Primary 7 13.6.18

Hello everyone

It was lovely to welcome everyone back after their week of transition at Deans Community High School last week. We were very pleased to hear that the children thoroughly enjoyed their transition activities and now feel more familiar with the high school environment.

The last 3 weeks of Primary 7 are going to our busiest yet! The children have been exploring the skills, qualities and qualifications that you need in order to succeed in a variety of different occupations. We have researched a huge amount of careers including video game testing, geology, plumbing and translation! Now the children are working in groups to display their findings in creative ways and will be creating advertisements to showcase their chosen career. All of this hard work will be on display at our Carmondean Open Morning on Friday morning.

Parents, families and friends of children in P7C can visit the school between 9:30-10:30am and parents, families and friends of children in P7M can visit the school between 11:00-12:00. We really look forward to seeing you & the children are looking forward to showing their learning.

Rehearsals for the Leavers Assembly are now well underway. The children now know their lines and are working on perfecting the show and practising the songs. We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 27th June at 1:30pm in the big hall.

Next Tuesday 19th June the children will be going to Aberdour Beach with their P1 buddies. Please ensure that the children return their EE2 forms and £4 for the bus as soon as possible. The children should come prepared for all weathers and bring a packed lunch with them or order one from the school in advance.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 31.5.18

Hello everyone

We are approaching a very busy and exciting time in Primary 7! Next week the majority of children will take part in a full week of transition activities up at Deans Community High School. Children should come to Carmondean on Monday morning (4th June) at the regular time of 8:50am. Mrs Macaulay & I will then walk the children up to the high school for around 9:20am where they will meet their tutor group and begin to follow their timetable as they will in August. On Wednesday, the children will take part in an activity called the “Hurricane Challenge” instead of following their timetable. Most of this activity will take place outdoors so the children should attend the High School on that day dressed appropriately for the weather.

IMPORTANT: The children should make their own way up to DCHS for the normal time of 8:30am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. They will return to Carmondean on Monday 11th June.

Rehearsals for our Leavers Assembly are in full swing and the children are working hard to make props and gifts for the ceremony. Please encourage your child to work on learning any words they need to memorise and also learning the words to the 3 songs that we will be performing at the Leavers Assembly on Wednesday 27th June.

The children have been working very hard both in school and at home to finish and perfect their “My Life so Far” projects that they have been working on since August. The final copies are due in tomorrow and Mrs Macaulay and I are so impressed with the quality of these projects. We can’t wait to see the final projects tomorrow. The children will present them at the upper school assembly later on in June.

Important days/dates:

Outdoor PE: Monday
Outdoor/Indoor PE with Mrs Ferguson: Wednesday

Leavers Assembly: Wednesday 27th June @ 1:30pm
Prom: Deer Park Golf & Country Club on Thursday 28th June 6-6:30pm arrival until 9:00pm *Please note* Prom letters have been handed out and should be returned by Monday 11th June.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 7 3.5.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy week in Primary 7. We had a visit from teachers and students from Deans Community High School today. They told us what it was like to move from Carmondean Primary to Deans High. They also answered any questions the children had about High School. It was a very informative session and very helpful for the children.

Some of the Primary 7 children will be leaving on our France Residential a week on Sunday (13th May). Please ensure that all letters are signed and returned and EHIC Health cards are returned to the school as soon as possible. If you require your child to take any medication on the trip then the appropriate form should be filled in and returned to the school before next Friday. For forms and any extra information please contact the school office as soon as possible.

The children created fantastic pieces of art work this week based on interesting skylines from around the world. They used photographs of famous skylines to help plan out their own. They then transferred their work onto black card and then painted beautiful skies with water colour paints which will frame their skyline. These are looking fantastic and will be on display until the end of term.

The children have also worked on creating informative posters for the Primary 6 children this week. Soon, the Primary 7’s will leave Carmondean Primary behind and the P6s will replace them as buddies to our new Primary 1 children in August. The children worked with a partner to create a poster that tells the Primary 6 children about their experiences of being a buddy and how to overcome any challenges. We will present these to the Primary 6 classes next week.

We are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday next week. Have a lovely long weekend and we will see the children on Wednesday.
Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

PE days
Monday – Outdoor PE
Wednesday – Indoor PE

Homework – Spelling and Maths due Friday

Primary 7 16.11.17


This week in Primary 7, P7C went swimming at Deans Community High School. We began by playing a game in the shallow end then we went into the deep end and did 2 laps.

Also Michelle from the West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service came in to talk to us on Wednesday about the dangers of second hand smoke. We then started to make leaflets about smoke free homes and zones. These leaflets are being entered into a competition. The best leaflet will be printed professionally and handed out to the whole school community to make everyone aware about the dangers of second hand smoke.

In PE we are doing gymnastics with Mrs Ferguson. We are trying to get perfect landings and shapes in the air. Some of us are going to a competition next week. Wish us luck!

We have also been looking at energy in science. We started making energy posters in small groups about different types of energy.

In art we have been making Japanese cups with clay and we are painting them. We are now adding the finishing touches.

Have a nice weekend!

By Mason, Megan, Ryan, Natalia.

Primary 7 – 11.05.17

Hello from Primary 7

It has been a very hectic week in Primary 7. Most of the work the children have done this week is in their assessment jotter. You will have the opportunity to look back at all of their assessments when the children bring their jotters back at the end of term.

The Prom committee had another meeting this week. They have decided on the colour scheme and food. The venue will be decorated using the colours red, light blue and purple.

They have requested a chocolate fountain – if anyone has access to one of these please let us know.

Well done to our two teams who took part in the maths challenge at DCHS. Congratulations to Carmondean B who came first (Emma, Jessica, Helena & Chanel) and Carmondean A who came third (Sarah, Niamh, Ben & Ciaran). They all got a certificate and a sweet for taking part and the school are the proud owners of a large shield for the next year. Well done to everyone for their hard work.

The children presented their buddy posters to primary 6 who asked lots of questions about being a buddy. Primary 7 are looking forward to the beach trip with their buddies on 20th June.

The children are very excited about the upcoming France residential. Please ensure all medication has been handed into school by Friday. The children who are staying in school will be working with Miss Farren on a variety of activities.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 6 05.05.17

Hello everyone

We hope the children have had an enjoyable couple of days off school this week.

This week the children continued with the Living and Growing programme. They have been learning about the changes that happen in our bodies, particularly girls’ bodies, as we grow older. If you have any queries about this programme please do not hesitate to ask.

In PE we have been participating in Athletics based activities. All of the activities this week involved sprinting. The children also researched one of 3 Olympians/Paralympians: Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill or Ellie Simmonds. The children then used this research to write detailed biographies about their chosen athlete. We discussed the skills and qualities that athletes need to develop in order to become successful. We linked these to our work on Athletics in PE. Next week we will move onto jumping activities.

Next week, the children will take part in a Judo taster session on Tuesday morning. They will also have Futsal as normal on Tuesday and Outdoor PE on Wednesday. Please remind your child to bring full PE kit (including trainers) to school on these days.

On Tuesday 16th May the children will be making their first visit to Deans Community High School as part of their transition to High School next year. We will be at the high school from 9:15-12:20 and we will be back at Carmondean in time for lunch as normal. Children can take a snack with them up to the high school too.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 7 – 21.04.17

Welcome to the last term in P7 and primary school for the children!

The children have been choosing their best piece of writing to enter the Young Writer competition. These have been sent away and fingers crossed we will have a winner!

Miss Lindsay from DCHS was in school on Wednesday working with the children on Didbook. The children will be identifying their strengths and next steps for high school. When the children receive their loin and password you will be able to read at home what they have written. This was all explained at the information meeting which took place last term.

Miss Thompson completed her final visit with P7W – the focus was on Algebra. The children were able to solve simple Algebraic equations. Initially the children were slightly apprehensive about this but by the end they were very confident!

PE this term will be on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure our child has appropriate kit for these days.

In health we will be using the Living and Growing resource to review the physical and emotional changes that take place at the onset of puberty. We will be looking at the development of relationships and how they can interact appropriately with others. You will receive a letter about this shortly.

The children will be working on their My Life So Far each Thursday for the next few weeks. Please ensure your child brings all/part of their project so that they can continue to work on it in class as well as at home.

Yesterday the children received information about the Residential to France. Please ensure the relevant sheets are returned to school as soon as possible. If your child will need medication, please ensure the relevant form ahs been filled in before hand.


Spelling homework

PE on Monday and Wednesday

Maths homework


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 – 03.03.17


We are pleased to report our Inspectors were very impressed with our school and children, you should be very proud of your children!

The children have been practising hard this week for the school show – Alice the Musical. Please can you help them to learn words and songs as from next week the children will not be using their scripts.

Miss Wilson’s maths set had a visit from Miss Thomson from DCHS. She was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.

It was World Book day yesterday and P7 read books with their P1 buddies to celebrate. We are hoping that this will become a regular occurrence.

Next Friday the children will be going to DCHS for a transition activity – The Hurricane Challenge. More details to follow.



After school clubs have now finished

Spelling homework

Maths homework

Continue to learn songs and scripts for school show

Continue to work on My Life So Far

WW2 Personal Project

PSA Spring Disco – Thursday 9th March – please send money in an envelope


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 02.12.16

Another busy week in Primary 7!

The children have been working hard on their Enterprise activities for the Christmas Fair. Hopefully you can come along to the Christmas fair tonight and see them in action!

In PE the children have been creating playground games for their buddies. Next week they will be teaching their buddies how to play these games.

Mr Anderson from DCHS had another practice with all the children and they are sounding fantastic! The children are getting excited about singing at the high school on Thursday 15th December.

P7 assisted in the smooth running of the Christmas lunch. They served the children from P1 to P6. Then the adults in the dining room served the P7s with their lunch.


Christmas Fair – Friday 2nd December at 6pm

PE days have changed to a Monday and Tuesday – please ensure that your child has kit on these days

Children should continue to bring in their My Life So Far folder on a Thursday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour



Primary 7 – 28/10/16

A spooky time as had by all at the Halloween party last night. A fantastic range of outfits were worn and well done to the winners!

This week has been another busy week in P7. The children finished their Japan books and read them to primary 4. Primary 4 then gave P7 feedback on what they liked about the books and what needed to be improved.

After school clubs started this week, please remind the children that it is important to attend every week. If they are unable to attend then please let the school know.

On Wednesday we had a visit from two high school teachers – Miss Thomson worked with Mrs Gilmour’s class in maths and Mr Anderson worked with both classes to start preparing them for the song that they will sing at the High School Christmas concert.

Next week we will begin work on our Remembrance topic – if you have any photographs or memories to share about relatives who died during a war and you are happy to share these, please could you contact the school. The children will be creating a display/wreath to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of why Remembrance is important. We will be learning the song ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ to sing at assembly.

We have also started preparing for our ERASMUS visitors coming on the week beginning 14 November. The children are creating a display for the classroom. They will also be making boxes on the theme of Scotty dogs which we will fill with homemade tablet to give to our visitors. We will be learning the song ‘Scotland’s Story’ by the Proclaimers to sing for our visitors.

Next Monday we have a visit from West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service who will be working with the children on he dangers of substance misuse.

Next Friday 4th selected children will be attending the rearranged Sportshall Athletics event at Craigswood Sports Centre. Please remember to wear your PE kit and bring a water bottle. The rest of the children will e having outdoor PE on this day so they will also need PE kit and water bottle.


Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

Remembrance homework

Learn lyrics to songs – Scotland’s Story and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

PE kit on Wednesday and Friday

P7W swimming kit on Wednesday (last session)


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 10.6.16

Hello everyone

We have been very busy this week getting organised for our Leavers Assembly. The children have been practising hard and can’t wait for their parents and the rest of the school to see the final performance. The Leavers Assembly will be on Monday 27th June beginning at 1:30pm. If you have not requested tickets yet you can do so at the office next week. We hope to see you all there!
Children should ensure that they spend next week memorising any lines that they have and also learning the words to the three songs that we will be performing. It is vitally important that the children practise next week as we will have our first performance in front of an audience (the Primary 2s and 3s) on Thursday 23rd June.

Next week the majority of the children will take part in a transition week at Deans Community High School. The children should come to Carmondean in the morning for a normal 8:50am start. Miss Farren & I will then walk the children up to DCHS for a 9:30am start. Children should wear their Carmondean uniforms. On Monday however the children will be taking part in the “Hurricane Challenge” and should wear trainers and bring a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather. The children should go straight to Deans on Tuesday-Friday mornings for a 8:35am start. We are sure that the children will represent the school and themselves very well and that they will enjoy getting to meet their new classmates. We look forward to hearing how they get on.

On Friday 24th June the school is hosting a Technologies Open Morning. You will have the opportunity to come into the school to look at your children’s best work that they have chosen to put in their learning journals. You will then also have the opportunity to go to the school hall and look at the new technology equipment that the school has invested in. Parents of children in P7F can visit the school between 9:30-10:30am. Parents of children in P7C can visit the school between 11:15am-12:15pm. We would love to see as many of you there as possible.

Children who are attending other High Schools and are not going to the DCHS transition week will be able to complete a variety of work related to our Leavers Assembly. They will also have the opportunity to work with other teachers and younger classes in the school, assisting with their learning.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren