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Primary 6 participated in a Titanic Outreach Programme last week where we learnt about the history of the ship and re-enacted the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage, taking on different roles and incorporating authentic artefacts. It was a great insight into what life was like at that time, how the ship was built and the journey until she sank.

We have also been practising hard for the school show and need to remember to learn our scripts and song lyrics.

Primary 6 have been busy planning and organising activities for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March, more details to follow soon.

Everyone has now been issued with an Education City username and password and should try to login at home. If you have misplaced your details, please see your teacher as somehomework will now be set using this learning platform.

Remember P.E kit is needed for Mondays and Thursdays.

Mrs Hunter and Mr Woodward


Primary 6 12.1.18

A very happy new year to you all! 2018 has started with our usual hive of activity in primary six.

For reading this term we are returning to fiction and all pupils have now been given their new novel. Each week the pupils will be given a certain amount of their book to read and this may be accompanied by an activity for their literacy circle booklets. Each week the pupils will record the date in their booklets of when their homework is due, this will normally be a Tuesday. We will also be reading a class novel and in keeping with our topic this term , we have chosen Kasper, Prince of Cats as part of story is set on the Titanic.

Our topic this term will be the Titanic and once again we are delighted with the enthusiasm the pupils have shown for this subject already! When we are working on the topic the pupils will ‘become’ passengers on the ship. They have all been given the names of actual passengers and their first task is to find out about themselves. We will be doing this in class, however many pupils have taken it upon themselves to start their investigations at home, such keen learners!

Preparation has begun for our P6/7 show and soon pupils will be given the chance to audition for parts. More details about this to follow.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Reading homework due on Tuesday
Spelling words will be given on Mondays with homework due on Fridays.
Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERY WEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of a worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, and Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils’ games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.
Mrs Wylie, Mr. Woodward and Mr Shanks

Primary 6 20.4.17

Hello everyone

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. We are glad to have the children back and we are looking forward to an exciting last term in Primary 6.

This week we have been busy practising for our assembly which will take place next Friday 28th April in the new school hall. The assembly will begin at 11:30am. You should have received 2 letters regarding the assembly. If you are planning on attending the assembly could you please send the slip back to the school as soon as possible detailing how many people will be attending. The children have also been asked to wear black trousers/leggings/jeans and a white t-shirt/shirt for the performance. Children can bring these clothes into school during the week next week in a carrier bag or can wear them to school on Friday for the performances. The children have been working very hard on this assembly and we can’t wait for you to see it! All children have received a section of the script and song lyrics home to practise. Any support you could provide your child with this would be much appreciated.

You should also have received a letter about our upcoming use of the Living & Growing programme in both Primary 6 classes. If you have any questions about this programme then please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Our PE times have changed. They will now be:
Outdoor PE – Monday
Indoor PE – Wednesday

Please note that for next week only the children will have their second PE time on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie

Primary 6 – 31.3.17

Hello everyone

Primary 6 and 7 put on two excellent performances of “Alice the Musical” on Wednesday. We were all amazed with the high standard of the singing, acting, dancing and narration. We are so proud of all the children. Their dedication, hard work and commitment made this a show to remember! Thank you for all your support with helping children to learn lines, dances and providing costumes for the show. We really appreciate it 🙂

In Primary 6 this week we have begun preparing for our P6 Class Assembly which will take place on Friday 28th April at 11:15am in the new school hall. We have been decorating scenery and almost everyone has now been allocated parts. The remaining parts will be allocated and lines handed out on the first day back after the Easter Holidays. Any assistance you could provide the children with in learning their lines would be appreciated.

Thank you to all the children who handed in their Titanic Fact Files this week. They look fabulous and it is clear the children worked very hard on these personal projects. Well done everyone.

This week we have said goodbye to two very special members of staff. First, Eveline who has worked in the school kitchen since 2001. The children made a card in the shape of a school dinner tray which was presented to her today at assembly. Some children also said their favourite memories of Eveline.

The other member of staff leaving us yesterday was Miss Inglis the PE specialist. She has made a very positive impact on the children in the class, with many choosing to be part of her running after school club. We appreciate everything she did for us. We are hopeful that running club might continue after the holidays with another member of staff leading it. We will let the children know after the holidays if this is the case. We wish both Miss Inglis and Eveline well in the future.

Thank you for all your support. Have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter Holiday!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly.

Primary 6 23.03.17

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re having a great week. In P6 we have been working extremely hard on the school show. Yesterday was our dress rehearsal. We performed in front of the whole school and the teachers and everyone was very impressed! We are looking forward to showing you our finished performances next Wednesday at 1:30pm or 6:30pm. Tickets are still available from the school office.

Today we celebrated Earth Hour in class. We turned off our classroom lights and other electronic equipment and thought about what we appreciate most about our planet. We created love hearts which include a sentence and picture about our favourite thing about being outside. These are already looking fantastic and we can’t wait to see the finished products.

In writing, P6C have been writing about “The Magic Slide”. The children thought about where their magic slide would take them and what adventures they would go on whilst in their new and magical world. Miss Clark was very impressed with all of the children’s writing. Some of the children’s work will be entered into The West Lothian Young Writer of the Year Competition. Work will also be entered into the competition for children from P6KW. We will let you know how this goes 🙂

The children have been working hard in class on their Titanic Fact Files. These personal projects have been completed in class time and also at home. Please note that these projects are due in at the end of next week. Please encourage your child to complete their project at home and at school on time. If children need any materials to complete this then they can collect them from the classroom. Thank you for your support with this.

Our PE days are changing. Please note that PE days for both classes are now:
Indoor PE: Wednesday
Outdoor PE: Thursday

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie

Primary 6 1.2.17

Hello everyone!

Primary 6 have enjoyed a very busy week so far. On Monday the children researched and created character profiles for their given passenger who was on board the maiden, and only, voyage of the Titanic. Today the children were able to develop their facts and created a biography of their Titanic passenger. The children worked extremely hard and we are very pleased with the results.

In Science, we have begun learning about The Human Body. Children learned about the main organs, their functions and locations inside our bodies. The children are looking forward to learning more about the different systems of the body including the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.

On Monday and Tuesday we explored the celebration of Chinese New Year. Children explored the traditional story of Chinese New Year and some also created cards for family and friends in the lucky colour red. A big thanks to Cameron (P6C) who even taught some of us how to write and speak in mandarin!

On Monday, the school held its annual Burns Afternoon. As part of this we sang “You’re Welcome Willie Stewart” and Daisy and Aleigha recited their winning poems. A group of P6 and 7 pupils from the Senior Challenge Group organised and ran the whole afternoon. A huge well done to them for planning such an excellent and well received event!

This week is Assessment Week which means that children have been completing all of their work in a special assessment jotter. The children have been working extremely hard to complete their best work. Please look out for these jotters in your children’s jotters next week when you are in school for parent consultations. These will take place on Tuesday 7th February 5-7.30pm and on Wednesday 8th February 4-6.30pm. You can book your appointments online or through the school office.

This week, P6C have been given their new reading books. Each group should have read Chapter 1 by next Monday (Chapters 1-3 for the blue group) when we will start Literacy Circles. The children will be given a homework booklet on Monday with one piece of homework to complete each week for the following Monday. Please look out for these novels and booklets in your child’s homework folder beginning on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Wylie

Primary 6 26.01.17

Happy Thursday!

P6 have had a very enjoyable week this week. In maths we have all begun to learn about fractions. The children have been working hard to share their prior knowledge with others. We are now beginning to find fractions of both shapes and numbers. Soon we will be working on equivalent fractions too. Please ask your child about their learning.

This week we had our very own Burns Supper! We had the chance to try haggis, vegetarian haggis, cheese, oatcakes and shortbread. Our haggis was piped into the classroom and Mr Woodward recited “Tae a Haggis”. Mrs Wylie also gave the “Immortal Memory”. Max read out the Selkirk Grace before we ate and we sang “You’re Welcome Willie Stuart” and the traditional version of “Auld Lang Syne” Our favourite part of the supper though was when Logan, Gregor and Tyler read out the boys “Toast to the Lasssies” and Luci replied by reading the girls “Toast to the Laddies”. The boys and girls split up into different classrooms to write a collective speech to the lads and the lassies. The aim of the speech was to compliment each other but was also meant to be a bit cheeky! Mrs Wylie & I thought the final results were marvellous!

We are continuing to work hard on our Titanic topic. We will begin work on our classroom wall display on Tuesday, painting the characters we have been given thinking carefully about the types of clothing first, second and third class passengers would have worn.

Mr Woodward has begun working with Miss Clark’s class. He will be teaching P6C about The Bible in RME, Human Body in Science, more information about The Titanic and much more.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 6 18.01.17

Hello everyone!

Primary 6 have had an enjoyable week so far. On Monday the children loved using Google Cardboard to explore far away places. They used virtual reality technology to explore the International Space Station and the moon (even looking at what experts think the moon will look like in the future!) They also explored The Great Wall of China and the Colosseum in Rome! The children had great fun and learned lots at the same time 🙂

Our Titanic topic is now well underway. On Monday we watched a documentary about the sinking of the Titanic which revealed that some new evidence has been uncovered in relation to a fire below deck before the ship hit the iceberg. The children were very interested in the findings! Every child has now been given their very own character who was on board the Titanic when it sank. The children researched their character using the website:
They used this information to create character profiles detailing their age, occupation, class and even their ticket numbers! This really brought the topic to life for us all!

Next week much of our learning will be centered around Scotland. On Tuesday afternoon the children will take part in a Traditional Burns Supper complete with the food, songs, poems and rhymes associated with this celebration. The children can wear tartan to school on Tuesday.

Next week P6C will be joined by another teacher for a period of 5 weeks to work alongside Miss Clark. His name is Mr Woodward and we look forward to welcoming him to Carmondean 🙂

Reminders –
Indoor PE – Monday
Outdoor PE – Thursday
Spelling homework – Due Friday
Maths homework – Due Friday (Miss Clark’s maths groups)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly