Primary 6 wb 13/9/21

Hello everyone

It has been another busy week in Primary 6 this week! In Spanish we have been learning how to pronounce colours and write the colours in words using the feminine and masculine spellings. In French we have consolidated our knowledge of the numbers from 1-100 through dance!

In Technologies we have continued exploring coding. Last week, we learned that algorithms are instructions for computers and they need to be very accurate. This week, we have applied this knowledge to create instructions to get from one object on our table to another. We have used our knowledge of angles and compass points to design our instructions and then tested the accuracy of the instructions using tape. If our instructions were not correct we had to “debug” them by fixing them.

In maths we have been learning about different types of angles such as acute, right angled and obtuse. We have also learned that the total amount of degrees in a shape can vary. We used our problem solving skills to find the missing angle in triangles and quadrilaterals.

In P.E we are beginning to develop our football skills! We have been practising using our right and left foot to dribble and pass the ball.



The latest homework grid is now on teams and is due to be completed on the 24th September.


Enjoy the rest of your week


Mr Drysdale & Mrs Scott

Primary 6 7.9.21

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

Primary 6 have been busy bees already this week. In Spanish and French we have been learning to count forwards and back. In Spanish we have been learning to count from 1-31 and we played some very competitive games of bingo to consolidate our knowledge. In French we have been learning the numbers from 1-100 with the help of this song: French Numbers 1-100 Song
Feel free to practice at home P6! 🙂

In Technologies we have been exploring coding. We know that an algorithms are instructions for computers. We also know that algorithms need to be very accurate in order for a computer to follow our instructions exactly. We have been playing coding games on: Coding Games
These games have been helping us to learn how to “debug” our algorithms if we’ve not quite given the computer the correct instructions. Primary 6 have shown a lot of resilience today often having to try several times to debug an algorithm.

If you would like to see more updates from Primary 6 then please follow our school twitter page. You will find us at @carmondean_ps. Mrs Scott and Mr Drysdale also have their own twitter pages @Mrs_ScottCPS and @MrDrysdale4 if you wish to follow us there to see more P6 updates.

Homework is due in on Friday. This can be submitted on Teams or be brought into school as a paper copy.
PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please remember PE uniform means that non uniform hoddies/jumpers should only be worn during outdoor PE sessions themselves and not throughout the school day.
Please send your child to school with a full water bottle each day. This can be refilled when required.
If you have not yet seen our “Meet the Teacher” videos then please have a look at the P6A and P6B Teams pages to learn more about us and the year ahead in Primary 6.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mrs Scott & Mr Drysdale

Primary 2 26.10.20

Happy Monday Primary 2!

Here is your homework sheet:

Homework Sheet – Monday 26th October

Remember you have two weeks to complete the activities on the grid. We will collect the homework back in on Friday 6th November. However reading books will be issued every week and please remember to bring them to school with you every day.

We had a super trip to the woods on Friday and we are looking forward to go back on Friday 6th November. We were using our non standard measuring skills to measure different items in the woods. The children did really well!

Halloween is approaching and we are looking forward to seeing you all dressed up on Friday. We have a few Halloween crafts and activities to do this week. We will also be writing a spooky story with lots of description, using our describing bubbles to help us.

We will be putting our prediction skills to the test this week in reading. They will be listening/reading short stories and predicting what they think might happen next based on what they have already read and found out about the characters/setting.

In maths were are beginning to work on our addition and counting on skills. We are combining sets to start and then we will be using number lines to help us count on.

We are going to be using the netbooks this week to practise logging on and off (typing in usernames and passwords), practise writing our names and changing the font and size.

In science we are going to be investigating the moon and learning about why/how the moon changes every night. We will ask you to take a look at the moon every night before bed to see if you can see it changing!

We hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe.

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Harris

Primary 1 – Home Learning 29.04.20

Happy Vendredi Primary 1!

This morning we thought it would be a nice idea for you to explore Glasgow Science Centre’s video on how to create your own bird feeder. There are bound to be lots of hungry birds in your own garden so why not make them feel at home with a handmade bird feeder? Maybe you could even try to identify some of the birds you see in your garden and make a note of how many birds visit each day?  If you are interested, Glasgow Science Centre also will be bringing a bit of science into your home every day at 10am to help keep everyone inspired in these challenging times, so please feel free to explore some of their other videos too.

Link to Glasgow Science Centre website:

The bird feeder will allow you to give the birds in your local area a helping hand while recycling some materials you have at home. You can access the Glasgow Science Centre’s bird feeder video by following the link below:

For this activity you will need:

  • a clean yogurt pot
  • seeds (or you can also use nuts/raisins/sultanas/apples/bananas)
  • string
  • a pencil
  • a bowl
  • lard (or substitutes like peanut butter, almond butter mixed with flour or vegetable/beef suet)

When you have created your bird feeder, think about how the materials you have used feel. For example are they sticky, squidgy, soft, fluffy, hard, rough, wet, light or heavy? We would love to see some examples of your bird feeders on the learning journals! Maybe you could even take a picture of a hungry bird eating the seeds?

If you would like to access the step by step guide you can follow the instructions in the document below:

How To Make A Bird Feeder

Thank you for all of your support,

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 2

Primary 2 have been using the computers in class to practise logging on and off, using the internet to find out about Pirates and checking on the school blog.

Hello Primary 2!! Its Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir here. If you say the secret word to us which is “Treasure” then you can have 20 house points!! This means you have managed to find our P2 post on the school blog.

Homework was handed out yesterday with new reading books. This is due back in 23rd May.

P.E is Tuesday and Thursday for both classes.

Primary 6 15.9.16

Hello everyone

Primary 6 have had a busy week learning more about the Industrial Revolution. The children learned about the move for many people from the countryside into cities and the problems that were created by cramped tenement housing. We then created our own “City Landscape” at the back of the Primary 6 classrooms which looks fantastic!

In writing this week the children created their own “magic box” and thought about all the magical and exciting things they could put into their box. The children then worked very hard to write fantastic poetry based on their boxes. Well done!

In ICT, Mr Shanks introduced both classes to software called “Kodu”. This software enables us to create our own simple computer games using some visual programming language. The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming familiar with this software; controlling their own characters and developing their own unique worlds. We look forward to learning more in the coming weeks.

You should receive a letter today about our trip to New Lanark.  We are planning on making this visit on Thursday 29th September.  The cost of this trip is £5.50 per child and should be returned to the school with a completed EE2 form as soon as possible. Children should come prepared with their own packed lunch as we are not expected to arrive back to school until around 2:30pm. If any parents with a full disclosure are able to help out with this trip then please let the office know as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

A quick reminder that this weekend is a holiday weekend. The children should return to school on Wednesday prepared with PE kit and appropriate shoes for participating in Cross Country.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie.

Primary 7 10.6.16

Hello everyone

We have been very busy this week getting organised for our Leavers Assembly. The children have been practising hard and can’t wait for their parents and the rest of the school to see the final performance. The Leavers Assembly will be on Monday 27th June beginning at 1:30pm. If you have not requested tickets yet you can do so at the office next week. We hope to see you all there!
Children should ensure that they spend next week memorising any lines that they have and also learning the words to the three songs that we will be performing. It is vitally important that the children practise next week as we will have our first performance in front of an audience (the Primary 2s and 3s) on Thursday 23rd June.

Next week the majority of the children will take part in a transition week at Deans Community High School. The children should come to Carmondean in the morning for a normal 8:50am start. Miss Farren & I will then walk the children up to DCHS for a 9:30am start. Children should wear their Carmondean uniforms. On Monday however the children will be taking part in the “Hurricane Challenge” and should wear trainers and bring a waterproof jacket in case of bad weather. The children should go straight to Deans on Tuesday-Friday mornings for a 8:35am start. We are sure that the children will represent the school and themselves very well and that they will enjoy getting to meet their new classmates. We look forward to hearing how they get on.

On Friday 24th June the school is hosting a Technologies Open Morning. You will have the opportunity to come into the school to look at your children’s best work that they have chosen to put in their learning journals. You will then also have the opportunity to go to the school hall and look at the new technology equipment that the school has invested in. Parents of children in P7F can visit the school between 9:30-10:30am. Parents of children in P7C can visit the school between 11:15am-12:15pm. We would love to see as many of you there as possible.

Children who are attending other High Schools and are not going to the DCHS transition week will be able to complete a variety of work related to our Leavers Assembly. They will also have the opportunity to work with other teachers and younger classes in the school, assisting with their learning.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren