Primary 4 27.3.19

Hello everyone

Thank you to all the parents, carers and families that came to watch our Space Assembly last Friday. The children loved performing to you all and Miss Donaldson and I were so proud of all their hard work – well done P4!

Now our thoughts turn to the P4/5 school show which takes place in June. The production is called “Rock Bottom” and this week we started learning the songs – they’re very catchy! We’re sure we’ll all have them in our heads in no time!

Our space topic continues this week. The children were very keen to learn how to create PowerPoint presentations in ICT. We combined this with our space topic and the children have begun to create PowerPoints based on any aspect of space they wish to learn more about. The children have used the child friendly search engine to research more about different planets, stars, moons and even black holes! These are looking fantastic and the children are looking forward to presenting their work to the rest of the class on the classroom SmartBoard.

There is a meeting tonight at 6pm about the upcoming Auchengillan residential. This will take place in the P4 classroom and entrance to the school will be by the fire exit next to the large hall.

Reminders –
PE days – Monday and Wednesday
Spelling homework due on Friday.
There will be no homework given out next week.
We kindly ask that all reading books are returned to school next week.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 21.3.19

Hello everyone

We have been very busy practising and preparing for our Parent Assembly which will take place tomorrow morning at 9:10. Thank you to everyone who has already handed in clothes for the children to wear in the assembly. The children can’t wait to perform to you all! πŸ™‚

Spelling homework was handed out again on Monday and is due in on Friday. Your child should complete look, cover, write, check twice and 1 activity. Next week will be our last week of homework before the Easter Holidays.

All children in Primary 4 will complete SNSA (Scottish National Standardised Assessments) next week during class time. All children have completed a practice test already and will complete 3 assessments throughout the course of the week (writing, reading and maths).

Yesterday all of the children designed and created straw rockets. We discussed how the force of the air in our lungs made the rocket fly! You will see pictures of the finished results in our class assembly tomorrow.

Reminders –
Indoor PE – Monday
Outdoor PE – Wednesday
Spelling homework due Friday
Black clothes for tomorrow’s assembly (a letter was sent home if this applies to your child).

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 15.3.19

Hello everyone

We have had a very exciting week in Primary 4 this week. We have been continuing to rehearse our space assembly which we will perform to parents, families, carers and the upper school on Friday 22nd March at 9:10am. Your child should have received a letter home about this now. Please fill in the tear off slip and return to the school as soon as possible if you can attend.

Next week we will begin to hand out spelling homework again after two weeks of charting the movements of the moon. Thank you for supporting your child with this at home. It has been really interesting to hear the children’s observations of what is happening in the night sky.

This week in writing we began to write a report about The International Space Station. We were fascinated to learn about how the ISS was created and how it makes one orbit around the earth every 90 minutes! This week we wrote our introductions to the report and we will continue to work on our reports for the next few weeks.

Today we were learning about how rockets take off. We learned that hydrogen and oxygen are mixed together to create a reaction. This thrust then allows the rocket to escape the earth’s gravity and take off. The children then made their own rockets that took off into the sky. We went out into the playground and used film canisters, alka seltzer, coca cola and water to send our rockets flying into the sky! This was very exciting! Look out for a video of these rockets at our assembly next week!

New PE days – Indoor PE: Monday, Outdoor PE: Wednesday
Spelling homework resumes on Monday. Due in on Friday.
Reading pages to be completed at home.
Assembly letters to be returned ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 6.3.19

Hello everyone

This week has been a busy but fun one in Primary 4 so far. The children worked well in groups to make excellent mind maps about each of the 8 planets in the solar system. Each group focused on one planet and finding out particular facts about it including how many moons it had, how far the planet is from the sun and who the planet was named after. They then taught the rest of the class about their planet by presenting their mind map to the class. The class then took notes on each planet and each child now has a solar system book that they have designed themselves using their notes. Well done everyone πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we are visiting P2 for World Book Day. Primary 2 will be sharing their favourite book with us and some activities that they have been doing in class. Primary 4 will also be sharing their favourite books with Primary 2. We will also share books that we have created in class.

Today was our last day of PE with Mrs Ferguson in Primary 4. We’d like to thank Mrs Ferguson for all she has taught the children this year. Starting next week both sessions of PE will take place with your child’s class teacher. Indoor PE will now be on a Monday and Outdoor PE will now be on Wednesday. We will remind the children of this and it will be written in their homework diaries next week.

We have begun the process of planning our assembly which will take place on Friday 22nd March. We look forward to inviting you to join P4 in exploring their learning related to our topic of Space. The children chose to learn about this topic and they are very enthusiastic about it. We can’t wait to show you what we have learned. Please look out for speaking parts or information about costumes in your child’s homework diary.

Reminders –
Your child has a moon record in their spelling homework jotter. Please encourage your child to look up at the sky each night and record what they can see. Remember – if the moon isn’t visible encourage your child to look at stars or other objects in the sky and look for anything interesting. There will be no spelling homework for two weeks so that your child can focus on this task. We will continue to work on spelling/phonics revision in class.

Red Nose Day celebrations begin next Thursday with a bake sale in the afternoon. There will be a talent show assembly held on Friday and a dress down day on Friday to raise money too.

Thank you for all of your support.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 4 1.3.19

Hello everyone

Thank you to all the parents, family members and carers that came into the P4 classes on Monday for our shared start and yesterday for our shared finish. It was so lovely to see so many of you working with your children on their learning in class. We hope you enjoyed your introduction to Number Talks and we hope to see you all soon.

This week in writing we have been continuing our report on the Apollo 11 mission and the first men to walk on the moon. The children have been very interested in learning about how this mission took place. They have turned into excellent reporters making sure they write down accurate facts for their readers. Next week we will be redrafting these reports into newspaper articles. We are sure the finished articles will look fantastic!

We have been enjoying watching the resurfacing work happening in the playground right outside our classroom window! We are hopeful this work will be finished by next week πŸ™‚

On Monday the children began choosing their own words from our class novels for our word boost activities later in the week. The children were excellent at identifying tricky words that they would like to explore in more detail. Please ask your child the words that they have been learning about during word boost lessons.

Next week we will begin organising our class assembly that will take place on Friday 22nd March. Parents/carers will be able to attend this assembly and letters about this will be sent out in due course. Our assembly will centre around our space topic and any lines your child will need to learn will be sent home in homework diaries in the next week or so. Please look out for these.

Reminders –
PE days – Tuesday and Wednesday
Spelling – Due Friday
Reading pages by Monday

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson