and what is being done to help them.

In Art, we were learning about the artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and looking at his work.  The children have been busy making clay tiles influenced by Mackintosh, once dry they carefully painted them and added black pen for the finer details.

Primary 5 are again organising this year’s Children in Need Fundraising event.  Dress down day on Friday 17th wearing  something spotty.  All the pupils can dress down, please give a minimum donation of 50p.  Primary 5 will be going round the classes selling Pudsey ears, badges, wristbands and keyrings.

Please remember that we have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Thursday, PE kit is essential.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Davies and Mrs Jamieson

Primary 7 3.5.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy week in Primary 7. We had a visit from teachers and students from Deans Community High School today. They told us what it was like to move from Carmondean Primary to Deans High. They also answered any questions the children had about High School. It was a very informative session and very helpful for the children.

Some of the Primary 7 children will be leaving on our France Residential a week on Sunday (13th May). Please ensure that all letters are signed and returned and EHIC Health cards are returned to the school as soon as possible. If you require your child to take any medication on the trip then the appropriate form should be filled in and returned to the school before next Friday. For forms and any extra information please contact the school office as soon as possible.

The children created fantastic pieces of art work this week based on interesting skylines from around the world. They used photographs of famous skylines to help plan out their own. They then transferred their work onto black card and then painted beautiful skies with water colour paints which will frame their skyline. These are looking fantastic and will be on display until the end of term.

The children have also worked on creating informative posters for the Primary 6 children this week. Soon, the Primary 7’s will leave Carmondean Primary behind and the P6s will replace them as buddies to our new Primary 1 children in August. The children worked with a partner to create a poster that tells the Primary 6 children about their experiences of being a buddy and how to overcome any challenges. We will present these to the Primary 6 classes next week.

We are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week. Have a lovely long weekend and we will see the children on Wednesday.
Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PE days
Monday – Outdoor PE
Wednesday – Indoor PE

Homework – Spelling and Maths due Friday

Primary 2/3 1.5.18

It’s the 1st May! We can’t believe how quick the year is going!

We have been working very hard in Primary 2/3. We have drawn ourselves with pencil and then added the features of a pirate: eye patches, Jolly Roger, hats, earings and black and gold teeth. We cut up coloured paper to make it more like a collage. They are now on display in our classroom with our own “Pirate name”.

We have been singing lots of pirate songs using a variety of instruments and incorporating dance moves. Encourage the boys and girls to perform one of the songs for you!

Today we are going to be writing a Pirate acrostic poem. We will use our writing skills and pirate knowledge to write some really interesting Pirate poems.

In Maths we have been learning about arrays. Both Primary 2 and Primary 3 have been using arrays to help solve multiplication questions and Primary 3 have been using them to help answer division questions too! We are so shocked at how easy times tables are becoming!

Its a big Eco-week this week and we will be learning about keeping our local environment clean and tidy, planting in our allocated planters and learning about the biodiversity of the coral reef. This should link nicely with our topic of Treasure Islands.

P.E- Outdoor on Monday, Indoor on Thursday


Miss Rafferty


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