Primary 6 30.9.21

Hello everyone

We have had an excellent week so far in Primary 6. If you would like more regular updates please check our Twitter pages @Mrs_ScottCPS and @MrDrysdale4.

Parents evenings take place next Wednesday and Thursday on Skype. Appointments will take place between 4-6:30pm on both evenings. If you would like an appointment please check your email from the school or contact the school office. We look forward to speaking to you then!

In Topic this week we have been continuing our AAL lessons (Anywhere, Anytime Learning). In these lessons children can use their own devices from home. The children have been working very responsibly with their devices and have been using them to research aspects of our Industrial Revolution Topic. Today we explored the evolution of the telephone over time. We worked in groups to research different types of phones that have been used over time and then created our own group timelines. These are looking fantastic so far!

In Numeracy we are continuing to explore place value looking at numbers with 5, 6, 7 and 8 digits! We have partitioned, ordered and compared these types of numbers and next week we will add, subtract, multiply and divide using these larger numbers. As it is Maths Week Scotland this week we have also been completing some extra challenges in class. Yesterday we learned about tessellation and created our own tiling patterns which we then turned into animals!

We have been very impressed with the children’s writing over the past few weeks! We have been working on recount writing and the children are really getting to grips with writing in the past tense, including time connectives and writing in chronological order. The children are also challenging themselves to include extra details and information to make sure their writing is interesting. Well done Primary 6!

– The school photographer is visiting the school next Monday and Tuesday to take individual and family photographs. Because of this please send your child to school on Tuesday in normal school uniform and not PE uniform in case they need their photo taken.
– Homework is due next Friday 8th October (with the exception of the -Inventors challenge which is due in after the October Holidays).

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Scott & Mr Drysdale

Primary 6 7.9.21

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

Primary 6 have been busy bees already this week. In Spanish and French we have been learning to count forwards and back. In Spanish we have been learning to count from 1-31 and we played some very competitive games of bingo to consolidate our knowledge. In French we have been learning the numbers from 1-100 with the help of this song: French Numbers 1-100 Song
Feel free to practice at home P6! 🙂

In Technologies we have been exploring coding. We know that an algorithms are instructions for computers. We also know that algorithms need to be very accurate in order for a computer to follow our instructions exactly. We have been playing coding games on: Coding Games
These games have been helping us to learn how to “debug” our algorithms if we’ve not quite given the computer the correct instructions. Primary 6 have shown a lot of resilience today often having to try several times to debug an algorithm.

If you would like to see more updates from Primary 6 then please follow our school twitter page. You will find us at @carmondean_ps. Mrs Scott and Mr Drysdale also have their own twitter pages @Mrs_ScottCPS and @MrDrysdale4 if you wish to follow us there to see more P6 updates.

Homework is due in on Friday. This can be submitted on Teams or be brought into school as a paper copy.
PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please remember PE uniform means that non uniform hoddies/jumpers should only be worn during outdoor PE sessions themselves and not throughout the school day.
Please send your child to school with a full water bottle each day. This can be refilled when required.
If you have not yet seen our “Meet the Teacher” videos then please have a look at the P6A and P6B Teams pages to learn more about us and the year ahead in Primary 6.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mrs Scott & Mr Drysdale

Primary 6 2.9.21

Hello everyone!

We have had a busy but fun week in Primary 6 so far. Work has begun in each of the curricular areas and the children are working extremely hard so far 🙂 Homework has been posted on Teams. The children have 2 weeks to complete the tasks and only the tasks with a star are mandatory, the rest are optional. More information can be found on our class Teams page. Some children have also received a paper copy of the homework. Please encourage your child to ask their class teacher for a paper copy if they require it.

As our annual Meet the Teacher event is unable to take place this year Mr Drysdale and I have created a short presentation each so that you can “meet” us and hear more about our plans in Primary 6 this year. You will find these videos on the P6A and P6B Teams pages. Please have a look 🙂

In Numeracy we have been continuing with work on place value looking at building and partitioning numbers up to 7 digits. The children have also been exploring the place values of decimal numbers using tenths and hundredths.

This term our focus in writing is recount. This week the children are recounting the events of their weekend. Yesterday the children planned out their writing and today they will using their plan to produce their first full piece of writing in Primary 6. The children will also self assess their work using “Green for Go” and “Pink for Think”. We can’t wait to see their fabulous work!

– Indoor shoes should be worn in class and around the school. Please ensure your child has a pair of indoor shoes in school that they can change into.
– PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor). This week we are having a one off PE session on Friday 3rd September too. Children can therefore wear their PE uniform to school this Friday too.
– Homework is due in next Friday 10th September

Thank you for your support.

Mr Drysdale and Mrs Scott

Welcome to Primary 6!

Hello everyone!

Primary 6 have made an excellent start to the year. Mr Drysdale and I are very impressed with the children’s hard work and effort during the first week. P6 have made fantastic first impressions showing themselves to be kind, caring and helpful – well done everyone!

In the first week the children have made a fabulous start in several curricular areas. In Numeracy P6 have shared their knowledge of place value. In Reading they have shared their thoughts on our new novel “You are Awesome!” by Matthew Syed and made informed predictions on what this non-fiction text is going to be about. In PE the children helped to create a PE charter with Mrs Ferguson. In Topic the children shared what they would like to learn and how they would like to learn about our new topic of “The Industrial Revolution and Inventions”. P6 have also began learning about how to be a member of a connected, compassionate classroom through the creation of our class charter.

This week the children will take part in football activities in PE, create a wall display all about the SHANARRI indicator – responsibility and will create other fabulous pieces of art work for our classroom walls.

A newsletter will be sent home this week detailing this terms learning and events in more detail. In the meantime here are some helpful reminders –

– Please can you ensure that your child has a pair of indoor shoes to wear in the classroom.
– PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. This term PE on a Tuesday will be outdoors and on a Wednesday will be indoors with Mrs Ferguson. Please ensure your child attends school in the school’s PE uniform on these days. A non-uniform jumper/hoodie can be brought in your child’s school bag to put on later when taking part in Outdoor PE on a Tuesday.
– Please also ensure that your child brings a full water bottle to school each day. This can be refilled in school when required.

Thank you very much for your support. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact us via the school office.

Mr Drysdale and Mrs Scott

January 2021 Active Fun Challenge

Happy New Year everyone.

I’m hoping that you all made your New Year Resolution to be as active as possible in 2021 because I have entered the school into a competition to find the most active school in West Lothian and in true Carmondean spirit we are in it to win it!

How can you help?

  1. Be as active as you can.  Any activity counts from taking taking part in PE lessons to walking your dog to dancing along to Just Dance.
  2. Record the number of minutes each week you are active and submit the number on this form. This most be done by 10am every Monday. ( first submission date is Monday 18th January)

  1. Every Tuesday the school with the highest number of weekly activity minutes will be announced and at the end of the month the school with the highest number of minutes throughout the month will be the champions.

Good luck, happy exercising and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Mrs Ferguson

Carmondean Football Team

A huge congratulations to the football team for their performances yesterday at the 2nd schools football league event at Deans High School. The team played fantastically well and they worked so hard across the pitch in every game, running themselves ragged. The link up play between everyone was great and they were all calm and very comfortable on the ball, with some quality link up play all over the pitch, including several through balls from our play-making keeper Aiden! Everyone got a chance to play a few games and it is a testament to the team spirit that whoever came in slotted in seamlessly and we didn’t lose our momentum. We came away with 4 wins and a draw with goals from all over the pitch and solid defending to keep 4 clean sheets. A big thank you to Angela Coulter for organising and well done to everyone who took part!


Carmondean Football Team

Last night was the first of our league tournaments played in lovely sunny, if cold, conditions up at DCH. The team played fantastically together and the teamwork, communication and skill were evident in all four of our games. It was fantastic to see how hard the players worked for each other and how well they helped each other on the pitch, showing great passing and movement as well as covering for each other when defending. Everyone got game time and the rotation of players didn’t slow the momentum, showing what a great squad that we have. Unfortunately we were not able to bring along all of the players that have been training with us but they will be taking part in future matches and I am sure they will add to the quality we already have. In terms of results we won our first three games, with some superb goals, and we drew our last game. They were all very competitive matches and it was a fantastic start to the season for Carmondean, well done to everyone that took part!

Have a Great Summer from Primary 6

Primary 6, we’re off for the summer!


It’s been an amazing year this year in Primary 6. We’ve had such an eventful time and trying to sum it up in a blog post has been difficult!

We began the year with Mrs Harman who moved on to new pastures and has been very successful in her new role. In losing Mrs Harman we gained a fabulous teacher in Mrs Hunter and she has been a real driving force in making this year a great year for the classes. Unfortunately she is also leaving at the end of this term and I know that I speak for the whole of Primary 6 when I say that she will be sorely missed and we wish her the absolute best for the future, good luck!

We have covered so many topics this year, from the Titanic to space to the Industrial Revolution and in true P6 style the pupils have thrown themselves into everything with enthusiasm and a sense of fun. We have had some huge Big Homework tasks, not least the Graphic Novels that have been worked on all term this term and we have been so impressed and in awe of the creativity, the artistry and the effort that pupils have made to create works that they should be incredibly proud of, well done!

The creativity has not stopped at Big Homework. As a year group it has been such a pleasure to work with such artistic and talented people. They have added their own flair into work throughout the year and they have made sure that they put individuality into what they have produced. The pupils have worked so well together and no matter what the groups were they have worked cohesively and worked co-operatively and that is a testament to the positive attitudes and relationships in the year group.

We hope that you all have an incredible summer, that you make the most of it and that we see the same creativity, enthusiasm and positivity throughout your year in Primary 7 and beyond, it has been a fantastic experience working with you all.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Scott and Mrs Harding for their superb work throughout the year. They always go above and beyond and they have given so much to Primary 6 over the course of the year, thank you!

Thank you very much Primary 6!

Primary 6 Blog

This week P6 have been working super hard on their assembly. They came up with some fantastic ideas, some really funny moments and created an entertaining assembly. They managed to cram a lot in to it and it shows how hard they have been working all year that we had to cut things out that we had done, it’s been very busy! We couldn’t be prouder of how well they pulled it off and they rose to the occasion spectacularly.

We have continued with our new class novel, Run Zan Run and it has been good to hear the different accents and voices pupils are putting on to try and get into character, some of the boys have an interesting idea of how girls talk! In Science we have continued learning about electricity and they have started to create drama showing off electrical safety and I know that we will have some educational and unique adaptations of an electrical safety advert. We have also continued to work with buddies and it has been lovely to see how quickly they have been able to build relationships with them.


Indoor PE: Wednesday

Spelling: Homework due Fridays, test on Mondays

Big Homework: Due 21st June (3 weeks)

Maths: Dependent on the class teacher

P6 Blog

It’s been a short week in Primary 6 but no less action packed. We have been exploring circuits in science inspired by a real life Iron Man suit and hopefully as the term goes on we will have many more budding Tony Starks. We have continued learning all about Ramadan and now that it has officially started we have started creating some Ramadan lanterns that are beautifully decorated. The pupils have also been adding to their knowledge of Spanish by learning all about birthdays and when they are, ask them for their birthdays, or better yet, ask them about our days of the week song!

Pupils met their Buddies this morning and were very excited! They have been working in the nursery all year in lots of different ways and it was lovely to see how responsible they were and how mature they were when meeting their buddies and we know they will be fantastic.


Indoor PE Wednesday

Outdoor PE Thursday

Maths Homework: At the discretion of the teacher

Big Homework: Graphic Novel due the 21st June

For next week: on Tuesday pupils must be at the school at 8:30am in full school uniform for our transition morning at Deans High School.

On Wednesday pupils must be in school at the normal time but in their PE kit for our festival of sport.


Mrs Hunter and Mr Woodward

Primary 6

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! Primary 6 have hit the ground running this week and have been very enthusiastic about our topic for this term. We will be focussing on inclusion through the use of Superheroes. Pupils have been hard at work creating their own superheroes and they have some very imaginative powers and names! We will be looking at heroes in a range of different ways, what makes a hero, how do heroes help people, everyday heroes and many more.

We have been revising our recount writing from last term as the pupils wrote nice detailed accounts of their Easter holidays and it was lovely to hear so many great stories from the last 2 weeks of everyone having fun, making the most of the fabulous weather and really making the most of their break.

We also want to commend the pupils for how maturely they began our health and relationships topic. They handled the subject very well, getting very involved in mature discussions and were able to talk openly and sensibly, well done P6!

We will also be starting ICT next week and so any pupils who have permission to bring their own devices are encouraged to bring them in on Mondays if they would like to use them.


Indoor PE – Usually Wednesday however this week Thursday

Outdoor PE – Thursdays (this week Wednesday)

Spelling – Fridays

Maths – Class dependent

Primary 6 29.3.19

This week has been a particularly busy week in Primary 6. We have been doing lots of show practice and the parts are sounding and looking fantastic. We had our dress rehearsal yesterday and the children absolutely knocked it out the park! Everyone looked incredible in their costumes and the props were looking amazing, a big thank you to Mrs Harding for putting all of them together! The singing was top class and this year promises to be an unbelievable year for the show with the enthusiasm and effort that has gone into rehearsals!

We have said goodbye to Mrs Dudgeon as her last day was Thursday. It was an emotional day and she will very much be missed by everyone. She has been with the Primary 6s throughout their time in school and the pupils are very fond of her – we all appreciate all the support and hard work she has given over the years.


Indoor PE: Wednesday

Outdoor PE: Thursday

Spelling Homework: Friday (No homework this week as the last week of term)

Maths Homework: Dependent on class teacher

Primary 6 Blog

Today was Comic Relief we did a lot of things. We had a bake sale and a comedy show and many other things! The bake sale was successful when selling because everybody loved all the cakes, it was a sell out! For the bake sale we raised a lot of money. Thank you so much to everyone that donated cakes, cookies, pancakes and their money! We especially liked the chocolate covered marshmallows. We held a comedy show and it was expertly hosted by Tony, Kuba and the birthday boy Ruiri. A big thank you to Erin and Kemi for putting it together. The acts were really funny and they obviously put in a lot of effort. Everybody dressed down excellently and some people really went to town with crazy hair and even crazier outfits. Comic Relief has been wonderful and we have had a fabulous time, thank you so much to everyone who has helped organise, raise money and put smiles on people’s faces.

The show is really coming on now and thank you for those who have supplied costumes so far, they’re looking fantastic. The action is going well and pupils are keeping up their enthusiasm with the songs and the performance. With the actual show fast approaching we ask that everyone be learning lines, learning lines, learning lines and learning lines. And if time can everyone be learning lines?

We have Dalguise in the coming week and so we would like to remind everyone to make sure that pupils have warm clothes, boots/ shoes that are made for walking, and that they have a black bin bag/ something to put dirty clothes in. Everyone is very excited and we know they are going to have an incredible time. Those who are not going, Mrs Hunter has some great ideas for next week and it promises to be an exciting week.


PE kit Wednesdays

Literacy Circles Mondays

Spelling Friday

Maths Homework dependent on the class teacher

Mr Woodward and Mrs Hunter

Primary 6

This week in Primary 6 we have been working very hard in the show which is coming along very well. Thank you very much for the effort that has been put in so far! We hope that everyone has been learning their lines and been busy singing the songs with the same enthusiasm at home as they are at school! It is starting to take shape and we are very appreciative of all the costume help the children have had so far, thanks very much!

In maths we have been continuing to work on decimals, fractions and percentages with a particular focus on making sure we link the three concepts together, working on division, division, division!  We have also continued to work on data handling with a focus on pie charts.

We have started our recount writing and this will be our focus for the rest of the term. In reading can we make sure that the literacy circles homework is complete by Mondays as they need to have completed the work to take part in meaningful discussion. Some of the conversations we have heard throughout the literacy circles work have been great and it’s nice to hear different views, lots of questions and enjoyment of the book.

There was lots of sportsmanship and good skills on show in our basketball games and it was a chance for teams to work together and encourage each other and it was lovely to see the games played in the right spirit.

And a massive congratulations to the hard work of the Euro-quiz team and Mrs Hunter for the effort they put in and they did us so proud in the actual competition, well done!


PE: Monday and Thursday

Spelling: Fridays

Literacy Circles: Mondays

Maths: Day dependant on class (unfortunately using Education City as a homework tool did not work)

Thanks, Mr Woodward and Mrs Hunter

Primary 6 Blog

Primary 6 participated in a Titanic Outreach Programme last week where we learnt about the history of the ship and re-enacted the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage, taking on different roles and incorporating authentic artefacts. It was a great insight into what life was like at that time, how the ship was built and the journey until she sank.

We have also been practising hard for the school show and need to remember to learn our scripts and song lyrics.

Primary 6 have been busy planning and organising activities for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March, more details to follow soon.

Everyone has now been issued with an Education City username and password and should try to login at home. If you have misplaced your details, please see your teacher as somehomework will now be set using this learning platform.

Remember P.E kit is needed for Mondays and Thursdays.

Mrs Hunter and Mr Woodward


Primary 6

Congratulations to Primary 6 on a fantastic Assembly! We were light a few members of the year group (get well soon to those who were off!) We covered different countries in Europe on a wizarding tour using Harry Potter to teach all about the history and geography and traditions of Europe. We used different languages including some Italian, we sang Feliz Navidad and we even used some German during Silent Night. They spoke and sang their hearts out and they were thoroughly entertaining, congratulations Primary 6 and thank you very much everyone for your hard work over the last few weeks! A massive thank you to Mrs Harding, Mrs Scott and Mrs Dudgeon for all their help with groups, lines, props, backgrounds and for everything else, we couldn’t have done it without you!

In other P6 news, pupils are busy continuing their artwork based around the Titanic which will be next terms topic. We started number talks last week and have continued to develop and discuss mental maths strategies and we are getting some very interesting and original techniques to problem solving. Our Rainforest reading booklets should now be finished and all the ones not finished should be in on Wednesday. We are impressed with some of the European fact-files that have been filtering in and it’s clear that they have really worked hard on them. Although it was originally today they were due in we decided that because of all the hard work from the pupils for the assembly and because of the level of detail they were going into that the deadline was pushed back to MONDAY to give them the most time to get in their  best possible work.

We went down to the church this week for the Bubblegum n’ Fluff workshop where pupils learned all about the nativity story and were able to create their own Christmas tile decorations. We also had a big discussion about kindness and we created an advent wreath to reflect changes we want to see in the world. We also learned about the story of Hanukkah and the pupils had a great time playing Dreidel.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and are looking forward to the last week of term!

Mrs Hunter & Mr Woodward


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