Primary 4 12.3.20

Hello everyone

We have had a very busy and fun week in Primary 4. It is great to be all back together in our classes again.

This week we have been celebrating Sport Relief. Primary 6 have been coming around the school selling wristbands and we also had an excellent PE session yesterday organised by Primary 6! It really tested our endurance and stamina but it was lots of fun! Tomorrow the children can come to school dressed in their sporty clothes (please no football shirts) for a 50p donation. We will also go outside and take part in the weekly mile as part of our celebrations.

In RME this week we have been learning about the Christian celebration of Baptism. We learned why baptism is important to Christians, the important people who take part in a baptism service and what happens during the service. We created our own dramas based on baptism and performed them to the rest of the class – they were great! In writing, we wrote an explanation piece telling others everything we have learned about baptism – well done P4!

Rehearsals for our class assembly have continued this week. Thank you for all your support in helping the children to learn their lines. Our assembly will take place in the large hall at 9:10am next Tuesday 17th March. If you can attend please return the form in your child’s school bag to let us know. We look forward to seeing you then ๐Ÿ™‚

Reminders –
Homework was given out on Wednesday and is due in on Monday 23rd March. All starred activities should be completed. This will be the last piece of homework handed out before the Easter holidays.

Our PE days are changing – Indoor PE will take place on a Monday and Outdoor PE will be on a Tuesday for P4M and a Thursday for P4C. Please ensure your child comes to school with appropriate PE kit and their own water bottle. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Muir

Primary 4 3.3.20

Hello everyone!

This week is very exciting in Primary 4 as some of us have gone to Lendrick Muir to stay overnight on our residential. We are writing because we are still in school. We would like to hear how the boys and girls are getting on at Lendrick Muir. We also want to tell them what we’re doing and ask them some questions.

We started the day by making props for our Primary 4 assembly. We all got a chance to create and decorate one prop. You will see these props on Tuesday 17th March during our assembly. We hope you can come ๐Ÿ™‚ We then had a check in to find out more about each other since we are a mixture of pupils from both classes.

We spent the rest of our day working on designing and creating characters for our stop motion animations. We watched a famous stop motion animation (Wallace and Gromit – The Wrong Trousers) to see how stop motion animation is made. We created a super hero, a super villain and 2 other characters as well as backdrops and storyboards to plan our stop motion animations. We will make these tomorrow by taking photos on the iPads of our characters and backdrops. We can’t wait to see how they turn out! Miss Clark is very impressed with how hard the boys and girls have been working. Excellent team work! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now we have some questions for the boys and girls at Lendrick Muir…

What’s the best thing about Lendrick Muir? – Lauren

What are the rooms like that you’ll be sleeping in? – Harry

What is Lendrick Muir like? Can you see the sea? – Frazer

How are you all? – Alana

What activities have you done today? – Ayden

What’s the best activity been so far? – Mya

Are you having lots of fun? – Sophie

What have you been eating for lunch and dinner? Is it tasty? – Amy

Thank you for answering our questions P4, Mrs Muir, Miss Millar and Mrs Drummond. We are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Miss Clark & Primary 4

Primary 4 27.2.20

Hello everyone

This week has been an exciting week. The boys and girls loved having family members in our classrooms on Tuesday afternoon and again this morning supporting them with their learning. Remember all of the children have their Education City passwords in their homework jotters and they can access games and activities at home as well as in school. Thank you to everyone who came to our shared start and finish this week.

Next week many of the children are looking forward to their residential trip to Lendrick Muir on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please remember that any medicines that the children require should be handed into the school office with the appropriate form as soon as possible. We are sure that the children will have the best time! The children staying with Miss Clark will also be having lots of fun. We will be creating our very own stop motion animations on the iPads as well as creating props for our assembly and spending time outdoors for an extra long PE session with Mrs Ferguson. It is sure to be an exciting week!

Preparations for our Primary 4 assembly are well underway. If your child has a speaking role then their lines are in their homework jotters. Please support your child in learning their lines at home. Each child has a role in our assembly and we will be practising lots in class over the next couple of weeks. Parents and families are invited into school to watch our assembly on Tuesday 17th March at 9am. You will receive a letter home about this in due course.

PE days – Wednesday and Thursday
Homework – starred activities are due in on Monday 9th March.
Sports relief wristbands will cost ยฃ1 and will begin to be sold on Monday.
Next Thursday (5th March) is World Book Day. Please can each child bring their favourite book to school on this day. This book can be fiction, non fiction, a comic, annual – anything! We will complete various activities related to our books throughout the day.

Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 27.1.20

Primary 2 have been creating fantastic Pirate portraits after they were called upon by a visiting pirate. The children used pastels to draw their pirate portraits and discussed the features of a pirate (Beards, hats, hooks, gold hoop earring etc). These are going to be displayed on our wall ready for parents night!

Primary 2R have their parent assembly on Monday 10th February. Our assembly is all about Love and Kindness. The children have been given lines to learn and two songs to practise. (Cant help falling in love – Elvis Presley & Try a little kindness song- Tori Kelly and Sesame St)

In Numeracy the children have been learning about Arrays. We have been using arrays to help learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The children have shown a good understanding of using this concept so we encourage you to use the array method at home. The children should be able to explain this to you- all they need is a pencil and paper.

Please continue reading regularly with your children and signing the homework sheets. The children have been working hard in reading sessions: sounding out tricky words, using expression and showing an understanding of punctuation.

We look forward to seeing you all on Parents night in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Miss Pringle

Primary 3 2.4.19

We would like to take this opportunity to thank allย  parents for your support this term. You have gone above and beyond in making our big homework castles, sourcing sticks for bows and arrows and coming along to watch and enjoy our assembly and banquet. Also coming in to see the children with their amazing strategies in our Number Talks lessons. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this term and it was lovely to see so many of you come to allow us to display our learning to a captive audience.

We wish you a fantastic Easter break when the time comes – very well earned for the children too.

Next term will see the pupils choice of learning turned into a topic for them, so watch this space. The ideas are pointing in a very specific direction of oceans, sea creatures, plastics, the future and extinction.

We will leave you with some pictures from this term. Happy Easter when the time comes.

Primary 4 27.3.19

Hello everyone

Thank you to all the parents, carers and families that came to watch our Space Assembly last Friday. The children loved performing to you all and Miss Donaldson and I were so proud of all their hard work – well done P4!

Now our thoughts turn to the P4/5 school show which takes place in June. The production is called “Rock Bottom” and this week we started learning the songs – they’re very catchy! We’re sure we’ll all have them in our heads in no time!

Our space topic continues this week. The children were very keen to learn how to create PowerPoint presentations in ICT. We combined this with our space topic and the children have begun to create PowerPoints based on any aspect of space they wish to learn more about. The children have used the child friendly search engine to research more about different planets, stars, moons and even black holes! These are looking fantastic and the children are looking forward to presenting their work to the rest of the class on the classroom SmartBoard.

There is a meeting tonight at 6pm about the upcoming Auchengillan residential. This will take place in the P4 classroom and entrance to the school will be by the fire exit next to the large hall.

Reminders –
PE days – Monday and Wednesday
Spelling homework due on Friday.
There will be no homework given out next week.
We kindly ask that all reading books are returned to school next week.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 21.3.19

Hello everyone

We have been very busy practising and preparing for our Parent Assembly which will take place tomorrow morning at 9:10. Thank you to everyone who has already handed in clothes for the children to wear in the assembly. The children can’t wait to perform to you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Spelling homework was handed out again on Monday and is due in on Friday. Your child should complete look, cover, write, check twice and 1 activity. Next week will be our last week of homework before the Easter Holidays.

All children in Primary 4 will complete SNSA (Scottish National Standardised Assessments) next week during class time. All children have completed a practice test already and will complete 3 assessments throughout the course of the week (writing, reading and maths).

Yesterday all of the children designed and created straw rockets. We discussed how the force of the air in our lungs made the rocket fly! You will see pictures of the finished results in our class assembly tomorrow.

Reminders –
Indoor PE – Monday
Outdoor PE – Wednesday
Spelling homework due Friday
Black clothes for tomorrow’s assembly (a letter was sent home if this applies to your child).

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 15.3.19

Hello everyone

We have had a very exciting week in Primary 4 this week. We have been continuing to rehearse our space assembly which we will perform to parents, families, carers and the upper school on Friday 22nd March at 9:10am. Your child should have received a letter home about this now. Please fill in the tear off slip and return to the school as soon as possible if you can attend.

Next week we will begin to hand out spelling homework again after two weeks of charting the movements of the moon. Thank you for supporting your child with this at home. It has been really interesting to hear the children’s observations of what is happening in the night sky.

This week in writing we began to write a report about The International Space Station. We were fascinated to learn about how the ISS was created and how it makes one orbit around the earth every 90 minutes! This week we wrote our introductions to the report and we will continue to work on our reports for the next few weeks.

Today we were learning about how rockets take off. We learned that hydrogen and oxygen are mixed together to create a reaction. This thrust then allows the rocket to escape the earthโ€™s gravity and take off. The children then made their own rockets that took off into the sky. We went out into the playground and used film canisters, alka seltzer, coca cola and water to send our rockets flying into the sky! This was very exciting! Look out for a video of these rockets at our assembly next week!

New PE days โ€“ Indoor PE: Monday, Outdoor PE: Wednesday
Spelling homework resumes on Monday. Due in on Friday.
Reading pages to be completed at home.
Assembly letters to be returned ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 11.3.19

Primary 2 have been busy learning about the desert and this week we are going to be learning about Africa and the animals that live in Africa. Primary 2R will be sharing some of their learning at their class assembly tomorrow so we look forward to welcoming you to school tomorrow. Some children received letters about a costume, please remember to send them in with their assembly clothes tomorrow.

In Maths this week we are going to be learning about symmetry. We will be focusing on finding one line of symmetry on a variety of different shapes and objects. Encourage your child to explain what the term symmetry means- can you find any lines of symmetry in the house?

Primary 2 have been invited to the Red Nose Day assembly on Friday. We will be watching a comedy show, dressing crazy and trying to create a big castle from our red nose day boxes. Friday is also Miss Henderson’s last day in Primary 2R. We will be sad to see her leave but we wish her all the best in her future teaching career. The children have loved having her in class! She will be joining us again for our class trip to the Zoo in April.

Our specialist timetable is changing shortly and Primary 2 will be receiving Art lessons from Ms Fox and P.E lessons from Mrs Ferguson. (our P.E will move from Wednesday to Thursday)

Homework was issued today and it is due back Thursday 21st March. Please remember to come to school with a water bottle and indoor shoes.

Thanks, Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 5 Week beginning 8.03.19

Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly last week.ย  We enjoyed performing for you and hope you enjoyed learning all about the Scottish Wars of Independence as much as we did.

On Monday some parents came to join in with our number talks where we were learning different strategies for mental addition.

This week in Science we have started our topic on Solids, liquids and gases.ย  We completed an investigation on how solids react to water.ย  We made predictions and then checked the results.ย  In writing we wrote a report about it.

In reading we have started a mini topic on poetry.ย  This week we read a poem called morning and wrote our own poems.

This term we have started learning Spanish.ย  We can already say our name, talk about feelings and greet someone in Spanish.

In Maths we have been working on division.

Next week some of us are going to Lendrick Muir.ย  We are looking forward to this and hope to update you everyday on our activities so keep an eye out for more news next week.

We are also going on a trip the Bannockburn to complete our topic.

Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Davies

Primary 4 6.3.19

Hello everyone

This week has been a busy but fun one in Primary 4 so far. The children worked well in groups to make excellent mind maps about each of the 8 planets in the solar system. Each group focused on one planet and finding out particular facts about it including how many moons it had, how far the planet is from the sun and who the planet was named after. They then taught the rest of the class about their planet by presenting their mind map to the class. The class then took notes on each planet and each child now has a solar system book that they have designed themselves using their notes. Well done everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow we are visiting P2 for World Book Day. Primary 2 will be sharing their favourite book with us and some activities that they have been doing in class. Primary 4 will also be sharing their favourite books with Primary 2. We will also share books that we have created in class.

Today was our last day of PE with Mrs Ferguson in Primary 4. We’d like to thank Mrs Ferguson for all she has taught the children this year. Starting next week both sessions of PE will take place with your child’s class teacher. Indoor PE will now be on a Monday and Outdoor PE will now be on Wednesday. We will remind the children of this and it will be written in their homework diaries next week.

We have begun the process of planning our assembly which will take place on Friday 22nd March. We look forward to inviting you to join P4 in exploring their learning related to our topic of Space. The children chose to learn about this topic and they are very enthusiastic about it. We can’t wait to show you what we have learned. Please look out for speaking parts or information about costumes in your child’s homework diary.

Reminders –
Your child has a moon record in their spelling homework jotter. Please encourage your child to look up at the sky each night and record what they can see. Remember – if the moon isn’t visible encourage your child to look at stars or other objects in the sky and look for anything interesting. There will be no spelling homework for two weeks so that your child can focus on this task. We will continue to work on spelling/phonics revision in class.

Red Nose Day celebrations begin next Thursday with a bake sale in the afternoon. There will be a talent show assembly held on Friday and a dress down day on Friday to raise money too.

Thank you for all of your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 4.3.19

Primary 2 have a busy week of learning ahead!

We did some successful reports about the desert last week. The children had to think about an interesting title, draw a labelled picture and write facts under two or three subheadings. The children were full of facts and managed to create some fantastic reports which are now displayed in class. We are continuing our report writing this week about desert animals. We will be learning about camels and desert snakes!

In numeracy we are learning about estimating. The children will be trying to estimate roughly where a particular number falls on the number line. We will also be working out numbers half way between. To help support your child in this you could work on forward and backward number sequences up to 100.

Tuesday 5th March is Shove Tuesday so the children are going to be learning about Lent and Shrove Tuesday. We might even be able to indulge in some tasty pancakes!

Primary 2R need to continue to practise their assembly lines and songs. Letters will come home if your child requires a costume.

Homework is due on Thursday 7th March. The children will share their work with a friend in class.

On Thursday we will also be celebrating World Book day- Primary will be sharing their favourite book with Primary 4 boys and girls. So please remember to bring in your favourite book on Thursday!

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 4 1.3.19

Hello everyone

Thank you to all the parents, family members and carers that came into the P4 classes on Monday for our shared start and yesterday for our shared finish. It was so lovely to see so many of you working with your children on their learning in class. We hope you enjoyed your introduction to Number Talks and we hope to see you all soon.

This week in writing we have been continuing our report on the Apollo 11 mission and the first men to walk on the moon. The children have been very interested in learning about how this mission took place. They have turned into excellent reporters making sure they write down accurate facts for their readers. Next week we will be redrafting these reports into newspaper articles. We are sure the finished articles will look fantastic!

We have been enjoying watching the resurfacing work happening in the playground right outside our classroom window! We are hopeful this work will be finished by next week ๐Ÿ™‚

On Monday the children began choosing their own words from our class novels for our word boost activities later in the week. The children were excellent at identifying tricky words that they would like to explore in more detail. Please ask your child the words that they have been learning about during word boost lessons.

Next week we will begin organising our class assembly that will take place on Friday 22nd March. Parents/carers will be able to attend this assembly and letters about this will be sent out in due course. Our assembly will centre around our space topic and any lines your child will need to learn will be sent home in homework diaries in the next week or so. Please look out for these.

Reminders –
PE days – Tuesday and Wednesday
Spelling – Due Friday
Reading pages by Monday

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 25.2.19

Primary 2 are very excited to have the diggers arrive in the playground for the resurfacing. Our playtimes and lunch times have all changed but the children have adapted well to these. We can’t wait to see what the playground will look like once it’s finished!

Primary 2 have moved on in their topic and are beginning to learn about hot countries. We have discussed what we would need to pack to go to a hot country and today we are learning about the importance of protecting ourselves, especially our skin in the sun. We are designing our very own sun hats, discussing the importance/purpose of suncream and why sunglasses are used to protect our eyes. We are also going to be learning facts about the Desert and writing fact files about the desert in our writing lesson.

In Numeracy we are moving on from fractions in shapes and beginning to investigate the fraction of a number. We are going to be halving numbers within 20 to start and then hopefully progress onto bigger numbers. In Maths we are still learning about money but this week we are going to be focussing on working out change from 20p. We will be using our subtraction skills/strategies to work out the change.

Primary 2R have an assembly on 12th March. It is important that all the children practise their lines and look at the songs/dance on youtube. (Penguin dance, Lion song, Holiday song from Trolls).

P.E for P2R is a Tuesday and Wednesday

P.E for P2M is a Wednesday and Thursday

Homework has been issued today, along with new reading books. Homework is due 7th March.

Thanks, Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 20.2.19

We hope you all had a lovely February break!

This week we are going to moving away from learning about cold countries and beginning to learn about hot countries. We will be talking about how to protect ourselves from the sun, what we would need to pack to go somewhere hot and we will be learning about hot countries’ weather.

In maths we have been learning about money. This week we are practising adding coins and next week we would like to move onto working out change from 20p (using our subtraction skills).

Miss Rafferty’s class have been given lines for their class assembly. Please can you practise these with the children at home? The children also have 3 songs/dances to learn too. You can find these on YouTube (Penguin dance, Lion song, Holiday song- Trolls).

In Health we have been discussing how to deal with bullying and how you should react if you see someone being bullied. We have also been learning about different people’s emotions. We discussed how to recognise different emotions by looking at someone’s face and body.

P.E kits are needed: Tuesday/ Wednesday P2R ย  ย ย  Wednesday/ Thursday P2M

Reading books will stay the same this week and they will be changed on Monday. New homework will be issued on Monday too.

Please remember: Water Bottles

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Muir



Primary 5 16.11.18

Primary 5 have had a very busy week.ย  For Children in Need we set up a shop which has been very busy.ย  Thank you to everyone for their support in this.ย  This morning we had a dress down day and enjoyed seeing all the spotty outfits.

Next Friday is our class assembly and we have spent the week preparing presentations and learning our song.

In Maths we have continued to work on multiplication and should continue to practise our times tables at home.

At present we are working on our Christmas Enterprise topic and the materials for our products have started to arrive.ย  We are looking forward to beginning production over the next few weeks.

Homework this week will be:

Reading our Group Novel

Learning Assembly parts


Spelling/Handwriting sheet.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Jamieson/Mrs Davies

Primary 4 27.9.18

Hello everyone

Our Harvest assembly rehearsals are now in full swing! If your child has a speaking part in our assembly then their lines are in homework diaries for them to practise. Please encourage your child to learn their words at home. Our assembly will be performed in front of the school only. However we will have an assembly later in the year that parents can attend.

We started to look at play scripts this week in class. The children explored the features of play scripts and how they differ from story books or non-fiction texts. They then worked in a group to read the part of a character in a play. We will be exploring different kinds of play scripts in class further and will soon be performing in front of the class!

In French we have been revising various greetings and also learning some new ways to say hello and goodbye to others including “See you tomorrow” and “see you soon”. Please ask us about these at home ๐Ÿ™‚ We have made our own puppets in class using lolly pop sticks and we will use these to help us to greet others.

Reminders –
Spelling (common words) and maths homework – Due Friday
Reading (10 pages in book of your choice)
Learn Assembly words

PE days
Outdoor – Tuesday
Indoor – Thursday

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 20.9.18

Hello everyone

We have had a short but busy week so far in Primary 4! Yesterday we continued learning about Vikings. We learned about how long ships were constructed and the materials that Vikings used to make them. We also learned why it was important that they were so long and narrow. Ask your child if they can tell you why! ๐Ÿ™‚ We then continued working on our Viking display by painting a long ship which the Vikings we painted will fit inside. We can’t wait to see this display come together ๐Ÿ™‚

We have been revising the importance of using capital letters and full stops correctly. The children identified special words that we know that require a capital letter (proper nouns). Ask your child if they can tell you about any of these special words ๐Ÿ™‚

We are beginning to learn about the festival of Harvest. We will be exploring how different countries celebrate Harvest and we will show our learning through creating and performing a Harvest Assembly on Friday 5th October. Please look out for any lines/song words in your child’s homework diary that they may need to learn for the assembly. Please note that this assembly is a school only assembly. There will be another opportunity later on in the year for you to attend your child’s assembly.

Last week we began working with NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) on music and singing. The children will have a 45 minute session each week until Christmas. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn more about tone, pitch, rhythm and much more!

Homework will resume again as normal next week.
Spelling & maths homework due for Friday.
Reading homework – 10 pages to be read each week and to be recorded on spelling sheet.
PE days – Outdoor PE: Tuesday
Indoor PE: Thursday

Thank you for your support.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 1 30.5.18

Primary 1 are now well into our farming topic. This week the children have enjoyed learning about different animals which live on a farm and the products we get from each animal. Today we will be looking at the life cycle of a chicken and will think about the foods we eat which include chicken meat or eggs. On Monday each child was given some words to learn for our upcoming assembly. Please rehearse these words at home with your child regularly. The children will be encouraged to say these words with no prompting, speaking in a loud, clear and slow voice. The assembly will be performed to the infant children and parents on Tuesday 12th June at 9am. A letter went home with your child yesterday with more details and a tear off slip to be returned to school as soon as possible. There was also a letter sent home with information about our upcoming trip to Craigies farm on the 7th of June. Please return the letter as soon as possible with a ยฃ4 payment.
Our phonics sound this week is ‘ck’. We have been thinking about words which contain this sound in class and were able to come up with interesting sentences containing each word.
In maths we are continuing our work on money. The children are learning to make amounts up to 10p using 1p and 2p coins.
Thank you for your continued support.
Primary 1 teachers.

P2/1 17.4.18

This week we have been continuing to work on our assembly.ย  We have been trying really hard to learn our words-ย  please keep continuing to learn lines at home and encourage loud clear voices! If possible could children come to school with something tartan on Tuesday 24th as the theme of our assembly is Katie Morag and Scotland?

In Language this week the P1s are looking at wh words and the P2s are doing e_e words.ย  The children are enjoying looking out for these words in their books and in text they see around the classroom.

In Maths the P1s are beginning to add 3 numbers together and will be building on this to make numbers over the 10 boundary. The P2s are beginning to look at groups of numbers using arrays and numbers line.

Reminders for the coming week

Wednesday- Art with Ms Fox

Thursday- Gym with Mrs Ferguson

Tuesday 24th- Parent assembly, wear something tartan.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Steel

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